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Photo du Jour: Wide Load


Yellowstone, 2011

For Prologue, Vancouver-based photographer Andrew Querner retraces the steps of his parents’ 1969 journey to Billings, Montana, where they met after emigrating from Japan and Austria. Inspired by the discovery of an old takeout menu that his father had saved as a memento throughout the years, he searched his father and mother for the specifics and nuances of their travels to America, unearthing memories of former homes and friends who helped them along the way.

The Ferry


© Julia Christe / fStop / Offset

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Remarkable Airbrushed Busses Discovered in a Small Town in Bolivia



For Bolivian Busses, Berlin-based photographer Daniel Hofer captures the colorful airbrushed artworks that adorn the public busses traveling from La Paz into the Amazon Basin. Hofer chanced upon the eye-catching vehicles in Villa Fátima, a small neighborhood from which busloads of passengers and extracted products were carried to and from the jungle. He describes Villa Fátima as a relatively poor area with a locally-run market; without the busses, it would stand out no more remarkable than any other neighborhood.

Copacabana Beach at Night


© Peter Adams / Offset

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Photos of the Elusive, Vagabond Circuses of El Salvador



For Circo El Salvador, New York-based Photographer Steven Laxton captures the magical moments behind the scenes of El Salvador’s traveling circuses. Living out of their vans, these performers, young and old, devote themselves to their craft and to a nomadic existence free from conventional definitions of home.

Feeding the Pigeons in Myanmar


© Aaron Joel Santos / Offset

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Photo du Jour: Clones in Taksim Square


For Clones, photographer Erdal Inci creates mesmerizing gifs of a single choreographed action repeated in a loop ad infinitum. As in an etching by M.C. Escher, time is expressed spatially, the activity of several passing moments coexisting in a single frame.

Welcome to Syden: Portraits of Norwegians Enjoying Their Offbeat Vacations



To foreigners, Syden sounds like a fantasy holiday destination accessible only to Norwegians, and it kind of is. In Norway, the word Syden is often referenced in lieu of certain European, Asian, African, and South American cities with a warm climate, mainly in or near the Mediterranean. From season to season, the exact locations of Syden may change as certain places go in and out of fashion. For his book Southbound, photographer Knut Egil Wang explores the nuances of these unidentifiable, transient havens, shooting in such hot spots as Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Murcia, and Torrevieja in Spain, Ayia Napa and Larnaca in Cyprus, Side and Alanya in Turkey, and Krabi in Thailand.

A Dinosaur on Route 66


© Julien McRoberts / Offset

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The Incredibly Picturesque Norwegian Countryside Photographed by Mark Weinberg

Mark_Weinberg_97147 © Mark Weinberg / Offset

Mark_Weinberg_118364 © Mark Weinberg / Offset

Traveling from the heights of Pulpit Rock to the charming wooden house fronts of Gamle Stavanger, New York City-based photographer Mark Weinberg captures the enchanting sites of Norway. Over the course of a three week visit with family, he explored everything from spellbinding fjords to delightful rows of dock houses along the countryside.