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The Breathtaking Simplicity of the Indonesian Landscape



When Hengki Koentjoro makes pictures, he relishes loneliness. Being solo with only the rustle of the wind and the rolling of the tides isn’t painful; it’s reassuring and life-sustaining.

The Magic of Wintertime in Finnish Lapland



When she was a little girl, photographer Tiina Törmänen built castles out of snow. She spent her childhood in Finland’s Southern Lapland, surrounded by lakes and forests, and each winter, she dug tunnels, doorways, and rooms, illuminated by flickering candlelight. She sang songs to her beloved dog Nappi on dark nights.

Törmänen was a child of nature; she played with the dogs more than she did other children. She picked wild berries and mushrooms while her family fished and hunted and grew their own vegetables.

After an Edenic childhood, the artist moved to Helsinki at sixteen. She survived an abusive relationship, one that she feels robbed her of her teenage years, a time that should have been happy but was instead plagued by fear.

35 Photos Reveal the Secrets of Nighttime (Sponsored)


© Andy Mckay Projects (@andymckayprojects)


© Efren Lozano (@efrenlozano)

For our latest group show, we asked you to submit photographs taken between sun-down and sun-up. Curated by Feature Shoot Editor-in-Chief Alison Zavos, the resulting collection expresses the possibilities of nighttime photography. Spanning booming metropolises and remote wildernesses alike, the winning images take us on a journey from melancholy to joy to serenity and back again.

The master Pictorialist Alfred Stieglitz once wrote, “Wherever there is light, one can photograph.” Night photographers push this fact to its limit by making picture with only the tiniest flickers of illumination. Paradoxically, it’s sometimes the darkest images that shine the brightest.

This group show was sponsored by Squarespace, an online publishing platform designed with photographers in mind. With award-winning design, domains, commerce, hosting, and 24/7 support, Squarespace helps photographers discover more ways to market themselves and expand their business. New subscribers to Squarespace can now use the code “FS15” to receive 10% off their website. Click here to start a free 14-day trial.

Forgotten Places in the California Desert


Bakersfield, California


Desert Shores, California

For photographer Ed Freeman, finding the places others have forgotten is simple: he looks at a map of the California desert, finds a tiny spot somewhere out of the way, and makes the drive.

The ‘Beautiful Monsters’ of An Old Mexican Neighborhood




Photographer Diego Moreno spent his childhood visiting with Los Panzudos Mercedarios, the mystical creatures who flood the streets of La Merced in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico, every September 22nd.

Shocking Photos of the Devastating Monsoon Season in Kolkata



For a quarter century, photographer Joydeep Mukherjee has seen his neighborhood in Kolkata flooded dozens of times. He’s seen children submerged neck-deep, the disabled struggling to find comfort, and stray animals desperately searching for higher ground.

Love, Lust, and Loss: A Photographic Memoir of the 80s



Love, Lust, and Loss: A Photographic Memoir of the 80s is both a visual coming of age story and Atlanta-based photographer Billy Howard’s homage to a decade which stayed with him emotionally and visually. At the time people were less cautious about having their photograph taken by strangers and so the camera became his ticket to the fringes of society in the south — with it he was granted access to “those people your mother warned you about”: drag show dressing rooms, strip clubs, tattoo parlours, homeless shelters and homes of people dying of AIDS. At first glance these portraits of strangers might not seem pertinent to the photographer’s own story, though on closer inspection they share some common ground.

Introducing the New Feminists of the 21st Century





NYC-based photographer Donna Stevens believes that for too long the term ‘feminism’ has been associated with an anti-male ideology, but what it really comes down to is the belief that men and women should share equal rights. In her new portrait series The New Feminist, Stevens sets out to overturn our preconceptions about feminism and shine a light on the male feminists of our society. In these pink-suffused portraits, we’re made to rethink gender stereotypes and what it truly means to be a feminist in today’s society.

Here Are the Winners of Our Kids of Kathmandu Photo Contest


Temper Tantrum, Bangkok © Adam Birkan. Bid on this print here.


Yeonsoo © Hye-Ryoung Min. Bid on this print here.

After much deliberation and planning, Feature Shoot Editor-in-Chief Alison Zavos and Jami Saunders, Co-Founder and President of Kids of Kathmandu, have selected twelve winning photographs out of the hundreds submitted to be exhibited and auctioned as part of the Kids of Kathmandu gala on October 27th.

Tender Photos Capture the Loving Souls of Rescued Dogs


Yoko © Richard Phibbs


Cosita © Richard Phibbs

Photographer Richard Phibbs met Cosita at Humane Society of New York. She was homeless at the time, but the shelter was probably the safest place she’d ever been. She was discovered tied up to a tree somewhere in Mexico, where she had been abandoned and impregnated twice. She was neglected and sick when she was rescued, but a devoted team nursed back to health.

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