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Get Off the Internet! 15 Camping Photos to Inspire You to Get Into the Wild


© Cavan Images / Offset


© Rebecca Stumpf / Offset

Everyone’s on vacation and my co-working space is deserted. As I’m typing this, my eyes are burning from looking at the computer too long and forgetting to blink.

If, like me, you can’t seem to get away from the glow of your computer screen (and related devices), we’re hoping this collection of camping photos we’ve put together using Offset images will inspire you to unplug — if only for the weekend.

Back to the Land

Tracy_Morford_102576© Tracy Morford / Offset

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Submerged in a River, Photographer Captures Stunning, Painterly Images



For Autumn River, photographer Philip Brittan submerges himself and his camera in the currents of Bristol’s River Frome, capturing the movements of fallen leaves. Worn to colorful transparencies by the churning of the water, the leaves become abstracted blurs through which we can measure motion and the passage of time. They pass hurriedly across Brittan’s blurry frame, their veined bodies twisted and coiled like salmon swimming upstream.

A Bewitching Little Bunny in a Burrow

Rickett_Sones_103718 © Rickett and Sones / Offset

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Photo du Jour: ‘The Edge of Light’


The Edge of Light is a tale of two cities in one. Adam Ryder and Brian Rosa collaborated to document the fascinating story of Wendover, an area made up of roughly 5,000 people and split down the state line of Utah and Nevada. Established in 1906 as a maintenance stop on the Western Pacific Railroad, the tiny industrial town changed dramatically in 1931 when Nevada legalized gambling. The inaugural Stateline Casino was the first to be built and several others sprung up all along what became West Wendover. Today, the two locations are divided not just by political geography, but by population and wealth, the casino Wendover thriving while the other struggles. As the economy worsens, a great number of the Utah residents now cross the border to work in the casinos.

Canoeing in Ossola, Italy

Aurora_Photos_112499 © Aurora Photos / Offset

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Classic and Calm: Kinfolk Magazine’s Charlotte Heal Curates Our Latest Offset Photo Collection


© Kip Dawkins / Offset


© Maskot / Offset

Founded in 2011, Kinfolk’s ad-free print magazine has quickly become an inspirational and highly regarded publication focused on beautiful living and sophisticated style. Geared towards “a young, photography-intensive audience full of artists and food enthusiasts”, the Portland-based Kinfolk gathers together an international community of creatives to forge each issue. In 2012, the publication began hosting events across the United States including Flower Potlucks and Butcher Block Parties, as well as releasing their first cookbook, The Kinfolk Table.

Londoner Charlotte Heal heads up the ever-evolving creative direction for the magazine. Aside from working at Kinfolk, Heal is also a talented photographer and designer. For our latest Offset group show, she chose images that blend well with the spirit of their classic aesthetic. We chat with her about photography, editorials and what a normal day as a creative director looks like.

Into the Rainforest: Discover the Lush and Magical Flora of New Zealand’s South Island


© Thysje Arthur / Offset


© Thysje Arthur / Offset


© Thysje Arthur / Offset

In her native New Zealand, photographer Thysje Arthur catalogs the breathtaking flora native to the Westland rainforests. Here, nutrient-rich humus composed of rotting leaves and bark allows for a thriving and fertile forest floor blanketed in color. Exuding a spellbinding aroma, the soil, plants and flowers underfoot cause the ground to feel surprisingly spongy and less solid than we might expect.

Caffeine High: Photos Show the Universe Bound By Swirling Coffee



For her series Coffee Universe, photographer Flora Borsi creates arresting manipulations from swirls of morning coffee, blanketing the world in a rich chocolatey hue. By framing city skylines and pastoral landscapes against the decadent backdrop of a caffeinated whirlpool, she elevates the everyday ritual of coffee drinking to the realm of the sublime. In these darkened moments, clouds of fluffy creamer illuminate a busy world in a meditative glow, recalling the preciousness of quiet, thoughtful mornings spent bent over a steamy mug of aromatic coffee.

A Magical Road in the Bavarian Alps


© Peter Adams / Offset

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