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Charm and Nostalgia Found in Berlin’s Overlooked High-Rises



The post-war apartment buildings in Malte Brandenburg’s Stacked series tower over Berlin with their muted colors and forlorn designs. Built in the mid-20th century to provide modern and affordable housing to middle class families, these concrete stacks might looks identical to some, but to Brandenburg, he sees each housing estate as a separate entity, adorned with nostalgia and brimming with life.

Atypical Pets Photographed in their Domestic Environment

Ally (Burmese Python)Ally (Burmese Python)

Josephini Houdini (Tarantula)Josephini Houdini (Tarantula)

The seed for Areca Roe’s new series Housebroken was first planted while she was photographing zoos during 2010 and 2011 throughout the United States and Europe.

Surreal, Gravity-Defying Photography Brought to You By ‘Mikes Butt’


mike cross sit2

Mike Dempsey (aka Mikes Butt) is a Los Angeles-based photographer who stuns us with his gravity-defying images that take inspiration from his first love: skating. Each photo he produces combines a touch of danger and surrealism, with skater-esque poses grabbing our attention from afar.

One Photographer is Traveling the World Taking Photos of Doors





It was while studying computer science abroad in Trento, Italy that Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves found his passion for photography. During his second year of studies, he changed his entire route in life, applied for a Photography Bachelor’s Degree and began following his passion. He hasn’t looked back since.

Beautiful Photos of Dandelion Dewdrops Prove You Can Find Magic in Your Own Backyard with an iPhone



While Autum had never owned a ‘real camera’, after she received her first iPhone, she says she was pleased with how good the quality of the photos were and how convenient it was to have around. Then, just over two-and-a-half years ago, Autum saw a macro picture posted on Instagram and noticed it was also taken with an iPhone.

Canada’s Tiny Ice Huts Will Make You Shiver

Ice Hut # 393, Lockport, Red River, Manitoba, 2010

Ice Hut # 504, Shields, Blackstrap Lake, Saskatchewan, 2011

Richard Johnson is now in his ninth year of photographing ice huts throughout the frozen regions of Canada, a tireless yet rewarding journey that has taken him coast to coast to document these simple yet life-saving structures.

Eerily Abandoned Checkpoints and Border Crossings of Europe

unoe03, 2007, C-Print, 120 x 157,3 cm

frbe04, 2008, C-Print, 120 x 154,2 cm

In Josef Schulz’s poignant series Übergang, the Düsseldorf-based photographer documents the abandoned checkpoints across Europe.

Minimalist Scenes from Pastel-Hued Swimming Pools



Before Mária Švarbová became a photographer, she studied conservation, restoration and archeology, which shines through in her ongoing minimalist series, Swimming Pool.

Insect Wings Mimic Beautiful Flowers in ‘Mimesis’


Mimesis – Precognitus Christium, 2014. Chromogenic print. Format 180 x 180 cm (70.9 x 70.9 in)


Mimesis – Lubon Tranquillitatis, 2014. Chromogenic print. Format 180 x 180 cm (70.9 x 70.9 in)

You might think these are photographs of beautiful flowers but look closely — very closely — and you’ll see that these are, in fact, insect wings that looks remarkably similar to flower petals.

Seb Janiak, a Paris-based photographer, combs through antique stores and taxidermist collector shops for weeks on end to find wings which he finds suitable for his ongoing series, Mimesis.

Extravagant European Theaters Photographed From The Actor’s Point of View

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 4.18.16 PM

Neue Flora, Hamburg /Phantom der Oper © Klaus Frahm

Staatsoper Hannover © Klaus Frahm

Klaus Frahm’s passion for photography started at an early age — at just fifteen — when he was determined on becoming a photojournalist. But all that changed after his camera got destroyed at a labour day demonstration back in 1969. Instead, he turned to landscape photography, and then, architecture.

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