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Witty, Mysterious Photos Mix Fact and Fiction, Past and Present



Lying Still, Birthe Piontek’s series of found and staged self-portraits and set ups, quivers with an air of threat, transformation, and mystery. In the bright melancholy light of Piontek’s rooms, visual evidence accrues. Red string hangs on the wall in a pelvic triangle. A woman writhes in the sky. Dark berries obscure a woman’s mons pubis. Bedsheets hang from empty windows. A woman’s back is alarmingly bruised in the bold pattern of a Marimekko print. We feel a loud hush, something like the theatrical quiet before or after a crisis. Or maybe it’s the beat before a punch line.

21 Mouth-Watering Photos of Exotic Fruits You Never Even Knew Existed


Finger limes © Zach DeSart / Offset


Longan fruit © Liz Clayman / Offset

We all know that watermelons, strawberries, and figs are divine this time of year, but what about the gourd-like chayote and the tropical mangosteen, the Malaysian rambutan and the star-shaped carambola? We can’t all travel the world in search of nature’s bounty, bite into the custard-textured and fragrant sweetsop, or taste as Mark Twain once did the decadent flavors of a Hawaiian cherimoya, but we can certainly live vicariously through photographs of such exotic delicacies. For our latest Offset group show, we brought together twenty-one of these mouth-watering images, composed beautifully to catch our eyes and artfully to entice our palates.

13 Strange and Otherworldly Photographs of Wild Mushrooms


© SambaPhoto / Offset


© Johnér / Offset

Thousands of distinct mushroom species pepper the surface of our planet, growing singularly or in dense colonies from the rain forests of New Zealand and the Blue Mountains of Oregon. Along the forests and meadows of Western Europe, they grow in circles, sometimes called “fairy rings,” believed to cast spells upon all who enter their midst.

‘How To': Hilarious Photo Series Mocks Instruction Manuals


How to Brush Your Teeth


How to Apply Lipstick

How To was born two years ago out New York-based photographer Olivia Locher’s own series of kitchen mishaps and blunders. After misunderstanding hastily repeated recipes given to her by friends and acquaintances, she chose to forgo frustration and disappointment in favor of inspiration, constructing a set of images in which routine exercises are confused, mistaken, or exaggerated to the point where they become nonsensical.

Photographer Scans Every Item He Consumes Over 14 Years, Builds Astonishing Collages


My Things No.5, 2005


My Things, Booking Keeping of 2007-08

Since 2001, Beijing-based photographer Hong Hao has been recording every single item that passes through his fingers over the course of each day, those he uses and those he discards. In a practice that he describes as a form of “bookkeeping,” he scans each object one by one, saves the images, and returns to them once more to weave them together into labyrinthine digital collages.

41 Intriguing Photos of Abandoned Pools Make Up Our Latest Group Show


© Marco Castelli


© Marilena Vainanidi


© Uri Pinner

For our latest group show, we invited you to share your photographs of abandoned pools. Curated by Alison Zavos, Feature Shoot’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, this final selection captures the unexpected—and often unseen—beauty of the pool forsaken. Where active swimming pools are manicured to appeal to the tastes of their owners, the neglected pool surrenders itself to a feral, and at times sinister, sort of loveliness. Here, we find pools left to the wind, those filled in, and those trampled by time, and yet throughout, a flicker of vitality still lingers.

Congratulations to top three winners Marco Castelli, Marilena Vainanidi , and Uri Pinner, who will receive a one year subscription to Squarespace, an online publishing platform designed with photographers in mind. With award-winning design, domains, commerce, hosting, and 24/7 support, Squarespace helps photographers discover more ways to market themselves and expand their business. New subscribers to Squarespace can now use the code “FS15″ to receive 10% off their website. Click here to start a free 14-day trial.

Photographer Beautifully Captures Growth and Decay Through Sheets of Plexiglass Filters



Photographer Krista Steinke spends her summers at Purgatory Road, a wooden region of rural New York that is divided by an infamous dirt-covered path. On one side of the road is a cavernous slope that is ominous, damp, and bug infested. On the opposite side lies a lush, peaceful forest. The intersection of this unusual landscape sets the tone for her series, also titled Purgatory Road. Here, she uses her camera to explore a metaphoric state of “in-between”.

Portraits Capture the Unlikely Charm of an Eccentric, Aging Woman


Lee on a rare hot summer evening.


Lee is reflected in the front window of her house. Shortly after this picture was taken her son emptied the house, filling six dumpsters in the process.

At first, Jessica Eve Rattner knew Lee as a shopping-cart pushing raider of recycling bins, a dishevelled old woman with foot-tall dreadlocked hair. But a quick exchange in the driveway, while Lee scoured for recycled cans, changed everything. Instead of dismissing her outright, Rattner became smitten by her intelligence and quirky charm. She asked Lee if it was okay to photograph her, and to her surprise, she agreed.

Enigmatic Photos Explore Glastonbury’s Mystical Community

Glastonbury Experience

Glastonbury Experience

French-born photographer Grégoire Bernardi came upon the town of Glastonbury by chance, on a weekend trip with friends who had heard that Somerset was the perfect urban antidote. Like most people, he knew Glastonbury only as the namesake of the renowned outdoor music festival, which actually takes place in a neighboring village, but when he arrived in the picturesque town, he found it rife with centuries-old legends of its own, kept alive by a diverse community of New Age and pagan worshippers attracted by the indiscriminate mysticism of the surrounding landscape.

Uncanny Photographs Capture the View From Car Wash Bays in the Dead of Night


Best-Way, North Adams, MA, 2013


Diamond, New Paltz, NY, 2012


Retail Space Available, Cato, NY, 2014

In the dead of night, Hudson Valley-based photographer Mark Lyon can be seen slipping into deserted car wash bays fallen silent with the setting of the sun. Where most flock to these utilitarian spaces in the in-between hours of the day—in the midst of running errands, going from here to there—Lyon captures them during witching hour, the landscape beyond lying silent and sprawling before him. Bay Views is both a play on words and a visual quip, with each frame revealing only a peek of the surrounding scenery, as defined and established by the four walls of the car wash bay.