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Celestial Photos Make Planet Earth Look Like the Moon


Flattop Mountain, Alaska

“It’s almost like the environment knows you’re there but doesn’t care,” says Anchorage-based photographer Kerry Tasker of the Alaskan terrain. The land is feral and ferocious; he’s dropped his camera from a perilous cliff, and the bitter cold has annihilated its batteries. Still, he’s been torn time and again from the safety of home into the rugged wilderness, standing cold and alone, under a charcoal sky dotted with faraway stars.

Beyond the Olympics and Carnival, Photos Take You to the Real Brazil (Sponsored)


The town of Ouro Preto and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in the Mina Gerais State in Brazil © Yadid Levy / Offset


People line up wearing animal masks in Northeast Bahia © Gabriel Boieras / SambaPhoto / Offset

The cultural diversity of Brazil, cultivated over 500 years of recorded history, has given rise to some of the most distinctive travel experiences in the world, from the five days of elaborate parade floats, cross-dressers, stolen kisses, and laughter that fills the streets during Carnival to the sleepy days spent sunbathing on 5,000 miles white sand beaches.

Only in Rio de Janeiro can you sip frozen drinks made with açaí berries fresh from the Amazon, join the locals playing footvolley–a cross between beach volleyball and soccer– between dips in the surf, or listen to the percussive music flowing from the spontaneous Samba circles that crop up throughout the Lapa neighborhood.

In honor of the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, we’ve selected some of our favorite images from Brazil, all curated from the remarkable Offset collection. These photographs capture the flavors Bahia, where seafood stew is cooked in a clay pot and served fragrant and spicy, and the colorful facades of old, colonial houses that line the oldest, most well-trodden streets of Salvador.

Humor, Lightness, and Bright Beach Parasols on the Coast of Italy

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“Italian summer is the season when Italians can express their lightness of being and their love for life.”

Lorenzo Grifantini has lived in London for 10 years. It is this distance from his native Italian culture which has afforded him the means to view it objectively, tracing its patterns with the lens of his camera. “I can finally see my cultural traits spread on the beaches of Italy and that evokes strong childhood memories of the long summers I spent there.”

Driving Through the Magnificent Landscape of Iceland



In 2014, Michalina Okreglicka and her husband decided to move to Iceland, packing their belongings into their beloved old Nissan and driving across onto the ferry from Denmark.

Female Beauty Photographed All Around the World




Havana, Cuba



Almost three years ago the Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc quit her office job and set out on a journey to photograph the diversity of female beauty around the world. Equipped with just a camera and a backpack and the few savings she had, Mihaela never imagined that her project would go viral. Given the success and visibility of the project, Mihaela felt a personal responsibility to make her personal message heard: “More than ever in today’s worn-torn society, I think our world needs an atlas of beauty to show us that diversity is something beautiful, not a reason for conflict”.

Photographer Inspires Serious Wanderlust With ’72 Hours’ Project



Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.20.34 PM


When Wales-based photographer Finn Beales travels the globe, he gives himself three days to immerse himself in the culture and landscape of each place. He seeks out the holes in the wall, pulls back the layers to reveal the bared, thrumming heart of every locale. He lives for the mountain air, for the scent of forgotten spaces in faraway lands.

A Surprising New Photo Book About Toilets


Thiksey Monastry, Ladakh, India © Bernhard S. / 500px

Portable Toilet in Monument Valley, Utah

Monument Valley, Utah, USA © Jure Kravanja / 500px

When it comes to restrooms, it’s often assumed that form follows function, but Lonely Planet’s decadent new book, Toilets: a Spotter’s Guide, elevates the latrine, so often scorned by modern society, to the realm of the objet d’art. Spanning the globe, the book features hundreds of facilities, giving each lavatory the attention it deserves.

Photographer Ben Moon Embarks on the Road Trip of a Lifetime (Sponsored)

Over the past week, Sony Artisan of Imagery Ben Moon took over the Feature Shoot Instagram, inviting us to follow him to the water’s edge in Norway, Sweden, and Oregon. He took us along for the road trips of a lifetime, through the hilly terrain of Scandinavia and into the golden beach grass of America’s West Coast.

One Photographer is Traveling the World Taking Photos of Doors





It was while studying computer science abroad in Trento, Italy that Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves found his passion for photography. During his second year of studies, he changed his entire route in life, applied for a Photography Bachelor’s Degree and began following his passion. He hasn’t looked back since.

Eerily Abandoned Checkpoints and Border Crossings of Europe

unoe03, 2007, C-Print, 120 x 157,3 cm

frbe04, 2008, C-Print, 120 x 154,2 cm

In Josef Schulz’s poignant series Übergang, the Düsseldorf-based photographer documents the abandoned checkpoints across Europe.

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