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Atypical Pets Photographed in their Domestic Environment

Ally (Burmese Python)Ally (Burmese Python)

Josephini Houdini (Tarantula)Josephini Houdini (Tarantula)

The seed for Areca Roe’s new series Housebroken was first planted while she was photographing zoos during 2010 and 2011 throughout the United States and Europe.

Endearing Photographs of Staten Island in the 1980s

Two Girls with Matching Outfits

Two Girls with Matching Outfits

Young Man Pulling a Go-Kart

Young Man Pulling a Go-Kart

The pictures she made in Staten Island, suggests New York-based photographer Christine Osinski, she produced only for her own unnamable reasons. The images remained tucked away for nearly thirty years, and until very recently, she held no plans to reveal them publicly. Summer Days: Staten Island is her homecoming, to the curious and friendly borough she came to know so well.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Photos of the World’s Most Mysterious Animals


Lion © Will Burrard-Lucas/WWF-US


Hyena © Will Burrard-Lucas/WWF-US

Under the inky cloak of night, the lions and lionesses of the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, or KAZA, roam free across 109 million acres, evading the curious eyes of mankind. These noble carnivores are acutely timid and fleeting, having only been captured in cloudy, infrared research pictures as they stride the vast expanse. Until now.

When Giant Teddy Bears Roamed the Streets of Nazi Germany



Art collector Jean-Marie Donat’s affaire-de-coeur with TeddyBär began three decades ago when he stumbled across the very first snapshot picturing the mammoth wooly creature traipsing down the streets over Berlin. Over the last twenty years, the Frenchman has committed himself in earnest to tracking down TeddyBär in his many incarnations, discovering dozens of men who from the 1920s until the 1970s, donned bewhiskered polar bear suit in hopes of earning a buck (or indeed a Reichsmark) by posing with tourists and passersby.

Amusing Moments Captured at the County Fair

Dan Nelken

Dan Nelken

The photographs in New York-based Dan Nelken’s Till the Cows Come Home: County Fair Portraits are genuine, natural, and human. Although it’s perhaps not as popular a destination as in the past, there is an undeniable draw to the county fair, to the animals and their people one can observe there.

Over 15 Years, One Photographer Makes the Most Astonishing Portraits of Africa’s Wild Animals

Laurent Baheux - Buffalo portrait, Kenya 2006 - 900 x 900 - 72 dpi

Buffalo portrait, Kenya 2006

3218-Zebra jump, Tanzania 2007 © Laurent Baheux

Zebra jump, Tanzania 2007


Need of Tenderness, Kenya 2013

Nearly one decade ago, an adolescent zebra frolicked amongst the 8 thousand square kilometers that make up the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania’s Crater Highlands. Staying close to the grown zebras, the energetic youngster moved wildly about, until at the very moment French photographer Laurent Baheux approached, he took the air, leaping clear over his mother’s back. The photographer tripped in the process of capturing the moment, which according to his driver Morris, was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of scenario.

Wild Animals Camouflaged within the Vast Expansive of Namibia



Hour upon hour, Ghent-based photographer Maroesjka Lavigne traverses the vacant terrain of Namibia, taking the country’s native beasts— the giraffe, the flamingo, and the zebra, and perhaps most of all, the rhinoceros—as her silent and gently-moving guides. Here, amongst the salt pans and sand dunes, she names the nation the Land of Nothingness; behemoths roam free and unseen, hidden and enfolded by the infinite topography.

The Vanishing Tradition of Eagle Hunting in Mongolia Captured in Timeless Photo Book

Kazakh eagle Hunters

Kazakh eagle Hunters

The moment winter descends upon the mountainous terrain of western Mongolia, the Kazakh eagle hunters leave their homes and trek high into the mountains on horseback. If you were to follow the trails of fresh prints in the snow, they’d lead you out to where the great birds stand poised on the men’s heavily swathed forearms, ready to plunge into the valleys below at the slightest movement. These men are the last generation of true Kazakh eagle hunters in Mongolia. On a dedicated mission to capture their story before the tradition dies out, Hong Kong-based photographer Palani Mohan braved the minus 40-degree temperatures to photograph what would be his most physically challenging work to date.

Turn-of-the-Century Photographs Capture the Midnight Rituals of Wild Animals


George Shiras, Lynx, Loon Lake, Ontario, Canada, 1902 © National Geographic Creative Archives.


George Shiras, Three white-tailed deer, Michigan, circa 1893-1898 © National Geographic Creative Archives.

A female deer sits on the river banks along Lake Superior as a canoe passes her by, a kerosine lamp lighting the way. In the boat sits George Shiras, a lawyer by day who come nightfall, flees into the mist-shrouded wilderness in search of the many furry souls who run hither and thither across the shadowy terrain. The year is 1889, and Shiras is doing something no one thus far in the history of photography has dared attempt: he’s documenting the midnight rituals of wild animals.

Behold the Unearthly Beauty of the Carpathian Pony




Seven years ago, in the village tiny of Dzembronia in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukrainian photographer Yurko Dyachyshyn laid himself down amongst the fragrant grasses, shutting his eyes for a moment as the sunlight warmed his cheeks. The photographer was woken from his reverie only when he heard the gentle tapping of hooves, finding before him a curious horse gazing down.

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