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Photos by Matthew Pillsbury Capture the Fast Pace of Modern Tokyo


Hanami #14
Inokashira Park
Saturday April 5th 2014


Robot Restaurant
Tokyo, 2014

For Tokyo, New York-based photographer Matthew Pillsbury captures the Japanese capital in continual motion, using long exposures to record up to fifteen minutes of activity within its populous hubs of daily activity, from train stations to night clubs.

Dog Sledding in Greenland


© Peter Adams / Offset

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10 Devastatingly Beautiful Photographs from Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014


The last great picture Nick set out to create an archetypal image that would express both the essence of lions and how we visualize them – a picture of a time past, before lions were under such threat. Here, the five females of the Vumbi pride – a ‘formidable and spectacularly cooperative team’ – lie at rest with their cubs on a kopje (a rocky outcrop), in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. Nick got to know and love the Vumbi pride. A few months later, he heard that it had ventured into land beyond the park and that three females had been killed. © Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols / Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014


The price they pay A teenager from a village in southern Tunisia offers to sell a three-month-old fennec fox, one of a litter of pups he dug out of their den in the Sahara Desert. Catching or killing wild fennec foxes is illegal in Tunisia but widespread. Bruno discovered widespread wildlife exploitation, including hunting and capture for commercial trade and traditional medicine. He also discovered that the causes and therefore the solutions are complex and include high unemployment, poor education, lack of enforcement of conservation laws, ignorant tourists and tour companies, habitat destruction and the socio-political legacy of the ‘Arab Spring’ revolts. But Bruno is convinced that change is possible – that tourism has a part to play and that thought-provoking images can help raise awareness among tourists as well as highlight what’s happening to the fragile Sahara Desert environment. © Bruno D’Amicis / Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014

As our human race continues to encroach upon and threaten the natural world that surrounds us, few genres carry as much weight as wildlife photography, and for 50 years, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition at London’s Natural History Museum has maintained its position as a leading international platform for imagery that transforms and enriches our perceptions of those creatures with whom we share our planet.

Astonishing Color Photographs of Life in the Russian Empire of Czar Nicholas II


Peasant girls / Year: 1909 / © Library of Congress


Emir of Bukhara / Year: 1911 / © LOC

Between 1909 and 1915, Tsar Nicholas II commissioned innovative color photographer and chemist Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii to document what would become the last years of the Russian Empire proceeding the Revolution of 1917. Nostalgia: The Russian Empire of Czar Nicholas II Captured in Color Photographs brings together hundreds of his images in a single volume.

Talking Lenses and Travel Photography with Kansas-based Photographer Michael C. Snell


Light-painted night view of Mushroom Rock near Carneiro, Kansas


Fish market in Busan, South Korea

Veteran Michael C. Snell says he is a travel photographer, but is keen to point out the simple description is hardly sufficient. Shooting professionally for almost two decades, Snell has discovered the job requires him to be constantly flexible, always on his toes and full of never-ending curiosity for everything around him. He is based in Kansas but has achieved a worldwide audience and impressive client list including National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, USA Today and Originally working as an art director and photo buyer for a state travel and tourism department, Snell felt the creative call to become a freelance photographer and has never looked back. Aside from his extensive travel experience both across the country and around the world, he and his wife began the creative agency Shade of the Cottonwood as a way to meet clients needs in an intimate, one-on-one basis.

Whether shooting hot air balloons over Egypt or discovering hidden treasures on the back roads in the sprawling state of Kansas, Michael Snell is a man who finds the wonder in what’s before him. He’s also got an impressive photography kit to go along with him on all his adventures. We asked him about Kansas, branching out on your own and why a Tamron lens is perfect for just about any shooting situation he comes across.

New Documentary Shows the Annual Herding of Icelandic Wild Horses Across Incredibly Scenic Terrain

Lindsay Blatt

Lindsay Blatt

Herd in Iceland is a documentary film about the annual round-up of the Icelandic horse, isolated for centuries by the country’s oceanic borders. The film, directed by New York photo editor, photographer, and filmmaker Lindsay Blatt, is accompanied by a photo essay. Both sets of visuals provide a beautiful look into this amazing tradition and focus on the stories of the people as well as the animals.

Haunted Houses and Spooky Landscapes by Ysbrand Cosijn


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset

Netherlands-based photographer Ysbrand Cosijn uses computer-generated imagery to create spine-chilling landscape photographs that harken back to his passion for eerie cinema and the great outdoors.

Powerful Kaleidoscope Landscapes Explore Humans’ Impact on Climate Change (NSFW)


Lunar Synthesis, Oregon Coast, 2014. Courtesy of the artist and Salon 94, New York.


Crude Love in the Anthropocene, Los Angeles, California, 2014. Courtesy of the artist and Salon 94, New York.

Photographer David Benjamin Sherry’s latest series, Climate Vortex Sutra, is a study in landscape, still life and portraiture that hints to humans direct impact on a changing climate. Sherry juxtaposes monochrome landscapes with colorful nude portraits, showcasing the terrain of the human body.

Dusk in the Chilean Countryside


© Adan Torres / Offset

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English Phone Booth


© Marc Wilson / Offset

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