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Mirjam Bleeker’s Dreamy Photos of Sunlit Interiors and Delectable Sweets

Mirjam_Bleeker_87833 © Mirjam Bleeker / Offset

Mirjam_Bleeker_87841 © Mirjam Bleeker / Offset

Amsterdam-based travel and documentary photographer Mirjam Bleeker has visited everywhere from Ibiza to Brazil, Kenya to Chile. Her photographs, many of which were shot at hotels, capture the essence of the culture and climate of their region, evoking the scents and smells of faraway places.

Rachel Hulin’s Wistful Photographs of Motherhood



For Thirty-Five and One: The Short Days and the Long, photographer and photo editor Rachel Hulin joins her daughter Rose in moments of repose and discovery. As the infant navigates the homes of both the photographer and the two grandmothers, she explores the mother herself, climbing atop her nude body and reaching out for her touch. For the child, each instant is aglow with revelation and novelty, yet for Hulin, each interaction is piercingly precious. Rose’s days are long and sprawling, her mother’s brief and fleeting.

Pop Art Garden: Maurizio Di Iorio’s Electric Floral Photos


© Maurizio Di Iorio / Offset


© Maurizio Di Iorio / Offset

With a vibrant pop art aesthetic, Italian photographer Maurizio Di Iorio imbues everyday objects with a sense of whimsy and surprise. Profoundly influenced by the legendary William Eggleston, the artist saturates his carefully constructed studio compositions with rich yellows, blues, and reds. His sharp eye for detail allows him to maintain a truly democratic gaze; regardless of his subject matter, he creates an engaging visual narrative.

Cocktail Hour: Spiked Black Coffee


© David Prince / Offset

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Photo du Jour: Aurora Borealis


Aurora Borealis, 2013 © Didier Massard

Constructing magical dioramas in his Paris studio, photographer Didier Massard tests the limits of our credulity. Though some are based off of real locations around the globe, the mysterious sets are birthed from the recesses of the artist’s imagination, rendered in such romantic perfection as is rarely seen in nature. Placing his trust in the intrigue and guile of film over digital manipulation, Massard spends months to create a single image, masterfully manipulating the eye through lighting, long exposure times, and masking techniques.

Photo du jour: Coffee Fix

Nico_Therin_03Coffee fix

Los Angeles-based photographer Nico Therin’s stark imagery might seem simple at first, but upon closer inspection, they reveal hidden meanings. Never without a his little notebook and pen, the artist is often hit by inspirations for witty visual puns, which he later brings to life in his studio. We’re all familiar with the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but Therin’s photographs require that we convert graphic data into verbal understanding.

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Meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Limes



If you love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it’s time you met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Limes. Brought to life by photographer and illustrator David Schwen, these edible crime-fighters pay whimsical tribute to the 1980s classic. Inspired by the serendipitous placement his daughter’s colorful hair tie beside a lime on the kitchen counter, Schwen took to his studio and fitted the citrus fruits with masks of various colors.

Cocktail Hour: Wine o’ Clock


© Bruce Peterson / Offset

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Colorful Photo Series Reveals What’s Inside Your Favorite Fireworks

Andrew_Waits_04Ground Bloom Flower

Andrew_Waits_03Orange Ammo Smoke

For Boom City, photographer Andrew Waits catalogues the outrageous fireworks sold north of Seattle, Washington in the Tulalip reservation. Each year on the 4th of July, families make a mad dash through hundreds of vendors to collect the best bargains on cherry bombs, bottle rockets, firecrackers, and roman candles. Adjacent to the rows of firework stands sits an open field and pit of gravel on which customers set off their recent purchases in elaborate one-man shows.

Cocktail Hour: Bloody Mary with Salt


© Gentl and Hyers / Offset

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