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Eerie Photos of Feral Parrots in Tokyo



“Parrots should not be in Tokyo,” writes photographer Yoshinori Mizutani of the hundreds of green parakeets that have nested in the city’s trees. He’s right: the birds are not native to Japan. They arrived in the 1960s and 1970s as part of the country’s trend toward purchasing exotic species as pets. The rose-ringed parakeets were brought in from their natural habitats in India and Sri Lanka, and when their owners found them too loud and unsuitable for domestic life, they simply let the creatures loose in the city to fend for themselves. Some of the birds were lost or broke free during importation.

Incredible Moments of Tenderness Found In the Struggling Mill Towns of Pittsburgh



When photographer Dan Wetmore set out to capture the neighborhoods surrounding the abandoned steel mills of Pittsburgh, he was met at times with incredulity as some believe the area to be little more than an industrial wasteland. As a child living in Pittsburgh, Wetmore was drawn to the abandoned steel mills that remained from the city’s industrial growth in the early to mid-20th century, pouring over Becher monographs in search of photographs of furnaces and structures that spoke to his boyhood enchantment. As an adult, Wetmore ventured into the mill towns for his series Jubilee Kitchen I and II, unveiling moments of unexpected rebirth in the struggling neighborhoods shadowed by its industrial history.

Photo du Jour: Miles the Pig


When photographer Mark Peckmezian was commissioned by New York Magazine to do a documentary on the contemporary art market, he never imagined meeting the sassy and fabulous Miles the pig. During the ten-day shoot, Peckmezian spent an evening at the gallerist David Zwirner‘s home. The party was full of collectors and artists alike for the painter Oscar Murillo’s latest show set to open the next day. In the midst of the hubbub, Peckmezian spotted Miles, the pet pig of Zwirner’s daughter and a big hit with the elite crowd present. Miles strikes such a pose it makes you wonder if he’s used to all the attention.

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Image © Mark Peckmezian 2014

Saved: Elegant Portraits of Rescued Greyhounds





Beautifully poised and gentle, staring into the soulful eyes of these Iberian greyhounds you’d never guess they were ever abused, unwanted or abandoned. Greyhounds are a popular breed of hunting dogs in Southern Europe, especially Spain. At the end of hunting season, if they underperform or are no longer needed, despite their kind spirit, many of the dogs suffer horribly at the hand of their master. French photographer Mathias de Lattre, who grew up with greyhounds, felt compelled to tell their story in his series titled Salvados, meaning ‘saved’ in Spanish.

Eyemazing: Macro Photos of Animals’ Eyes

Suren_Manvelyan_10Kramer’s parrot 


Under a macro lens, the eye takes on new dimensions of intricate detail reminiscent of surreal landscapes and otherworldly surfaces. In Animal Eyes, Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan’s extreme close-ups offer a glimpse into an unseen reality in the eyes of animals, both domestic and exotic.

Bottle Feeding a Kitten


© Cara Slifka / Offset

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Photo du Jour: Feeding an Orphaned Elephant

Lisa_Limer_79624 © Lisa Limer / Offset

Gazing into the curious eyes of a baby elephant, photographer Lisa Limer captures a bottle feeding at the elephant orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. As the African Elephants face the threat of capture, abuse, starvation, and death, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a haven for the noble creatures. Through their renowned Orphan’s Project, they have rescued more than 150 infant elephants and rhinoceroses from dire situations brought on my poaching and habitat devastation.

In the Heart of the Country: Photos Capture the Beauty of Cumbria, England

Mark_Wickens_111355 © Mark Wickens / Offset

Mark_Wickens_111362 © Mark Wickens / Offset

In the mountainous northern fells of Cumbria, an idyllic spot in the North-West of England, photographer Mark Wickens captures majestic animals as they roam the verdant rolling hills. Home to the country’s highest peaks, the county’s astonishing beauty has captivated artists for generations. Rich with abundant farmland and open meadows, Cumbria nurtures a diverse population of horses, sheep, cows, and wildlife.

Bulldog Puppy Looking Guilty

Tegan_Owens_90401 © Tegan Owens / Offset

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It’s All Lies!: Photographer Expertly Fabricates Evidence of Animals, Plants, Landscapes, Constellations and Religious Practices


The Miracle of Dolphin-Surfing, Joan Fontcuberta © Joan Fontcuberta from Karelia, Miracles & Co, 2002


Cercophitecus Icarocornu from the Fauna series by Joan Fontcuberta and Pere Formiguera, 1985 © Joan Fontcuberta and Pere Formiguera

Scientists recently found fossil evidence of a species closely resembling the mermaid; known as the Hydropithecus, or “water monkey,” the creature is estimated to have lived approximately 18 million years ago. This, of course, is a lie, birthed from the imagination of Catalan photographer Joan Fontcuberta, who over the course of his decades’ long career, has fabricated photographic evidence of fictional animals, plants, landscapes, constellations, and religious practices.