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Poetry and Mythos on the Island of Uummannaq, Greenland

Rudolf raising the fishing lines

Rudolf raising the fishing lines

Car abandonned on ice

Car abandonned on ice

Living for two months amongst the drift ice of the small island of Uummannaq, Greenland, French photographer Camille Michel recognized one English word repeated frequently amongst the native tongue of Kalaallisut: “ghost.” Here, in this sequestered island where a mere 1282 people make their home, the terrain is haunted by ancient spirits and decidedly modern demons. As the outside world descends upon the mythic landscape, pollution increases. The ice is melting, and children are leaving home for the city. The Last Men is the photographer’s testament to what remains.

The Beautiful and Grotesque Collide in Haunting Still Lifes


On her daily drive to work, New Jersey-based photographer Kimberly Witham encounters a sprinkling of bodies left to decompose on the side of the road. While other passersby avert their eyes and plow forwards, she makes a detour, gathering the tiny squirrels, raccoons, and birds whose fragile forms have been stuck down by collisions with traffic. In the privacy of her studio, she constructs austere still lifes in which their remains are commingled with succulent, ripe fruit.

Swimming with the Creatures of the Sea (Sponsored)


A woman swimming alongside a sperm whale in Dominica © Brandon Cole / Offset


Swimming elephant Rajan with snorkelers and divers, Havelock Island © LOOK / Offset

More than 95 percent of the ocean deep remains unexplored by mankind, shrouded in mystery and folklore. It’s only been in recent years that we’ve realized the extent to which we have destroyed marine life, but with growing concern over the fate of our planet’s water, we’ve also come to know and to protect some of the most rare and exquisite species on the planet.

Take, for instance, the whale shark, the largest known fish in existence. They are protected by organizations like the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme, who travel the depths of the azure sea in search of the gentle and slow-moving creatures, who can reach up to 60 feet long in adulthood.

For this group show, we culled the rich collection of Offset imagery to find some of the most breathtaking diving scenes from around the world. These pictures capture close encounters with the likes of the Mola mola, or ocean sunfish, who despite their size—they can weigh over a ton!— are known for being a bit fearful of humans, though they can grow accustomed to experienced divers.

Science and Beauty Collide in Stunning Portraits of Migratory Birds

VL590595 MUS.Z.HKI.FI, 2015

Carduelis-flammea1Carduelis flammea, 2015

Local Vernacular is a project to which Finnish photographer Sanna Kannisto has devoted herself for the past two years. The project title refers to the unique bird song or “language” of different groups of migratory birds, each of which is territory-specific. Sanna works together with scientists who perform bird ringing and consequential bird migratory research in natural reserves such as the one found in the outer Hankoniemi archipelago in Southern Finland, where Sanna has taken most of her photographs. Bird ringing, that is to say the attaching of a small individually number ring of plastic to the legs of birds, allows researchers to identify birds and keep track of their migratory movements. A scientific curiosity that coincides with the appreciation of the natural beauty of these birds and a flair for capturing it with a camera has taken Sanna to her studio, where she photographs migratory birds in a refreshingly different context.

A Painful, Tender Look at the Life of Stray Dogs in Puerto Rico and Mexico



Wolly and Onyx the dogs lived together on the streets of San Felipe, Mexico. When they were rescued and by necessity kept caged inside kennels, they somehow escaped every day to play with one another. “One would break out and then go break the other one out, and then they would go run and frolic around the dusty neighborhood. At night, they would return,” explains Rhode Island-based photographer Traer Scott, who is still visited in dreams by the impish, devoted pair.

Scott created Street Dogs nearly a decade ago, but the dogs pictured in its pages “have never left her for even a day.” She documented the lives of strays in Puerto Rico and in Mexico, and she spent many mornings waking up before the sun to assist in rescue efforts. In the areas she visited, including the devastating site known as Dead Dog Beach— where hundreds of thousands of dogs are left abandoned without access to food, water, and vet care— neglect and abuse ran rampant.

Prison Inmates Care for Homeless Dogs With Help from ‘Canine Cellmates’

Canine Cellmates

“Many of the inmates have had very few emotional connections in their lives,” says Atlanta-based photographer Kelly Kline of the rare and precious bond that forms between the residents of the Fulton County Jail and the homeless dogs in their care.

The Sacred Spirit of Cattle Captured in Beguiling Photos

Ankole 3 b

Ankole 3. Outside Mbarara, Kiruhura district, Western Region, Uganda, 2012

Mattu Pongal 06. Kannakurkkai district, Tamil Nadu, India, 2014.

Mattu Pongal 6. Kannakurkkai district, Tamil Nadu, India, 2014

According to Hindu mythology, words whispered into the ear of a bull might be passed on to the gods. Guarding the temples of Lord Shiva are statues of Nandi the Bull, the dear companion and mount of the god himself. Reaching down to graze the foot of Nandi brings the promise of fertility, and here on Earth, cattle are the rare and precious emissaries of the divine realm.

Behind the Scenes and Into the Bizarre World of Dog and Cat Shows


World Dog Show, Helsinki.


World Cat Show, Philadelphia.

“It’s safe to say you have truly ‘gone to the dogs,’” says New York City-based photographer Landon Nordeman of years spent documenting the enigmatical world of animal-based competitions. He’s witnessed countless—literally, he’s lost count—dog and cat shows, horse races, and other events where an animal has been present in some sort of performance capacity.

Delightful Photos of Dogs Eating Peanut Butter



It all started with Bailey, a velvety rescue dog who salivated at just the thought of peanut butter. Years ago, in an attempt to get her to take the perfect photograph, Bailey’s human, Cleveland-based photographer Greg Murray, bribed her with her favorite treat, and accidentally embarked on what would become the international sensation For the Love of Peanut Butter.

Portraits of Dogs Reveal Just How Ridiculous They Think Humans Are


Yeah Right



For German photographer Elke Vogelsang, dogs can be just as expressive as humans, but unlike mankind, they don’t posture for the camera. Dogs questioning the photographer’s sanity is a collection of candid bloopers taken over the course of her many canine photo shoots; in her own words, it’s her “homage to dogs” and to their sense of humor, their curiosity, and most of all, their quintessential dogginess.

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