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Cocktail Hour: Bloody Mary with Salt


© Gentl and Hyers / Offset

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Photography Website Makeover: Jessica Pettway


A photography student at School of Visual Arts in New York, Jessica Pettway makes photographic works that take ubiquitous objects to new heights with candy-hued color blocks and a push-and-pull play of hard masculine lines with feminine curves. Her work pushes boundaries of the themes of gender and man versus nature in unexpected ways, elevating still life and portrait photography out of a staid genre and into a realm of unpredictability. Her website presence was previously relegated to a very simple website which didn’t align with her photographic aesthetic, and a Tumblr blog where her personality shines through with roving images that twist and turn though a meandering homepage as a diaristic reflection of creativity. She was in need of a site to complement her multimedia blog, while allowing the energetic images to speak for themselves through a cohesive and clean navigation.

Thus, we chose Pettway for our second website makeover, sponsored by Squarespace. We spoke to the artist about the creation of her new site — which she says was astonishingly intuitive to make — and reveal before-and-after shots of her website during its revamp.

Seductive Photographs of Unmade Beds

David_Prince_362© David Prince / Offset

David_Prince_60450© David Prince / Offset

David Prince’s alluring photographs of unmade beds tempt us to luxuriate in clean white linens and warm sunlight. Shooting intimate, rumbled scenes in European hotel rooms and households, he exposes quiet, sumptuous narratives. Invited into private quarters, it’s easy to imagine mysterious honeymooners and rapturous exchanges recently past.

Cocktail Hour: Gimlets


© Gina Weathersby / Offset

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From Iraq to Baby Food: How John Lee Reinvented His Photography Career


© John Lee / Offset


© John Lee / Offset

San Francisco-based photographer John Lee has shot everything from presidential campaigns to the culinary creations of celebrity chefs. Over the course of a decade at the Chicago Tribune, he documented China’s emergence into power, Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East, the Iraq War, and civil strife in Haiti. In 2005, he left the newspaper, where he had also served as a primary photojournalist for the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, to pursue his passion for food photography.

Celebrity Fad Diets Photographed In the Style of Old Master Paintings


Beyoncè, Master Cleanse Diet


Bill Clinton, Cabbage Soup Diet

In Still Diet, Italian photographer Dan Bannino elevates the seeming frivolity of celebrity fad diets to the realm of high art, shooting the often heavily restricted meals consumed by Beyoncè and Gwyneth Paltrow in the style of Old Master still lifes. In his well-lit apartment studio, Bannino imagines the dinner setting after the “meal”. The table, not yet cleared, is still stained and littered with the uneaten remnants and refuse, allowing us to soak in the array of ripened fruit, cold eggs, and smoked cigarettes.

Cocktail Hour: Strawberry Margarita


© Zach DeSart / Offset

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Photo du Jour: Lipstick Stains


Identity is in the details. Inspired by Irving Penn‘s cigarette series, photographer Joanna Ference collects cigarette butts from female friends and strangers, documenting them with candid intimacy in Lipstick Stains. The cigarettes act not only as still lifes, but portrait studies of their owners, each vivid color and smear acting as clues to the femme fatale behind the smoke.

Photo Du Jour: The Tiniest Veggies Ever


© Bruce Peterson / Offset

Shot here in stunning detail by photographer Bruce Peterson, these succulent microgreens look tiny and delicate. Arranged in neat, obsessive rows against a black backdrop, each budding flower and minuscule vegetable boasts vital, eye-catching hues and tenderly curved roots and stems. The microgreen is a baby vegetable less that 14 days old, a cute and infantile version of a spinach or a squash. Microgreens come in 25 varieties and contain as many as six times the amount of vitamins found in more mature flowers.

See the Sunset Through Broken Mirrors



There are few images that have held the photographer’s gaze quite like the setting sun. For Broken Mirror/ Evening Sky, photographer Bing Wright complicates this iconic image, capturing the evening sky in as reflected through fractured mirrors. Here, Wright, who usually works in black and white, presents an elegant meditation on color and form, splitting natural evening light onto hundreds of broken surfaces that somehow compose a single, gleaming whole.