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Raised in

Barcelona and based in Berlin, the photographer Silvia Conde has explored some of the most pristine locations on the planet. Scrolling through her portfolio feels like stepping back in time. From dreamy landscapes to analog portraits, her sun-drenched images remind us of our enduring connection to the environment and the importance of protecting it for generations to come.

Conde’s body of work represents a modern-day Garden of Eden. She’s created a beacon of hope for the environmental movement, a lasting tribute to the resilience of nature in a world where almost everything seems disposable. And with Squarespace as her website builder, she’s also created something else: a lush and dynamic digital space that captures the breadth and beauty of the natural world.

We spoke with Conde about her commitment to making art that makes a difference and the one-of-a-kind website she created to showcase it all.

How far back does your connection to the natural world go?
“I think my connection to nature blossomed when I moved to the Black Forest in Germany for a few months. That kind of landscape was a completely different scenario for me: the large amount of snow, the long, high trees, and the spring that later bloomed everywhere. The whole experience marked me forever.”

You’ve photographed in so many stunning, wild landscapes. What has been the most memorable?
“The desert of the UAE was spectacular. It felt like it had been created by humans, not by nature. But it was so wild. The sand was invading the highway that had been built there, as if protesting because it did not belong. Suddenly, while we were wandering around, a group of wild camels appeared out of nowhere and walked towards us. It was a dream. I won’t forget it.”

When did it “click” for you that you wanted to create work that not only captured the beauty of the environment but also advocated for its preservation?
“I guess it happened when I watched the documentary, A Plastic Ocean. It was a revelation. I felt shocked thinking of how much we ignore about the environment. I think artists have a considerable role in inspiring social change. Art has a powerful influence on people. More than we are aware of.”

We’re used to seeing photographs of environmental ruin: rising sea levels, drought, and deforestation. Why is it also important for you to share images of nature’s beauty and resilience?
“Because there is hope! It’s on our hands, with our daily decisions. We don’t pay enough attention to our power as consumers. What kinds of food do we buy and eat? What clothes do we wear? If we all changed our behavior just a little bit, a substantial change would already be happening.”

Many of your projects are collaborations with models, brands, musicians, other art directors and artists, etc. What advice would you give to emerging photographers about forming fruitful partnerships and collaborations?
“I love to work with people who inspire me. It helps me to create. Collaborations can only enrich your own work. It is important to make things clear on all sides before a project begins so that there are no misunderstandings down the line.”

When you were researching, what stood out to you about Squarespace?
“Its simplicity and elegance. The template I use is Hayden; however, I have the feeling I have personalized it so much that it doesn’t feel like that template anymore. That is another thing I like about Squarespace. My partner is a web developer, and he has helped me with the design and code. I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m in love with the result.”

Yes, there’s something so personal about your website, almost as if we’re looking into your sketchbook or diary. Why is it important to you to have an online “home” for your work, outside of social media?
“Social media is temporary. People scroll through, and in a matter of seconds, they decide to like something or not, to comment on it or not. The life and death of a picture, which might have actually taken a huge effort to create, takes place in seconds. That’s why I needed to have another online ‘home’ for my work. Definitely”

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