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A Magical Photo of Switzerland’s Bol d’Or Mirabaud Sailboat Race


© Chris Schmid / Aurora Photos / Offset

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Breathtaking Photos of Ocean Waves on a Stormy Evening in Montauk


© Dalton Portella / Offset

Dalton_Portella_33866© Dalton Portella / Offset

Standing near the precipice of the raging Atlantic Ocean, nature and fine art photographer Dalton Portella captures the cinematic breaking of the monolithic waves of Montauk, New York. In the midst of a turbulent storm, the idyllic Hamptons destination is transformed into an alien landscape wherein terror and wonder become indistinguishable. With nary a surfer in sight, lightning and frothy white sea foam penetrate the darkened nighttime sky with piercing rays of light. Each image of Portella’s Perfect Storm Series is a masterful synthesis of various Montauk storms.

Photo du Jour: Fantasy Landscape


With his haunting landscapes, Australian photographer Michael Corridore captures the essence of the real world by transforming it into a fantasy. At first glance, this deceptive photograph might appear as a rendering of a vacated desert, touched only by soft rainbow light. Look closely, and the ethereal terrain reveals itself to be an aerial urban landscape, dotted with nearly unrecognizable buildings, roads, and industrial structures. Through extensive processing, Corridore strips the city bare, reconfiguring its elements to resemble something altogether foreign, a barren, ghostly planet yet to be populated with life. In this eerie realm, all human existence is washed away, leaving a powerful sense of our own inevitable impermanence in its wake.

Photographer Is Offered a Baby for $50, Raises $50,000 to End Human Trafficking

Tanner_Stewart_05Mount Joseph and Wallowa Lake, Oregon

Photographer Tanner Stewart can pinpoint the moment that irrevocably changed his life with a single black and white photograph of a 6 month old baby. While volunteering in Bulgaria in 2012 for the A21 Campaign, a non-profit geared towards ending human trafficking, he saw a man carrying a child, whom he photographed. After the image was taken, the man offered to sell his infant to Stewart for $50. Stunned by the immediate exposure to the global crisis of human trafficking, the artist redirected his career to focus on the cause.

Antarctica’s Ethereal Icebergs and Ice Palaces Photographed by Martin Bailey

Martin_Bailey_20026© Martin Bailey / Offset

Martin_Bailey_20020© Martin Bailey / Offset

Braving the ice-covered terrain of Antarctica, Tokyo-based nature photographer Martin Bailey captures the monolithic icebergs and ice palaces that extend throughout the frozen continent.

A Volcanic Sunrise in Maui

Blake_Burton_95723© Blake Burton / Aurora Photos / Offset

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Get Off the Internet! 15 Camping Photos to Inspire You to Get Into the Wild


© Cavan Images / Offset


© Rebecca Stumpf / Offset

Everyone’s on vacation and my co-working space is deserted. As I’m typing this, my eyes are burning from looking at the computer too long and forgetting to blink.

If, like me, you can’t seem to get away from the glow of your computer screen (and related devices), we’re hoping this collection of camping photos we’ve put together using Offset images will inspire you to unplug — if only for the weekend.

Back to the Land

Tracy_Morford_102576© Tracy Morford / Offset

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Submerged in a River, Photographer Captures Stunning, Painterly Images



For Autumn River, photographer Philip Brittan submerges himself and his camera in the currents of Bristol’s River Frome, capturing the movements of fallen leaves. Worn to colorful transparencies by the churning of the water, the leaves become abstracted blurs through which we can measure motion and the passage of time. They pass hurriedly across Brittan’s blurry frame, their veined bodies twisted and coiled like salmon swimming upstream.

A Bewitching Little Bunny in a Burrow

Rickett_Sones_103718 © Rickett and Sones / Offset

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