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Stylish Seniors Who Make ‘The Golden Years’ Their Most Fabulous

Roberta Haze, 78

Roberta Haze, 78

Joy Venturini Bianchi, 77

Joy Venturini Bianchi, 77

In his wonderful introduction Ari Seth Cohen’s new book, Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, a sequel to the original 2012 photo book and 2014 documentary, Simon Doonan names the photographer “the pied piper of glamorous oldsters.” Indeed, Cohen has spent the last eight years luring fabulous fashionable seniors out of the shadows and into the limelight.

The ‘Fattening’ of Fashion Models From Magazine Spreads



For Toy with Proportions, Istanbul-based artist Nur Gürel uses layers of oil paint to augment the uniformly slender models featured in glossy magazine advertisements, taking them from slender to plus-sized with the stroke of a brush. 

The Style and Glamour of Everyday Life in Africa



With her most recent book, entitled I love to dress like I am coming from somewhere and I have a place to go, photographer Flurina Rothenberger has set out to highlight and embrace the contradictions, inconsistencies, and similarities inherent in any landscape as large as Africa. While this perspective is common and canonized in Western portrayals of the United States—photographers like William Eggleston and Robert Frank famously portrayed personal visions of an incredibly varied, conflicting, exciting, and banal landscape—I love to dress suggests a continued lack of global exposure to similar visions of African countries.

FOAM To Host Retrospective of Helmut Newton’s Enduring Photographs (NSFW)

Yves Saint Laurent French Vogue Rue Aubriot Paris 1975 C Helmut Newton Estate

Yves Saint Laurent, French Vogue, Rue Aubriot, Paris, 1975 © Helmut Newton / Helmut Newton Estate

My women are always victorious. – Helmut Newton

In the 1970s and 80s, to have a portrait by Helmut Newton was regarded as the ultimate validation of success. Today, Newton remains one of the most influential photographers of his time and was a key figure in bringing eroticism off the top shelves and into the mainstream.

Bettina Rheims’s Bold New Photo Book Is a Celebration of Female Sexuality


Claire Stansfield crying at the Formosa Café, Février 1994, Los Angeles


Autoportrait de Valeria Golino par moi-même, Los Angeles, Avril, 1991

Throughout her thirty-five years behind the camera, Parisian photographer Bettina Rheims has returned time and again to a single eternal muse: the female body. Having come into prominence at the end of the Second Wave and continuing work to well into the Third, the self-identified feminist photographer has made images of strippers and acrobats, celebrities and transgender youth; she’s photographed simulated orgasms, anonymous women in hotel rooms, the Madonna lactating the blood of Christ. Her new retrospective book, out now by Taschen, features over five hundred of her favorite snaps, images that when seen together offer a portrait of female eroticism that is both coherent and contradictory, raw and refined.

Quirky Fashion Shoot Features Residents of a South Wales Town in Serious Economic Decline


Kyra, Age 6, Twynyrrodyn, Wearing top and trousers by Agi and Sam


Margaret, Age 78, Retired Nurse, Fairview Terrace, Wearing Giles Deacon

Merthyr Rising is a collaboration between London-based photographer Tom Johnson and stylist Charlotte James that seeks to challenge the misconceptions of a small working class community in South Wales by combining two opposing mediums. The result is a series of photographs that cleverly merges documentary and fashion – a rarely-seen combination, which paints Wales in a refreshingly optimistic light.

Hollywood’s Most Glamorous Mid-Century Modern Homes Photographed Decades Later

07 001

Kaufmann House, Richard Neuta © Stephanie Kloss

Goldstein Residence (John Lautner) 2 (c) Stephanie Kloss,

Goldstein Residence, John Lautner © Stephanie Kloss

Since her days studying architecture in Berlin in the 1990s, German-born photographer Stephanie Kloss has held a soft spot for the mid-century modernist houses that pepper the landscape of Hollywood and Los Angeles suburbia. In the large windows, clean lines, and thoughtfully placed palm trees, she saw the ghosts of glamorous figures and their parties. Here, the memories of Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe lingered, recalling visions of poolside lounging and vintage cocktails.

Apocalyptic Photographs of Divine Beings Warn of a Dark Future for Planet Earth

The Prophecy-1


The waters of bay run red with the blood and offal from an adjacent slaughterhouse, the sand dyed black with thick oil running back into the ocean. The fish are dying, and the scent is fowl and unforgettable, and as much as the scene resembles something from the apocalypse, the end of days, it actually happened. This is Hann Bay in Senegal, a once beautiful beach now poisoned by waste and closed to the swimmers and surfers that once called it a paradise. For The Prophecy, Dakar-based photographer Fabrice Monteiro paired up with designer Doulsy and the Ecofund Organization to tell the frightful tale of pollution in West Africa.

Delightfully Bizarre Editorial Pairs Elaborate Jell-O Concoctions with Vintage-Inspired Fall Fashion



If there’s one food item that has continued to beguile the American masses over the last century, it’s jello. Since it first graced the pages of Ladies’ Home Journal at the turn of the century, the animal bone-derived product has gone on to become a staple of the suburban household, promising picture-perfect domesticity for busy mid-century moms. Jell-O could be sweet or savory, appearing both as desserts and in salad form with congealed vegetables and meats. For the Nowstalgia issue of PAPERMAG, Los Angeles-based photography duo JUCO—composed of Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud—takes on the most revolting and enchanting edible from our shared past, pairing surreal (and all too real) jello molds with fall’s hottest vintage fashions.

Nude Photo Series Celebrates the Tattooed Male Model


Ricki Hall at Nevs


Asher at AMCK

For London-based photographer Danny Baldwin, getting inked can be a powerful means of asserting autonomy and of defying the confines of others’ perceptions and assumptions. Where once the fashion community snubbed heavily tattooed bodies, Baldwin has witnessed recent deviations from the standard clean-shaven masculine ideal to one that embraces otherness and self-expression. Skin Deep, an exhibition of more than one hundred photographs of nude male models exposing their ink, is his ode to the intersections between two mainstream art forms—fashion and photography—with the art of the tattoo.

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