‘A Broken Pulsar’ © Fili Olsefski, Athens, Greece

‘Down by the Station’ © Steffen Tuck, Brisbane, Australia

‘Havana by Night’ © Eric Hsu, New York, NY

Last year, Feature Shoot launched The Print Swap, a way to connect photographers around the world. The rules are simple: anyone can submit by using the hashtag #theprintswap on Instagram. If your image is selected, it’s printed by the experts at Skink Ink in Brooklyn before being mailed across the world and landing on the doorstep of another winner. Every winning photographer gives a print, and every winning photographer receives a print too. Pieces are mailed out randomly, so it’s always a fun surprise to see who ends up with which print.

Since its inception, The Print Swap has received more than 45,000 submissions. Curators Alison Zavos and Julia Sabot have selected more than 2,500 winning images. Over the past two months, they’ve also considered all incoming submissions and handpicked 65 of them to show at the first ever Print Swap exhibition, opening in September at Photoville at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Photoville, the largest annual photography event in New York City and, will include 70+ exhibitions this year, all installed in repurposed shipping containers-turned-galleries.

This is truly an international exhibition. Zavos and Sabot chose pictures from photographers working in twenty countries around the world. But more than that, this collection represents a wide range of practices, genres, and methods. There’s film; there’s digital. There’s classic black and white and vibrant, artificial color.

These photographers find reverence, dignity, and whimsy in humans and animals alike. Jake Green photographs Sonja Usher, an actor playing the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury in a production of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Kristen Bartley introduces us to Picasso, a dog whose name presumably comes from the slightly off-kilter structure of his face. Even uninhabited places, like Steffen Tuck’s Australian subway station or Bonita Chan’s reflected Hong Kong carousel, seem to thrum with life.

For all the beauty, there are also echoes of urgency and loss that color and illuminate corners of this exhibition. Aleksandra Dynas meets children living in the streets of Uganda, where over ten thousand young people go without food, shelter, education and medical care. Many work in demolition and do jobs on trucks, and the littlest ones collect metal and plastic. Yusni Aziz encounters a young resident of the Kampung Akuarium in Jakarta sitting in his “dream house,” a thoughtfully designed and decorated fisherman’s boat, after families in the area were evicted and their homes were razed to the ground.

Here, you’ll find all the participating photographers showing work at The Print Swap exhibition at Photoville. We hope you’ll visit in person between September 13-24, 2017. After all, these prints were meant to be seen in real life, hanging on a wall. As always, The Print Swap is open for submissions. Find more details on our website, and check in at @theprintswap on Instagram, where we regularly share winning images. Thank you to everyone to submitted work this time around. We love seeing your images.

‘Picasso, Little River Motel’ © Kristen Welles Bartley, Brookyn, NY

They’re Everywhere © Marc Schindl, Vienna, Austria

‘The only light we have’ © Aleksandra Dynas, Sosnowiec, Poland

‘Tyrion’ © Anna Smolens, Chestertown, MD

‘Sunset View’ © Annelise Ferry, Asheville, NC

‘The Little Onions’ © Artyt Lerdrakmongkol, Nonthaburi, Thailand

‘First Sunrise 2017’© J Dago Santos, Woodside NY

‘Grapefruit, Texture’ © Cydney Holm, Austin, TX

‘Artificial Reality’ © Candace Karch, Philadelphia, PA

‘Heather Is Lucky’ © Daniel Holland, Wales, UK

‘Surfrider’ © Denise Crew, Los Angeles, CA

‘Iceland Annika’ © Emily Nathan, Oakland, CA

‘To Have and Have Not’ © Ellen Jantzen, Santa Fe, NM

‘Misty day, quietude, and the approaching twilight’ © Dina Shirin, Bronx, NY

‘Untitled’ © Adrian Lander, Victoria, Australia

‘Just Kids’ © Beth Cummins, Brooklyn, NY

‘Brighton Town Beach Series 4/8’ © Sergel Alexis, London, UK

‘Urban Sprawl – Emptiness’ © Emmanuel Monzon, Bellevue, WA

Explosion © Francisco Munoz, Bergen, Norway

‘Blue’ ©Francesca D’anversa, Termoli, Italy

‘Dizzy’ © Giedo van der Zwan, The Hague, Netherlands

‘Sculpted Trees, Half Moon Bay’ © Gordon Reynolds, Sacramento, CA

‘Green Bath’ © Alice Chan, Central, Hong Kong

‘Rooftop BBQ’ © Ian Tuttle, San Francisco, CA

After Windows XP © Kirsti Itämeri, Brooklyn, NY

Flight Path © Margaret Chace, New York, NY

‘Gijón’ © Angela Pons, Madrid, Spain

Bloodbath © Nicola Malkmus, Offenbach, Germany

‘Star Jet Roller Coaster’ © Joseph Romeo, Lorton, Virginia

‘Lake Sicino, during one of the shortest nights in summer’ © Katarzyna Nizinkiewicz, Szczecin, Poland

One Fish Two Fish © Kathryn Vukovich, Montclair, NJ

‘American Facade’ © Anne Rosen, New York, NY

Lakeside © Anni Kääriä, Helsinki, Finland

‘Yin and yang, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand’ © Lydia Schröder, Oberkirch, Germany

‘Rainy Day Outfit, Pakistan’ © Mahnoor Malik, Rome, Italy

Banana Man © Marianita Georgoula, Athens, Greece

‘Extra Ordinary’ © Mark Rammers, Amsterdam, Netherlands

‘Hidden Mothers: Eileen’ © Megan Jacobs, Santa Fe, NM

‘Archbishop of Canterbury’ © Jake Green, Sedona, Arizona

‘Track’ © Paul Bobko, New York, NY

‘Rain’ © Scott Witt, Menlo Park, CA

‘Nesodden 2017’ © Stein Jarle Nilsen, Nesoddtangen, Norway

‘Urban Cable Walk’ © Susannah Ireland, London, UK

‘Little Sister’ © Suzanne Stein, New York, NY

‘Lights Drop and Roll, Midday Disco Dance Party in NYC’ © Tova Friedman, New York, NY

‘Exploring Zagreb by Tram’ © Troy Litten, San Francisco, CA

Death at Death Valley © Winston Luhur, Los Angeles, CA

‘Buoy, from the series Letting My Guard Down’ © Yorgos Efthymiadis, Somerville, MA

‘A Dream House’ © Yusni Aziz, Jakarta, Indonesia

23rd Street © Melissa Breyer, Brooklyn, NY

Bounce © Meredith Andrews, Bermuda

‘Mountain Pass: County Kerry, Ireland. July 2017’ © Michael Marmora, Hoboken, NJ

‘Maxime Berghmans (from the series In Between)’ © Miranda Schmitz, Antwerp, Belgium

‘Like a Painting’ © Brittany Moore, Boulder, CO

Rainy Day © Özgür Senergin, Izmir, Turkey

‘Rian with Friends, 2017’ © Peyton Fulford, Columbus, Georgia

‘Shiawase'(blissful) © Bonita Chan, Hong Kong

‘Protect and Serve’ © Kevin Wo, Forest Hills, NY

‘Harvest Veins’ © Sandra Linnell, Västerhaninge, Sweden

‘Apocalyptic Lone Star’ © Alison Schmitz, Austin, TX

Roof © Sébastien Bulenger, Ile-de-France

Forest Analogies © Silas Kreienbühl, Berlin, Germany