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Artful and Disarming Photos of a Feral Cat Colony

Jason Houge

Jason Houge

Cats rule the Internet, this much is clear, but it is exceedingly rare to see serious depictions of the fine beasts. Beautifully counteracting this trend, yet still letting us look at cats, is Green Bay, Wisconsin-based photographer Jason Houge. Houge has been Instagramming the 20+ colony of feral cats that he and his girlfriend have been feeding and caring for since they moved into their rural home, with the help of local organization Cats Anonymous. Generally cats would come and go, but in 2012, a family of cats stayed for longer than one season. This was the start of Houge’s cat family, which has since grown to include more than twenty cats.

Sleeping Stripes: Portrait of An Endangered Sumatran Tiger


© Jason Edwards / National Geographic / Offset

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A Cheeky Parrot Caught in the Act


© Amanda Tipton / Offset

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Pink Flamingos Bathed in a Sea of Green


© Joel Sartore / National Geographic / Offset

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Photo Du Jour: This Bird Must Be Italian


Relaxing one afternoon with his girlfriend and a few slices of pizza, Berlin-based photographer Rumi Baumann spotted some friendly birds swirling overhead. In a city where bats, foxes, and various birds wander freely, the artist is always hoping to run into critters to photograph. As he offered a pill-sized nugget of pizza to this little fellow with his left hand, he captured the scene with his camera in the right. Above the blur of the urban street below, the bird is seemingly frozen by Baumann’s quick shutter and razor-sharp focus, caught at the moment of anticipation right before his delicate beak meets the artist’s outstretched fingers.

Monkey on Your Camera


© Kevin Steele / Offset

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Underwater Eye Candy Photographed by Brandon Cole


A Lemon Peel Nudibranch, Spiny Brittle Stars and Purple Sea Urchin © Brandon Cole / Offset


Mantle of Giant Clam © Brandon Cole / Offset


Flatworm, tropical West-Pacific Ocean region © Brandon Cole / Offset

Traveling around the globe, wildlife photographer Brandon Cole captures the secret wonders of ocean life great and small, bringing to light the vitality of the mysterious deep. Having earned a marine biology degree from the University of California, Cole paints an enlivened portrait of unimaginable ecosystems thriving everywhere from Indonesia’s tropical coral reefs to the freezing waters of Alaska. With experience working for the National Park Service, the Austrialian Institute of Marine Science, and a number of marine scientists, he plays the role of both the scientist and the artist, marrying objective study with affectionate attention to aesthetic detail.

Shot Over 20 Years, Photos Portray an Endearing Array of Animal Emotions

Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt

India, 2008 © Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt

Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt

Belgium, 2008 © Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt/Vu

It would be hard to imagine a time when images of animals were more popular than they are now. Whether or not you are a fan of the near inescapable stream of animal photos and videos available at all times online, it is unquestionable that animals can be endless entertainment. In Bittersweet, published by Kehrer Verlag, Brussels-based photographer Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt‘s photos, largely of animals and spanning much of the globe and almost 20 years, take a very different look at this exceedingly popular subject. 

Bob Croslin’s Powerful Portraits of Injured Birds


Eastern Screech Owl © Bob Croslin / Offset


Short-tailed Hawk © Bob Croslin / Offset

There’s something about Bob Croslin‘s portraits of birds that seem to say, behold—behold the sleek beauty, the watchful eyes and distinct beaks, the graceful power. Teaming up with a local bird rehabilitation center for a pro bono public service campaign, the Tampa-based photographer documented birds who have been injured due to their habitats being encroached upon by humans.

Charming Photos of ‘Wet Dogs’ Mid-Bath

Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand

In an attempt to better understand humans, photographer Sophie Gamand has turned to dogs, photographing charismatic canines for the last four years; “dogs mirror us and say a lot about our own solitude and the challenges we face in human society. To think dogs were the first example of artificial selection is fascinating. That means they stopped being animals a long time ago, in my opinion. Now they are somewhat between animals and humans. They are pets. Companions,” she says.