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The Eerie Remains of Abandoned Japanese Amusement Parks, Built to Resemble Disneyland and Other American Fairgrounds

reginald-van-de-velde-abandoned-amusement-parks 22

reginald-van-de-velde-abandoned-amusement-parks 1

Belgian photographer Reginald Van de Velde had explored many theme parks in Europe before he made his way to Asia, but nothing prepared him for the magnitude of the amusement parks in Japan.

Behold the Unearthly Beauty of the Carpathian Pony




Seven years ago, in the village tiny of Dzembronia in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukrainian photographer Yurko Dyachyshyn laid himself down amongst the fragrant grasses, shutting his eyes for a moment as the sunlight warmed his cheeks. The photographer was woken from his reverie only when he heard the gentle tapping of hooves, finding before him a curious horse gazing down.

After 5 Years Away from the Public Eye, Gregory Crewdson Releases Breathtaking New Body of Work

CREWD 2014.Beneath the Bridge

Gregory Crewdson, Beneath the Bridge, 2014, Digital Pigment Print, 37 1/2 x 50 inches ©Gregory Crewdson. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery.

CREWD 2014.Woman at Sink

Gregory Crewdson, Woman at Sink, 2014, Digital Pigment Print, 37 1/2 x 50 inches ©Gregory Crewdson. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery.

Over the last five years, Gregory Crewdson has lived in relative privacy, sequestered near his boyhood home in rural Becket, Massachusetts, where he spent his days largely alone, below the forest canopy. It’s here in the thickets, on the foundation of this place inhabited by less than 2,000 people, that the photographer builds Cathedral of the Pines, a body of 31 images named after a local trail.

The Streets of Hungary and Brazil Illuminated by Football Stadium Floodlights





As soon as the stadium lights switch on, Hungarian photographer Gyula Sopronyi has exactly the duration of one football game—one and a half hours—to capture the surrounding landscapes, homes, and neighborhoods saturated in their neon glow. As the athletes play and the fans go wild, everything that lies adjacent to the field is transfigured entirely, surrendered like offerings to the gods of football.

21 Adrenaline-Filled Images That’ll Motivate You to Get Off the Internet and Get Outside (Sponsored)

Red Pants

Victorious man sitting in achievement on top of Preikestolen in Norway. © Heather McGrath/Vault Archives

Full of Hot Air

St. Gilgen, Balloon ride, Salzburg, Austria © C. Sattlberger/Anzenberger/Vault Archives

“Up! up!” begins William Wordsworth’s 1798 ballad The Tables Turned, in which the poet implores mankind to leave behind his daily drudgery for the outdoors and all its wonders. Ripping us from our books, our obligations, and our worries, he asks that we simply step outside, for the wilderness indeed “May teach you more of man / Than all the sages can.”

In the Face of Rapid Urbanization, Shanghai’s ‘Nail Houses’ Persist



After the sun has set over the city, German photographer Peter Bialobrzeski walks the streets of lower Shanghai, where amongst the wreckage of demolished homes, buildings, and landmarks, a few windows are still aglow, sparkling against the blackness of night. The photographer calls these often dilapidated homes Nail Houses because, similar to old nails driven into a slab of wood, they are intractable. Despite pressures from developers, these homeowners have stubbornly and steadfastly held on the their properties, protecting them from certain demolition in the face of rapid urbanization.

Talking Globe-Trotting, Natural Wonders, and Mirrorless Camera Technology with Photographer Matt Kloskowski


New York Sunrise, shot using the Sony A7R II

_DSC0986 copy copy

Golf Course from Above, shot using the Sony A7 II

The American terrain has been charted by cameras since the heroic landscape photographers of the early 19th century and their visions of Westward expansion. Today, it takes a rare marriage of thoughtful composition and groundbreaking technology to capture landscapes that truly propel the photographic medium forward. Tampa-based outdoor photographer and leading Photoshop expert Matt Kloskowski brings together a masterly understanding of the landscape genre and a daring, innovative perspective on digital advances to create images that are at once timeless and modern.

The Hardships of the American Farmer Revealed in Breathtaking Images




In a solitary corner of Northeast Colorado, the Mertens family makes their home on thousands of acres of wheat; before the rising of the sun, New York-based photographer Elliot Ross sits awake in the attic, where he has laid his head every night for the past three weeks. He’s watched lighting bolts burn across the obsidian skies, borne witness to the furious rainstorms that drenched the land and soaked the soil. It’s July, and the harvest has at last been reaped. The series of images he made at the Mertens home, The Reckoning Days, retraces the well-worn footsteps of the great Farm Security Administration photographers Walker Evans, Gordon Parks, and Dorothea Lange to tell the untold tale of the modern American farmer.

Travel Photographer Vivienne Gucwa Takes Us On an Enchanted Journey Through the Streets of Paris, NYC, London, and Tokyo (Sponsored)

On a rare snow-filled evening, the city of New York stopped all trains and buses, banning all cars and cabs from driving the roads. Vivienne Gucwa @travelinglens was one of the few souls who ventured outside, capturing the eerie but magical night using her #a7II mirrorless camera by @sonyalpha. When she experiences these moments that few people get to see first-hand, she turns to her Sony cameras for their built-in Wi-Fi, which allows her to share her professional-quality images over social media to an audience of tens of thousands. For more imagery taken by these groundbreaking cameras, follow our sponsor @sonyalpha. And for more about Sony Artisan of Imagery Vivienne Gucwa, visit #SonyAlpha #sp

A photo posted by Feature Shoot (@featureshoot) on

Over the holidays, travel photographer and Sony Artisan of Imagery Vivienne Gucwa took over the Feature Shoot Instagram, ringing in the New Year with breathtaking shots from around the world. From the hidden corners of the Parisian street scene to London’s iconic and singular Dennis Severs’ House, decorated in the style of the 16th-17th century Huguenot silk weavers, Gucwa sought out secret treasures in some of the planet’s most populated metropolises.

Ancient Greek Mythology Comes to Life in Spell-Binding Landscape Photographs



Centuries prior to the birth of Christ, the herald Pheidippides ran 25 miles across the ancient terrain that lay between the battlefield at Marathon and the city of Athens to announce the defeat of the invading Persian forces. If the myth is to be believed, Pheidippides died upon his arrival, overcome with joy for his nation’s victory. More than 2,500 years later, photographer Petros Koublis makes that same journey in reverse, traveling from his home in Athens to Marathon and the surrounding area of Attica, where the spirit of bygone legends still linger in sites named after the Olympian gods Pan and Dionysus.

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