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Photo du Jour: An Illusive Poolside Nymph


Sois Belle …

Annelie Vandendael is not your typical fashion photographer. Her models are often partially obscured or surreally headless, the lovely forms always evading a direct gaze. Vandendael is concerned with loss of identity in the standard fashion photo, a genre where women are often heavily manipulated and edited until there is no trace of reality.

Sweet Family-Style Portraits of Farm Animals



With his touching series The Farm Family, Brooklyn-based photographer Rob MacInnis shoots barn animals in the style of fashion magazine spreads. Freeing the soulful creatures from the context of the lowly barnyard and challenging rituals of human consumption, he wittily and heartbreakingly captures sheep, cows, and goats in Annie Leibovitz-inspired portraits and panoramas. Staged between bales of hay and a snowy doorway resembling a dreamy film screen, the humble beasts find themselves suddenly under floodlights, before a camera that catches their sweet dignity.

Portraits of Underground Cirque Troupe Lucent Dossier



In collaboration with the Lucent Dossier underground cirque troupe, photographer August Bradley presents A Theater of Darkness, an enchanting visual narrative filled with curiosity and terror. As if birthed from the pages of an H.G. Wells novel, Bradley’s circus characters are confined to an old, anachronistic vaudeville theater—long after their performances, they lurk in the steampunk underground, yearning for the outside world and hoping for escape.

Artist Sexes Up and Satirizes Trophy Hunters

Hester Jones

Hester Jones

London-based artist Hester Jones‘ work combines culturally constructed, gendered identities in patriarchal society and human and animal relationships. Her newest series, You Take My Breath Away, investigates both of these subjects in an imaginative way.

Ethereal Underwater Portraits by René & Radka


European duo René & Radka—René Hallen and Radka Leitmeritz—have long been known for their dynamic fashion and editorial photography. It is with their lush sense of lighting and color that they tackle a watery work of imagination in their newest series, Under Water. Sinking beneath the depths, René & Radka’s young subjects are suspended in an ethereal wonderland, seemingly adrift and dreaming in the dark and colorful waves. A perfect blend of fantasy and technical prowess, Under Water‘s sleepers have truly fallen through the looking glass and passed into another world.

Photos of Children Transformed Into Fashion Industry Icons

Modern Kids

A stretch from the typical Halloween costume, these homespun high couture outfits were shot for Oh Happy Day, a party and lifestyle blog based in San Francisco. Each ensemble transforms children into fashion giants ranging from Anna Wintour to Bill Cunningham. The mini mavens were shot by Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids and full tutorials to disguise your own kids in vogue can be found here.

40s Pin-Ups Models Re-imagined And ‘Dressed’ In Only Milk

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz has come up with quite the new fashion in his reimagined tribute to 1940s pin-up models, Milky Pin-Ups. Referencing vintage pin-up paintings from the late calendar artist Gil Elvgren, Wieczorkiewicz dressed the models in real milk, orchestrating splash after splash. The final ensembles are incredibly impressive and a product of meticulous layering of hundreds of photos of the milk in its various flight patterns. There’s no denying it this time—milk, it does a body good.

Captivating Portraits of Namibia’s Fashionable Herero Tribe


We recently spoke to London-based photographer Jim Naughten about his stunning portrait series of the Herero tribe members of Namibia.

Classic Statues Photographed as Everyday Hipsters


This series asks the question “What is the importance of clothing in our modern society?” How you dress is who you are. When you dress statues, suddenly no longer are they simply reclining figures from the distant past, they now look to be figures from modern and hip cities of today. Because they are made relevant to our current styles, we can see the realism and humanity in each figure.
Leo Caillard

After spending a day at the Louvre in Paris, photographer Leo Caillard had the genius idea to dress classic statues in what he calls “hipster” clothing. These nude statues represent an ideal iconic figure, a concept of perfection. By clothing them, Caillard is addressing the power of representation.

Portraits of Tokyo Lolitas


The clubgoers’ fake eyelashes, their hair extensions, the tattoos and character goods that cover their bodies seem almost to infinitely breed and multiply in a motley riot of colors. Since ancient times, wearing bright colors and ornaments has been considered an effective way to call down luck from the spirits, who are said to be attracted to such brilliance.