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Images Rich with Mood and Myth Evoke David Lynch Films

Photographer Logan White transports us to places re-imagined, enticing us with magic and mystery. Her images feel psychically charged and are rich with mood and myth, appearing almost like visions foreseen. A powerful feminine undercurrent runs alongside a romantic vulnerability; an evocative combination White has successfully achieved.

‘African Queens’ Photographed by Namsa Leuba

New York Magazine’s The Cut sent Swiss photographer Namsa Leuba a trunk of designer clothes and let her run free with them. Leuba did just that, and then some. African Queens is the magnificently ornate and creative result—a high fashion representation of African statuettes.

Gritty Fashion Story Inspired by the Downtrodden


“Trashed” is a series that came together when Christopher Klettermayer combines elements of fashion with the grunge of a homeless lifestyle. Through the careful styling of Felix Leblhuber and Klettermayer’s well though out shots, this series created for Bambi Magazine exemplifies the contradiction of a downtrodden yet radiantly defiant spirit.

Sexually Provocative and Intriguing Photos by Maxime Ballesteros

Maxime-Ballesteros photography

Maxime Ballesteros’ newest collection, Love Me- I’m Trying, sits along a vague line of not only being a mix of candid and staged photographs but also genres, ranging from those standard urban and cultural landscapes to somewhat striking still life shots.

Unusual Poses and Unlikely Situations Photographed by Creative Duo, Synchrodogs


Photographers Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven make up the Ukrainian creative duo known as Synchrodogs. Constantly experimenting, the photographers often use budget cameras to shoot their subjects in a variety of unusual poses and unlikely situations. At times, the pair pose for their own imaginative photographs, giving them complete creative control over the staging and modeling of each shoot. The images that emerge from their experimentations are often unexpected and always memorable.

Photo du jour: ‘Death by Hamburger’

David-LaChapelleDavid LaChapelle’s ‘Death by Hamburger’ and other works are currently being exhibited at Fotografiska in Stockholm through March 3, 2013.

A Cast of Characters Photographed on British Streets

Niall McDiarmid

London-based photographer Niall McDiarmid has a knack for finding interesting characters among the crowd and photographing them in a way that highlights their individual quirks and charms. For the past 18 months, McDiarmid has been creating Crossing Paths, an ongoing, long-term portrait series documenting the looks and lives of unique people he encounters throughout his travels around the UK. Although the project began in London, it has since branched out to include snapshots of over 500 people taken in more than 75 towns around the country.

Outlandish Fashion Shoots Perfectly Combine Modern and Vintage Style

Nadia-Lee-Cohen photography

Nadia Lee Cohen is a 22-year-old London-based photographer currently going for a BA in photography at the London College of Fashion. Eye-popping and delightful, Cohen’s photographs channel motifs of Americana and Britain from the 1950s, 60s and 70s; melodramatic hair and make-up, saturated colors, and the characters to fit. She is a master of setting the scene, styling her subjects and incorporating her own props which she spends plenty of time collecting.

Non-Fashion Story Uncovers Beijing’s Most Stylish Children

David-Oates Beijing fashion kids

This series, Forbidden City, shot by photographer David Oates, is not a fashion story. But it might as well be. Photographed on ‘International Children’s Day’, a day when young people are granted free access to Beijing’s Forbidden City, Oates captured these stylish kids as they explore the ancient environment. Normal children on a relatively normal day, yet the photos beg the question, who dresses these kids? Are their parents picking out their clothes or are these kids naturally this awesome?

Steve McCurry Photographs Humanitarian Models for 2013 Pirelli Calendar

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