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Photographer Finds Surprising Similarities Between South Africa and Burning Man



When Houston-based photographer Priscilla Kanady embarked on a much-anticipated journey to South Africa, she longed to soak in the place, to find rare and precious moments within the span of her two week stay that would linger by her side long after her feet touched home. Two weeks later, as she made her way the Nevada desert for the annual Burning Man festival, she found her recent memories of South Africa echoed within the temporary Black Rock City, which stands for exactly one week every year before being burned to the ground or cleared out without a trace.

The Extraordinary Story of a Deer Named Lilly and Her Adoptive Human Family

Lilly Birthday Cake

Lilly pasta

Seven years ago, a mother deer was killed by a car, and as she breathed her final breaths, she birthed two babies. Lilly was the only one to survive as she emerged, she landed on a roadside, where a middle aged Michigan couple looked on in sympathy and bewilderment. Human faces were amongst the first Lilly saw, and since that day, when one deer died and another was born, Lilly has grown up to be a member of that (anonymous) suburban household, where she is permitted by law to live out the rest of her days with the people she loves.

Playful Shelter Dogs Reclaim Landfill Park, a Former Disposal Site for 25,666 Euthanized Dogs


Lady Bell, in foster care, waiting for adoption via Wake County Animal Center


Mistletoe, Adopted 2/22/12

At the top of a hill, a dog named Marcy plays. When North Carolina-based photographer Shannon Johnstone gives Marcy’s favorite command—“Beg!”—the black and white dog immediately and happily abides. At seven years old, she’s still a bundle of energy and joy, trotting around with her tennis ball through the tall, open grass. This is Landfill Park, where in the winter months a shy brown dog named Chandler made the same journey to the top of the hill; instead of playing ball, he preferred to curl up while the photographer stroked his wrinkled brow and he looked up into her lens.

Bewitching Photographs Harken Back to Childhood Wonder



When Austin-based photographer Tami Bone was a little girl, she spent weekends over at her best friend’s ranch house, exploring the pastures by day and huddling under the blankets at night as the friend’s elder sister told ghost stories, the wind rustling the trees outside. The whole landscape of the South Texas, where she lived until the age of twelve, was colored by a palpable sense of enigma; around every corner lay a riddle for her to solve, a secret to decipher. Mythos is Bone’s homage to her childhood self, a return to the thrill and wonderment that molded her earliest memories.

‘Extra! Weegee’: A New Exhibition of Images by History’s Best Crime Photographer


“Who Said People Are All Alike?”, July 27, 1945


“Portrait of Weegee”, c. 1946 by Unknown Photographer

From 1938 to 1947, one man skulked through Manhattan every evening after dark, lurking in the shadows before dissolving them with his token flashgun, a cigar hanging from the side of his mouth. This fellow was born Ascher Fellig, but his eerie ability to outrun even the most seasoned police veterans to the scene of robbery, gang skirmish, or bar brawl earned him the moniker that is forever stamped into the history of photography: Weegee.

Amazing Portraits Bring Together Asia’s Top Models and Celebrities with Endangered Animals in Cry for Change

JenniferTse_Wild is Life Conservancy Zimbabwe_(c)SeanLeeDavies_2015

Jennifer Tse, Wild is Life Wildlife sanctuary, Zimbabwe


Mikki Yao with Asian Elephant, Leuser Ecosystem

JocelynLuko_with rhino_(c)SeanLeeDavies_2015

Jocelyn Luko with northern white rhinoceros

Sudan the 42-year-old northern white rhinoceros doesn’t know that he’s the only male remaining of his kind, that his fellows have been driven to extinction by a rhino horn trade that still threatens is life today. He spends his time playing in the mud and lounging in the shade at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, where he lives with two females under constant watch by armed guards. His horns are kept short to dissuade poachers looking to make a hefty sum. As the only living male, one of four living northern whites, Sudan, whose sperm count has decreased drastically his old age, could be the species’ last hope for survival.

‘Cats of the Urban Wild’ Video Sheds Light on the Plight of NYC’s Feral Cats


The feral cats of New York City stalk the streets at twilight in search of food, scurrying for shelter whenever a threat passes by in the shadows. Unlike domesticated cats or strays, the wild cats have an instinctual and learned understanding of how to survive the brutal metropolitan elements; today, their population has reached into the hundreds of thousands, and we as human beings who have bred and then neglected our fellow city-dwellers, are responsible for every one of them.

Instagram Sensation ‘The Dogist’ Releases New Photo Book Featuring 1,000 Canines


Polo, French Bulldog, 2 years old. “Polo frequents hospitals as a therapy dog, participates in cancer awareness walks, and helps raise money for homeless shelters.” Excerpted from The Dogist by Elias Weiss Friedman (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2015. Photographs by The Dogist, LLC


Lexi, Mix, 1 year old. “People look at her and think she’s disabled. We consider her ‘specially abled.'”

Before he was The Dogist, New York City-based photographer Elias Weiss Friedman was a little boy who loved dogs. As soon as he could walk, he was found sneaking out with his grandmother’s dog Oreo, who steadfastly and heroically stood between the toddler and the street until they were found by adults. When he got his first camera, his black lab Ruby became his constant muse, always ready to break out a smile and strike a pose. Years later, Friedman has earned his epithet by photographing literally thousands of dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors out and about in the streets of New York and throughout the globe.

Compassionate Portraits Capture the Dignity and Grace of Farm Animals




As the global farming industry expands, mankind, suggests New Zealand-based photographer Cally Whitham, has in many ways failed to recognize the inherent dignity and grace that lies within the breasts of farm animals. With Epitaph, she pictures barnyard inhabitants—from pigs to sheep, cows to turkeys—in tender and fanciful portraits, resurrecting the oft-forgotten pathos that ties us to our fellow creatures.

An Underground World in Bucharest, Romania Where Homeless Individuals are Barely Surviving




Bruce Lee lives on the streets, says Bucharest-based photographer Dani Gherca, hopping from one place to the next in search of shelter and caring for a close-knit group of homeless individuals who have claimed him as their surrogate father. For Bruce Lee, who was born Florin Hora, sustaining the welfare of those in need— people and stray dogs who like him have been abandoned cast out of the comforts mainstream society— is a responsibility given to him by God.

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