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One Photographer’s Haunting Love Song to Appalachia

"Carry Me Ohio"

Duct tape, Chauncey, Ohio, 2006

"Carry Me Ohio"

Cut here, Chauncey, Ohio, 2010


Jessie Sr. holding Kacey and Lacey, Athens, Ohio 2006

Matt Eich’s first child was born in Ohio. He had started making pictures one year earlier in 2006 as a college sophomore. He created his family here and stayed until 2009, existing against the backdrop of the Great Recession.

LG Reveals the Breathtaking Beauty of the Northern Lights (Sponsored)


The aurora borealis

An old Norse legend once explained the Northern Lights as the glittering shields of the Valkyries bringing fallen soldiers home to Valhalla. Gazing up at a black night sky, it’s easy to understand the mythology; the stars and aurora couldn’t possibly be from our world, and they transport us to some mysterious place well beyond human comprehension.

Unfortunately, mankind has lost our tenuous connection with the elements and the folklore that haunted our ancestors. Human development has not only weakened our connection with the earth below us but also with the sky above; an estimated 80% of Americans cannot witness the black night due to light pollution. Worldwide, 33% cannot see the stars.

Initiatives to turn off the lights around the globe have shown us what we miss when we lose touch with the sky. In the US, for instance, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) has raised awareness about the consequences of light pollution. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organized Earth Hour, inviting participants to forgo their electronics for one hour each year.

In 2006, activist Andri Snaer Magnason called for all residents of Reykjavik, Iceland to turn out their lights for an entire 30 minutes. He called the campaign Lights Out Stars On, and for the first time in a long time, the city witnessed the Aurora Borealis as it painted the obsidian sky above. In turn, the international electronics company LG was inspired to bring the divine experience to people around the world.

When we think about light pollution, technology is usually the culprit, but for LG, the goal was to bridge the gap between electronics and nature. What if, they asked, we could make something that honored the earth and its natural wonders?

The LG OLED TV is unlike any television previously released. Like the black Icelandic sky, the OLED doesn’t use backlight panels, meaning that everything on screen shines brightly against the darkest black. Last summer, LG teamed up with Magnason and creative director and Youtube sensation Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy to realize the Lights Out Stars On concert and bring the experience of the aurora borealis to a wider public than ever before.

If Fairytale Creatures Came to Life, This Is What They’d Look Like


The Four Horses


The Meeting



Photographers Deb Young and Francisco Diaz were both enamored with animals as children, Diaz with his dogs and Young with the cows and chickens raised by her family on the hilly New Zealand landscape.

In that sense, The Wandering Kind is both a personal return to the artists’ early years and a collective homecoming to mankind’s place of origin: the wilderness.

Haunting, Melancholic Photos of Iceland’s Jokulsarlon Lagoon



At the Jokulsarlon Lagoon in Iceland, California photographer Aaron Fallon says the hours overlap and blur. He and his wife traversed the icy terrain in July, when the sun never sets. “It’s a bit harder to keep track of time when it doesn’t get dark,” he admits.

Minimalism is Great, But It’s Even Better With Dogs


© Tina Fey the French Bulldog


© Mochi the Shiba Inu

Anyone who has ever known a dog understands that a dog’s life is beautiful for its simplicity. They don’t ask much; all a dog needs to be content is food, shelter, and a loving home. Minimal Pup, an Instagram account devoted to cleanly composed canine portraits, is a celebration of the kind of zest and appreciation a dog has for the simplest of things.

You’ve heard of the Instagram trend “Tiny people in big places,” but Minimal Pup is all about “Tiny pups in big places.” Founders Jen and Steve happily accept submissions and post the standouts. The dogs featured on the feed are usually rather small when compared to the sweeping landscapes and interiors that surround them.

A Fearless Storm Chaser Takes Astonishing Photos


Florence, Texas


Georgetown, Texas

Jason Weingart was there when the the widest tornado ever recorded struck El Reno, Oklahoma in May of 2013, the same one that killed three researchers. Two years earlier, he had nearly been hit by positive lightning, escaping death by only a few feet. By the time he was safe, he noticed the wax leaking from his ears.

12 Foggy Photos Make Earth Look Like Another Planet (Sponsored)


San Francisco © Ronny Ritschel / Offset


Upper Peninsula, Michigan © William Rugen / Offset

There’s an old Inuit myth from Newfoundland and Labrador about a man who was hunted by a wild beast. The man fled the creature by crossing a river. When the beast asked the man how he had gotten to the other side, he replied that he had drunk all the water, leading the beast to try the feat for himself. The creature drank so much water he burst, leaving behind only a thick shroud of fog where his body once stood.

There are many variations on the old legend, the origin story of fog. It makes sense that the Inuit people should be so fascinated with mist since Newfoundland is home to the foggiest place on earth: The Great Banks.

These days, our explanation for the area’s fog is more scientific: the icy water of the Labrador Current collides with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.

The Spellbinding World of the Wild Camargue Horses


Glimmer © Drew Doggett


Dreamland © Drew Doggett

A Camargue foal is born with charcoal gray fur; as he grows, his coat is dappled until it fades entirely to white. The horse is an ancient breed, thought to have appeared 17 millennia ago, about 10,000 years before human civilization as we know it. Today, they live wild in the rugged marshlands of southern France. New York photographer Drew Doggett traveled more than 6,000 miles to meet them in person.

12 Photos That Will Make You Believe in Ghosts (Sponsored)


© Tracy Morford / Offset


© Johan Entchev / Offset

Aokigahara in Japan is commonly called the “Sea of Trees.” Darkness hangs like a weight over the jagged, deceptive landscape, swallowing all voices that pass through. Those who intend on leaving the forest often bring string or ribbons to avoid getting eternally lost. Aokigahara is also called “The Suicide Forest” for those who have hanged themselves amongst the branches and are said to have lingered there, tempting others to join them in their cruel fate.

The Magic and Mythos of the Faroe Islands (Sponsored)


© Kevin Faingnaert / Offset


© Oscar Bjarnason / Image Source / Offset

Offset Artist Kevin Faingnaert will never forget the day he met Simun Hanssen, a resident of Svinoy, one of the remotest of the Faroe Islands. Hanssen, a retired sailor, lived alongside only eleven other people on this enchanted island, spending his time searching for messages in bottles, washed ashore from faraway places. He had love letters, poems, drawings sent by strangers; some he had contacted, when the glass bottles included addresses from Norway, Canada, Scotland, or Iceland.

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