British photographer Tom Shaw had just finished his 15-year stint as a staff photographer with Getty Images and was beginning a freelance career when his

Tidal Sea Pools series started to take shape.

“It was an exciting time, and I wanted to spend a week shootings something for myself,” Tom tells us. “A few years earlier while on holiday in Cornwall, I shot a nice picture of some surfers while my wife and I sat on the headland. From this headland we could see tucked away one of these tidal sea pools – so we went and had a swim in it.”

“So after I finished my staff job, I headed off to Cornwall in a camper van and did a bit of research on these pools and found a total of 15 in the SW alone, so I decided to document them as well and shoot the surfing too.”

The result? A series of 15 landscape images that document the last remaining tidal sea pools in the Southwest of England.

These images provide a unique look into the small pockets of ocean we often take for granted while swimming at the beach.

Shaw also says the series “place[s] the viewer among the grand landscape within which the swimmers swim. They also contain a slice of unique British life, the seaside holiday, and the people who use these pools become part of the cultural landscape, yet remain safely within the physical landscape.”

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All images © Tom Shaw

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