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‘In This Beautiful Bubble’ Photo Series Captures the Everyday Lives of Kids in An Upscale San Diego Neighborhood


Rory and Her Pony, 2013


Amber in Closet, 2010


Monarch Butterflies and Watermelon, 2013

For In This Beautiful Bubble, San Diego-based photographer Eri Morita captures childhood in her small, quiet neighborhood, where her daughter and her peers come of age within the protective confines of large houses, safe streets, and an idyllic landscape.

Portraits of South African Cows On Their Daily Pilgrimage to the Beach

amapondo 4


amapondo 9

Along the southeastern coast of South Africa, the cattle of Pondoland make a daily pilgrimage to seaside, spending their afternoons luxuriating and dipping their hooves into the cool, lapping waves. For generations, the cows and bulls kept by members of the area’s Xhosa tribe have led their calves from their corrals toward the beach, for reasons mysterious to mankind. For Amapondo, Melbourne-based photographer Christopher Rimmer captures the enigmatical beasts silhouetted against the tide, their majestic figures reflected in the glossy sand below.

Moving Photographs of the Last Living Indonesian Orangutans


A free-roaming young orangutan in Bukit Lawang, an orangutan sanctuary within the Gunung Leuser National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia.


Staff members at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program examine Angelo, a 14-year-old male orangutan found with air gun pellets embedded in his body.

When Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Sandra Hoyn first encountered the Indonesian orangutans, she was struck by their humanity, discovering signs of joy, pain, and confusion painted across the great apes’ faces. The animals, she explains, were like people but were somehow possessed of a gentleness and quietude that often eludes mankind. After all, she says, they share 97% of our human DNA. For The Last Orangutans, Hoyn documents the critical endangerment of the mild-mannered, sensitive creatures, whose habitats are being devastated with the widespread development of palm oil plantations on the Sumatra and Borneo rainforest.

Portraits of ‘Pretty Chickens’ Highlight the Animal’s Elegance

Tamara Staples

Tamara Staples

Tamara Staples

The chicken doesn’t have the best reputation. Even self-described animal lovers sometimes make an exception for the ordinary, obnoxious, strange-looking chicken. New York photographer Tamara Staples’ portraits of fabulous, elegant chickens help to give this bird the positive attention it deserves.

Enchanting Portraits of Identical Twin Farmers in the Hungarian Countryside



With The Twins, Germany-based photographer Janos Stekovics remembers the lives and rituals of a since-passed set of identical twin farmers, János and István Lukács, who worked their entire lives along the Hungarian countryside.

Endearing Photos Capture the Bond Between Children and Animals in the Russian Countryside




Russian photographer Elena Shumilova spends each day on her family farm in the Russian countryside capturing her young boys as they explore the lakeside village with their animal companions. At night, after everyone has gone to bed, she pours over the sun-drenched imagery, processing the day’s memories.

Say Hello to Gluta: ‘The Happiest Dog in the World’




Thailand-based photographer Sorasart Wisetsin refers to his canine muse Gluta as “the happiest dog in the world,” and her boundless joy is most certainly a testament to the unconditional love of a rescued animal brought to safety.

Creepy Crawlers Captured on Webcam Lenses

Kurt Caviezel

Kurt Caviezel

Swiss artist Kurt Caviezel photographs the world using publicly accessible webcams. He has collections of simply the tail feathers of birds and the blurry, amorphous shapes of flies covering sections of picturesque landscapes, but my favorites are the images of creepy, crawly insects interrupting the frame.

Photographs of Wild Deer Roaming the City Streets of Nara and Miyajima Island

Yoko Ishii

Yoko Ishii

In the ancient capital of Nara and on Miyajima Island, in Japan, wild deer roam freely through the city streets. Kanagawa-based photographer Yoko Ishii captured the bizarre attraction in images that one could safely assume are digitally altered—except they’re not. Deer showing up downtown happens so often, in fact, that inhabitants and passing cars think nothing of them hanging out in the middle of the road. As with anything animal in the 21st century, there is video evidence, not only of these occurrences but also of the strange sounds deer make.  

Photographer Hajdu Tamas Finds Humor in Small-Town Romania




Humor has a strange place in photography. So often a humorous photograph undermines the subject matter or the medium itself and leaves the image feeling like a ploy for cheap laughs. But when it works, when composition and moment and environment come together just right, and the photographer is clever enough to know when and how to press the shutter, a humorous photograph can have a tremendous impact.