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Elephant Love


© Johnér / Offset

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Raised Hide


© Stefan Schurr / Westend61 / Offset

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Photo du Jour: Under a Bucharest Bridge


For City Stage, Romanian photographer Riri Coco draws parallels between the human psyche and urban infrastructure. Under her lens, the self exists in total harmony with the surrounding scenery, and the character of the city itself comes to influence—even to define— individual personas. Here, our identities exist not within an isolated vacuum but as part of a larger, unfathomable system of interrelation with the environment and our fellow human beings. Coco describes each city as a stage, complete with its own soundtrack and a unique cast of players. In this theatrical still, our protagonist rests beneath the Cuza bridge in Bucharest, surrendering herself entirely to the slanting structure that runs along the murky water.

Image © Riri Coco


Photo du Jour: Miami Beach from Above


For Up in the Air, aerial photographer Antoine Rose transforms the beachscapes of Miami and Long Island into abstract compositions of umbrellas, towels, and tiny human figures. Rose explains that for him, the beach is a magical sort of equalizer; with everyone in swimming suits enjoying the same scenery, distinctions of class and experience fade into the background. Here, the miniature bathers and sun tanners are seen through the same objective lens, each individual wonderfully interchangeable with the next.

Photo du Jour: Drive-Thru Tree


© Peter Baker / fStop / Offset

Most images of California’s Chandelier Tree are tourist snapshots featuring family vehicles proudly rolling through the six foot square opening carved in its base. In his idyllic portrait of the famous drive-thru tree, however, photographer Peter Baker allows the majestic redwood to stand alone, capturing a moment of silence and emptiness within the natural landmark.

Photo du Jour: Wide Load


Yellowstone, 2011

For Prologue, Vancouver-based photographer Andrew Querner retraces the steps of his parents’ 1969 journey to Billings, Montana, where they met after emigrating from Japan and Austria. Inspired by the discovery of an old takeout menu that his father had saved as a memento throughout the years, he searched his father and mother for the specifics and nuances of their travels to America, unearthing memories of former homes and friends who helped them along the way.

The Ferry


© Julia Christe / fStop / Offset

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Remarkable Airbrushed Busses Discovered in a Small Town in Bolivia



For Bolivian Busses, Berlin-based photographer Daniel Hofer captures the colorful airbrushed artworks that adorn the public busses traveling from La Paz into the Amazon Basin. Hofer chanced upon the eye-catching vehicles in Villa Fátima, a small neighborhood from which busloads of passengers and extracted products were carried to and from the jungle. He describes Villa Fátima as a relatively poor area with a locally-run market; without the busses, it would stand out no more remarkable than any other neighborhood.

Copacabana Beach at Night


© Peter Adams / Offset

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Photos of the Elusive, Vagabond Circuses of El Salvador



For Circo El Salvador, New York-based Photographer Steven Laxton captures the magical moments behind the scenes of El Salvador’s traveling circuses. Living out of their vans, these performers, young and old, devote themselves to their craft and to a nomadic existence free from conventional definitions of home.