Andrius Burba combined his two passions — cats and photography — into one insightful photo series during the International Cat Show, which was recently held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

But instead of capturing cats in traditional poses, Burba opted to photograph them from underneath for his series, Under-Cats. 

“I was fascinated by their cute little paws which were impossible to resist to look at,” Burba explained on Facebook. “But the main idea which I wanted to express through these photos, is that cats feel embarrassed about this part of a body which people don’t get to see daily.”

Preparing for the photo shoot took a whopping seven hours in total, while the actual photo session took just a day. And after four weeks of post-production, Burba’s photo series is finally here.

Now, if you’re wondering how Andrius Burba got each cat to stay still while photographing it from underneath, a special behind-the-scenes video will let you in on the secret (you can watch that here).

Find more of Andrius Burba’s photography work on his Facebook page.








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