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Photo du Jour: Balancing It All



For her 1978-1985 project Tableaux, California photographer and sculptor Ellen Brooks constructed miniature stage sets on which male and female figurines play out domestic dramas that cut to the core of gender roles and expectations. In her immaculately crafted worlds, reality is both shrunken in size and elevated in theatricality, with routine daily frustrations told through heightened allegorical scenes.

Photographer Shoots the Marijuana-Infused Menu of an Underground Fine Dining Club in NYC


Pasture-raised pork schnitzel with overwintered vegetables and Og Kush butter © Justin Walker / Offset


© Justin Walker / Offset

When New York-based photographer Justin Walker was approached by, an underground fine dining club specializing in marijuana-infused cuisine, he welcomed the opportunity to show the controversial plant in a new context., he explains, creates its menu by pairing varieties of cannabis with foods that compliment its natural flavors and psychoactive effects. Their ingredients are locally sourced and organically farmed with the intention of creating one-of-a-kind meals, not merely for the sake of getting stoned.

Cocktail Hour: Sangrita Tequila Shot


© Jody Horton / Offset

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From the Battle of Hastings to Present Day Afghanistan, A Photographer Documents Possessions Held by Soldiers Throughout the Ages


Huscarl, Battle of Hastings, 1066


Mounted Knight, Siege of Jerusalem, 1244

For Soldiers’ Inventories, photographer Thom Atkinson collects and arranges the various gear and personal keepsakes borne by soldiers fighting throughout nearly one thousand years of British warfare, beginning in 1066 with the Battle of Hastings and continuing until the current conflict in Afghanistan.

Photo du Jour: Needles on a Guerrero Beach


Breaking open one of the many plastic bottles littering on the shores of the Guerrero coastline, photographer Alfredo Blasquez arranges the needles contained within into an austere circle against the sand. As part of Limpia Guerrero, an environmental initiative that implements education, scientific research, and community action to clean the beaches of Guerrero, a pilot study was launched in Acapulco, Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa, and San Jerónimo in October and November of 2013. 125 miles of the shore and several urban beaches were combed for litter and toxic debris.

Cocktail Hour: Bramble


© Con Poulos / Offset

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Cocktail Hour: Beet Margarita


© Jessica Leibowitz / Offset

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‘Fatalistic Tendency': A Photographer Copes with Thoughts of Suicide

Fatalistic tendency

Fatalistic tendency

For Fatalistic Tendency, Dhaka, Bangladesh-based documentary photographer Tushikur Rahman visualizes his own depression through scenes of violence and confusion. In his unnerving, claustrophobic frames, he confronts the painful suicidal impulses brought on by insomnia and anxiety attacks, using his camera as a means of recording a personal diary and intimate confessional.

Mysterious, Slightly Macabre Photographs of Taxidermy Creatures

Juliette Bates

Juliette Bates

I’m a fan of mysterious photographs, packed with symbolism, whose exact meaning eludes me. I can really appreciate this way of working in the series, Histoires Naturelles, by French artist Juliette Bates. I love the juicy, velvety blacks and creamy whites; the simple, exact compositions; and the consistency and repetition of colors and textures in these images, as well as the perfect clarity of the glass domes photographed. This series, which makes me think of newer ParkeHarrisons work, could have me looking for days.

Photo du Jour: The Fallen Bee


For Still Here, British photographer Lydia Goldblatt traces her father through old age, negotiating the terms of his inevitable death through a sun-drenched family album that includes the unlikely body of a deceased bee. Here, the delicate creature, known for his storied loyalty to the beehive colony, becomes a surrogate for the family unit as it confronts the passing from one generation into the next.