Snowy Reflection

Snowy trees are reflected in a lake in Austria. © Andrei Duman/Vault Archives


The profile of a reindeer in Finland. © Michael Todd/Vault Archives


days, winter announces itself with snow days, scheduling delays, and red Starbucks cups, but to those who love the season most, winter symbolizes so much more: a fresh start, or a period of baited breath that precedes the eventual arrival of springtime. As animals curl up in hibernation and pine trees are blanketed in a shroud of white, we have the rare opportunity to pause and reflect on a year gone by, to curl up with our loved ones beneath the covers or bundle ourselves in layers of sweaters and jackets before setting out to explore a frigid wonderland. Whether we’re staying indoors or venturing out into the untamed snowy wilderness, time seems to slow down, if only for just a few months.

From sledding families to silent evenings spent alone with nature, the images in this group show capture the nuanced enchantment of wintertime. The collection was curated from Vault Archives, an exclusive, high-end agency offering images to commercial, advertising, and editorial clients. With a focus on authentic imagery from international artists, Vault Archives currently holds a roster of over seventy-five phenomenal photographers, each with a keen vision and natural ability to capture unforgettable moments. Through collaboration with subagents all over the world, Vault Archives is able to reach far and wide, bringing places and people together through vivid stories and outstanding images.

Visitors on Mules Ride the Bright Angel trail, Grand Canyon

Visitors on mules ride the Bright Angel trail, on the way to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona © Richard Perry/The New York Times/Vault Archives

Winter Horse in the Catskills

On a snowy day in the Catskills, a horse turns its head in profile, revealing a scratch. © Yasmine Soiffer/Vault Archives

Snowball Packing

A boy packing a snowball in the winter. © Little Outdoor Giants/Vault Archives

South Tyrol

Ranui farm, former hunting lodge from 12th century and chapel St. Johann, South Tyrol, Italy © Andreas Hub/laif/Vault Archives

Lit Tree

Just after sunrise Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. © Martin Jehnichen/laif/Vault Archives

Snow Falling on Pines

A snowy scene in Idyllwild, CA. © Lucia Griggi/Vault Archives

Winter Tree

A weeping willow covered with frost, Veneto, Italy © T. Anzenberger/Anzenberger/Vault Archives

Frozen lake at the Summer Palace in Beijing

Feng Xiwen, who was visiting from the Sichuan province for the spring festival, spreads out on a frozen lake at the Summer Palace in Beijing © SHIHO FUKADA/The New York Times/Vault Archives

Travelers Relax in the Hot Springs in Chena, Alaska

Travelers relax in the hot springs in Chena, Alaska © T. WHITEHILL/The New York Times/Vault Archives

Frozen Kiss

Lips press against a wall of ice in January © Holly Lynton/Vault Archives

Little Girl

A young girl in a pink overcoat with ears. © Rebecca Stumpf/Vault Archives

Snow Surfer

A surfer trudges through the snow in Scotland. © Lucia Griggi/Vault Archives


Fishermen in a snowstorm on Lake Braslav in the north of Belarus. © Reiner Riedler/Anzenberger/Vault Archives

Paddling Through the Ice

A canoer breaking through the ice of a frozen lake, paddling in winter. © Little Outdoor Giants/Vault Archives


A boy flips into the snow in late afternoon winter sun. © Nick Fitzhugh/Vault Archives

Sledding Girl

A girl hits a snow jump at full speed in the woods of Vermont. © Little Outdoor Giants/Vault Archives

A Skier Rides a Lift at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska

A skier rides a lift up the mountains at the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska © T. WHITEHALL/The New York Times/Vault Archives

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