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Eerily Abandoned Checkpoints and Border Crossings of Europe

unoe03, 2007, C-Print, 120 x 157,3 cm

frbe04, 2008, C-Print, 120 x 154,2 cm

In Josef Schulz’s poignant series Übergang, the Düsseldorf-based photographer documents the abandoned checkpoints across Europe.

Bathed in Blue: 17 Photographs Capture Turquoise and Cobalt Moments from Around the World (Sponsored)

Underwater Woman

A woman in a white dress in a dark pool. © Lucia Griggi/Vault Archives

Buried Doorways

Kolmanskop, a deserted diamond mining town being reclaimed by the Namibian sand, Namibia. © Andrei Duman/Vault Archives

“Since earth is earth, perhaps, not heaven (as yet) / It only gives our wish for blue a whet,” writes Robert Frost in his 1920 poem Fragmentary Blue, in which he laments the fact that the divine color appears on the ground merely from time to time, becoming an ever-elusive link tying us to the firmament above. In winter, more than any other time of year, the azure hue reigns supreme, and the earth, if just for a moment, mirrors the sky.

Talking Globe-Trotting, Natural Wonders, and Mirrorless Camera Technology with Photographer Matt Kloskowski


New York Sunrise, shot using the Sony A7R II

_DSC0986 copy copy

Golf Course from Above, shot using the Sony A7 II

The American terrain has been charted by cameras since the heroic landscape photographers of the early 19th century and their visions of Westward expansion. Today, it takes a rare marriage of thoughtful composition and groundbreaking technology to capture landscapes that truly propel the photographic medium forward. Tampa-based outdoor photographer and leading Photoshop expert Matt Kloskowski brings together a masterly understanding of the landscape genre and a daring, innovative perspective on digital advances to create images that are at once timeless and modern.

Travel Photographer Vivienne Gucwa Takes Us On an Enchanted Journey Through the Streets of Paris, NYC, London, and Tokyo (Sponsored)

On a rare snow-filled evening, the city of New York stopped all trains and buses, banning all cars and cabs from driving the roads. Vivienne Gucwa @travelinglens was one of the few souls who ventured outside, capturing the eerie but magical night using her #a7II mirrorless camera by @sonyalpha. When she experiences these moments that few people get to see first-hand, she turns to her Sony cameras for their built-in Wi-Fi, which allows her to share her professional-quality images over social media to an audience of tens of thousands. For more imagery taken by these groundbreaking cameras, follow our sponsor @sonyalpha. And for more about Sony Artisan of Imagery Vivienne Gucwa, visit #SonyAlpha #sp

A photo posted by Feature Shoot (@featureshoot) on

Over the holidays, travel photographer and Sony Artisan of Imagery Vivienne Gucwa took over the Feature Shoot Instagram, ringing in the New Year with breathtaking shots from around the world. From the hidden corners of the Parisian street scene to London’s iconic and singular Dennis Severs’ House, decorated in the style of the 16th-17th century Huguenot silk weavers, Gucwa sought out secret treasures in some of the planet’s most populated metropolises.

Photographer Finds Surprising Similarities Between South Africa and Burning Man



When Houston-based photographer Priscilla Kanady embarked on a much-anticipated journey to South Africa, she longed to soak in the place, to find rare and precious moments within the span of her two week stay that would linger by her side long after her feet touched home. Two weeks later, as she made her way the Nevada desert for the annual Burning Man festival, she found her recent memories of South Africa echoed within the temporary Black Rock City, which stands for exactly one week every year before being burned to the ground or cleared out without a trace.

Visions of Transience and Intrigue in Bangkok’s Central Station

Platform 10 620px-1

Platform 10 620px-2

Bangkok street photographer Rammy Narula has based his latest body of work on Bangkok’s central station, Hua Lamphong. In these images, he captures the transience and intrigue of the station atmosphere, freezing moments of idle time – the travelers pause within the frame for a fleeting minute before they’re eaten up once again by clouds of smoke.

19 Photos that Capture the Enchantment of Wintertime (Sponsored)

Snowy Reflection

Snowy trees are reflected in a lake in Austria. © Andrei Duman/Vault Archives


The profile of a reindeer in Finland. © Michael Todd/Vault Archives

These days, winter announces itself with snow days, scheduling delays, and red Starbucks cups, but to those who love the season most, winter symbolizes so much more: a fresh start, or a period of baited breath that precedes the eventual arrival of springtime. As animals curl up in hibernation and pine trees are blanketed in a shroud of white, we have the rare opportunity to pause and reflect on a year gone by, to curl up with our loved ones beneath the covers or bundle ourselves in layers of sweaters and jackets before setting out to explore a frigid wonderland. Whether we’re staying indoors or venturing out into the untamed snowy wilderness, time seems to slow down, if only for just a few months.

Photographer Andy Katz on World Travel, Fine Wine, and ‘the Best Cameras in the World’ (Sponsored)


Château Margaux, Bordeaux, shot using the Sony a7rII camera


Colombia, South America, shot using the Sony a7 camera

It’s evening in New York, but the day is far from over for travel photographer Andy Katz, who’s just given a lecture and is now on his way to his gallery in Healdsburg, California. In the midst of his jam-packed schedule, Katz carved out some time to talk to us about his astonishing career, one that’s taken him everywhere from the remote villages of Nigeria and Morocco to Hasidic Jewish communities of Israel and Russia.

The Spectacular Winners of the Arcaid Images 2015 Architectural Photography Awards


EPFL Quartier Nord, Ecublens, Switzerland by Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés © Fernando Guerra


Yick Cheong Building, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong by unknown architect © Tan Lingfei

The architectural photograph, suggest the architects, photographers, and editors behind the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award, is too often judged solely based on the merits of the architecture itself, rather than the ingenuity of the photographer and the interplay between the lens and the space. The winner and runners up of the prestigious award, presented in collaboration with the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Singapore and Sto Werkstatt, London, was announced as part of the WAF Gala Dinner, and the results are breathtaking.

Wilderness Hideaways Uncovered in New ‘Cabin Porn’ Book


Boathouse on the Obersee in Bavaria, Germany by Jenn and Willie Witte


A magical cabin converted from a water mill by Brice Portolano. A Serbian painter built several wooden cabins along this river in the Bosnian village of Zelenkovac, transforming the mills that belonged to his father.

Nestled amongst fifty acres of woodland in upstate New York lies Beaver Brook, an enclave of five shelters, a bunkhouse, and one wood-fired hot tub barely a few miles upriver from the Delaware. Beaver Brook is the labor of love of entrepreneur Zach Klein, co-founder of the website Vimeo, and it’s the place to which he and his friends flock when the sounds of city grow too loud, a secret hideaway where life is simple and where hard work pays off. Cabin Porn is a paean to Beaver Brook and all places like it, to cabins, hobbit houses, and even yurts build by people whose dream of having a home within the wilderness has at long last been realized.

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