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Photographer Explores the Effects of Fukushima Three Years Later


Nozaki and his family stand for a portrait in a snow covered vegetable field in the town of Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture. Nozaki and his wife are not overly concerned about radiation contaminating food and water, but how discrimination will impact the future for their 4 year-old daughter. February 2014.


Main street in the town of Odaka, Fukushima, about 6 miles from the Daichi nuclear power plant. The city remains lifeless except for the sounds of grating coos of crows in the nearby distance. Residents may return for the day to survey the damage to their homes, but are not allowed to live in the city. March 2014

Life Within 90km is photographer Brian Driscoll’s reflection on the life of residents of Fukushima, three years after the earthquake and subsequent power plant explosion that left 160,000 people displaced and still seeking answers.

Nighttime Picnic


© Peter Baker / fStop / Offset

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Surreal Photographs of Life Along China’s Coastline

Coastline No.2 copy

Coastline No.15 copy

China has 9,010 miles of coastline. It passes through ten provinces and 25 major cities. In the latest project from Zhangxiao, the Chinese freelance photographer presents images from every province and nearly every city near the sea. “I’ve been longing for the sea since my childhood, when my family lived in a village about 40 kilometers from the nearest seaside,” Zhang remembers, “My family couldn’t afford to travel to the seaside and for a child 40 kilometers was far, far away.”

Images of a Russian City Destroyed by Modern Construction



Known as “the town of seven hills”, the city of Cheboksary, Russia is rolling with ridges and ravines that scatter local landmarks and housing across the uneven landscape. At just under 500,000 citizens, Cheboksary has seen a radical change in the last ten years due to overbuilding and thoughtless use of the land, leaving a dangerous and irrevocably altered region in its wake. Photographer Sergey Novikov documents the curious phenomenon in his series Most Frequently Visited Hills and Ravines.

Ice Swimming in Finland


© Peter Adams / Offset

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Breathtaking Photos of Namibia’s Swakopmund Saltworks


© Peter Adams / Offset


© Peter Adams / Offset

When aerial landscape photographer Peter Adams first visited Namibia, he had no plans to shoot the Swakopmund saltworks, but after flying overhead on route to the Namib-Naukluft National Park, the brightly colored sea water stuck in his mind. The very next day, he went up in the air with the express purpose of capturing the saltworks.

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Laeticia Casta, © Kenneth Willardt, The Beauty Book

EXHIBITION & BOOK LAUNCH: The Beauty Book, 588 Gallery, 558 West 21st Street, November 8 – December 7
Danish artist Kenneth Willardt presents The Beauty Book, an interactive book of animated photography. Over 130 images of celebrities and top models ranging from Lady Gaga to Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lopez to Claudia Schiffer, will be released with a coinciding iPhone application that digitally animates each image. All royalties from this book of “augmented reality” will benefit Rescuers Without Borders, an organization committed to providing medical care in regions all over the globe.

Taken at the Borders Between Urban and Rural Communities, Photographs Show China in Transition



The young and the old, the dusty and the new, the rural and the urban. In Borderlands, a collection of photographs from Chinese photographer Jiehao Su, the strange, ethereal parts of modern China are shown in muted pastel. They are hazy places of beige condominiums and mountain-sized piles of recyclables, of dark fauna and browned grass. Some areas look exhausted while some are tranquil and serene. They are the parts of China that are in transition.

Photos by Matthew Pillsbury Capture the Fast Pace of Modern Tokyo


Hanami #14
Inokashira Park
Saturday April 5th 2014


Robot Restaurant
Tokyo, 2014

For Tokyo, New York-based photographer Matthew Pillsbury captures the Japanese capital in continual motion, using long exposures to record up to fifteen minutes of activity within its populous hubs of daily activity, from train stations to night clubs.

Dog Sledding in Greenland


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