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Photos of Vintage Objects Evoke Nostalgia for Simpler Times



Feeling nostalgic for everyday items that still exist despite being past their prime, photographer Robert Moran collected these now obsolete cultural artifacts for well over three years. Once upon a time these objects were cherished, depended on, used and abused and then discarded, replaced by something sleeker, faster and more efficient. For his still life series Relics, he hopes to honor our inventive past and preserve some of its icons for future generations.

Spiritual Offerings of Food Photographed On the Streets of Thailand



In traditional Thai culture, believers will put offerings of food or gifts out as a means of thanks or respect. Bangkok based photographer Akkara Naktamna has always noticed these humble displays on the street corner or in front of a spiritual place, but it wasn’t until later in life did he began to take an interest in them. With the swift modernization of society in Bangkok there seems to be a departure from this tradition. His series The Spiritual Offering captures this practice of hope and faith.

Sweet and Subtle Photos of Twigs, Leaves and Branches Frozen in Ice


© Anna Williams / Offset


© Anna Williams / Offset

In a striking editorial series of still lifes, acclaimed New York-based photographer Anna Williams captures natural elements—leaves, branches, and twigs—caught within blocks of ice.

Light Painter Tricks Out Infiniti Cars, Has Spectacular Results



For Inspired Light, Montreal-based photographer Patrick Rochon collaborated with luxury carmaker Infiniti to create large-scale light paintings, or long-exposure images that transform rays of light into streaks that run like brushstrokes across the frame.

Astonishing Photos of Dying Flowers Trapped in Ice





For Locked in the ether, Japanese photographer Kenji Shibata freezes flowers in ice, recording the thawing process in real time. As their icy encasements begin to dissolve, the preserved blossoms are exposed to the elements, entering a gradual state of decay.

Sexually-Charged Photos Offer a Powerful Statement About Consumerism (NSFW)

homage_feature shoot

homage_feature shoot-3

For Homage to Monica Cook, Czech photographers Eliška Kyselková and Katarína Támová envision a consumerist fantasy gone wrong, drawing inspiration from art history to construct nightmarish scenes of gluttony and lust satiated to excess.

We Can’t Stop Looking at These Mutant Fruits and Veggies


© Bruce Peterson / Offset


© Bruce Peterson / Offset

Boston-based photographer Bruce Peterson’s mutated fruits are fascinating to behold, but they also serve a critical purpose. These shots, commissioned by the CML Response Project, were created to illustrate an advertisement for cancer screening technology. Hidden within a grid of perfectly proportioned healthy produce, each abnormal specimen highlights the difficulty of detecting leukemia and other cancerous cells. The copy reads “Locate the Mutation.”

Mesmerizing Mandalas Made From Flowers and Vegetables




For Danmala, Arizona-based artist Kathy Klein constructs vibrant mandalas from organic materials, including flowers and produce gathered from her friends’ gardens as well as her own Cornville farm.

9 Scrumptious Pies to Get You Over the Post-Holiday Blues


Apple cranberry pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset


Lemon cheesecake pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset

For Brooklyn-based still life photographer Paul Sirisalee, the holiday season brings with it warm memories of his youth, particularly of one family friend who often cooked elaborate meals for Thanksgiving. It was with this spirit of festivity and cheer that the artist shot a collection of richly flavored—and colored— pies for a Real Simple feature on easy yet decadent holiday recipes.

Hypnotic Photos of Mixed Ink by Mark Lovejoy




For his years-long multimedia project, Texas-based photographer Mark Lovejoy creates macro images of mixed paints and ink, transforming the surging pigments into evocative and abstract figures.