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Photographer Depicts 40 Years of Marriage Through Portrait and Still Life Images



Italian photographer Elena Capra’s Libro Di Famiglia (Family Book) tells a narrative of 40 years of married life. In combining still life and staged portraits of her parents she explores memory and nostalgia relatable to anyone who has spent decades together.

Virginie Gosselin’s Surreal Food Still Lifes


© Virginie Gosselin / Offset


© Virginie Gosselin / Offset

In her playful still lifes, Canadian photographer Virginie Gosselin marries her surrealist aesthetic with her longtime interest in food, cultivated from her childhood at a farm in Quebec. For her conceptual food images, the photographer draws inspiration from an unlikely set of muses: the aisles of the local grocer, discarded objects at yard sales, the advertorial imagery of mid-century America, and everything in between.

An Intimate Look at Kindred Spirits Evie Lou and Laura Jane (NSFW)



Evie Lou and Laura Jane looks at the complex and intimate relationship between photographer Noelle McCleaf’s mother and her best friend. It’s a story of two women who describe themselves as “alike with an honored difference,” who together signify an under-represented part of American society: aging women full of charisma, vibrant energy, with an understanding of the Earth and our place within it.

Otherworldly Landscapes Made from Junk Food


Fruit Loops Landscape


Moonrise on Bologna


Blue Dye #1 Precipice

For Processed Views, photography duo Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman construct sweeping landscapes from highly refined foodstuffs, including sugary breakfast cereals and sodas, canned and packaged meats, snack chips, and candy.

We Interviewed Photojournalist Patrick Brown on Burnout, the Illegal Wildlife Trade, Photo Book Publishing, Crowdfunding and Instagram


A large bull elephant sits with its legs chained in Chitwan National Park. This 50-year-old beast was restrained because he had killed five mahouts (handlers) during his lifetime. Nepal, 2003


A long-tailed macaque kept in a small cage while on sale at a local market in Medan. Northern Sumatra, 2003.


A Scotland Yard police officer displays a tiger’s head seized during a raid in London. England, 2003.

For Trading to Extinction, Bangkok-based photographer Patrick Brown spent nearly a quarter of his life documenting the dark truths behind the illegal wildlife trade, from the poachers of Nepal and Cambodia to  vendors along the Burmese border. Alternately shadowing anti-poaching teams and pretending the role of an interested buyer, Brown has collected over ten years’ worth of imagery that unveils the breadth of this multibillion dollar industry, pulling clandestine moments of cruelty and exploitation from the shadows and into light. Bearing witness to Brown’s austere black and white visions, we are overtaken by the enormity and pervasiveness of the industry, and ultimately, called to action.

Strange and Unnerving Photos Capture the Chaos of Life and Death


Los Angeles, CA 2012


San Diego, CA 2012


St. Petersburg, Russia 2013

For Everything Is Fine, San Diego-based photographer Brooke Frederick unearths violent aspects of the familiar, recording quietly obscene moments in the lives of unsuspecting strangers she encounters during her travels. Navigating such diverse regions as California, Costa Rica, Berlin, and Russia, she traces the grotesque and beguiling threads that ultimately bind us together.

Father Uses Photography to Cope with Uncertainty of His Prematurely Born Son



In 2010, photographer Diego Saldiva received news he was going to be a father. The joyous anticipation soon faded into fear and anxiety as his child was born only seven months in to his wife’s pregnancy. To make matters worse, a rare disease was subsequently diagnosed in the tiny, two pound infant. Chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant were to follow, there was much waiting involved. Break of Day is a father’s response to this precarious time in his family’s life. The title of the series is a reference to the time between the ‘darkness’ and the moment the day breaks, moments spent waiting in uncertainty.

Awe-Inspiring Photos of Crashed Planes From Around the World


Western Sahara



For Happy End, German photographer Dietmar Eckell scours the earth in search of forgotten plane wrecks, capturing the majestic vessels as they lie stranded amidst the deserted global landscape. Traversing the terra incognita of everywhere from the Australia to Mexico, Papua New Guinea to the Sahara, he has whacked bushes and navigated the open seas in search of abandoned aircrafts left behind from as long ago as seventy years.

Nighttime Picnic


© Peter Baker / fStop / Offset

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Cocktail Hour: Paloma with Orange


© Matt Armendariz / Offset

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