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The Designer’s Cookbook: Color-Coordinated Foods Make for a Unique Dinnertime Experience


Credit: Tim Schober and Caro Mantke, Ms. Mantober


Apéritif – Kiwi Lime Punch, Appetizer – Chilled Avocado Soup, Hors d’oeuvre – Green Asparagus Salad, Drink – Green Grape Lemonade, Main Course – Chicken Breast with Olive Pesto and Zucchini (Courgette) Carpaccio, Dessert – Green Tea Ice Cream with Pistachio Cookies, Digestif – Wheatgrass Juice

Credit: Tim Schober and Caro Mantke, Ms. Mantober

These gorgeous photos help you set a dinner table brimming with colorful cuisine thanks to the creatives behind The Designer’s Cookbook. Soon to be published by Random House, Berlin-based authors Tatjana Reimann, Tim Schober and Caro Mantke are artists and amateur cooks with a vision.

Thought Provoking Photos of Meat and Fish Stuffed Inside Plastic Containers

Per Johansen

Per Johansen

If you’re at all interested in the question of animal rights, ethics, and morality, you’ve probably come across the topic of animals in the food industry. I try to follow material about humans’ level of visual experience of the food they consume, and I’ve been researching a handful of artists who explore this topic. I was instantly fascinated by Danish artist Per Johansen‘s Mæt (eng. Full) pictures. Such beautiful, gorgeously lit still life photographs; and I love that I can say that even though the subject is plastic bottles packed glutinously full of food and animal products.

Green Spaghetti, Blue Turkey and Pink Cereal: Food Photos Freakify the Everyday Meal


White Rice


Green Ice Cream

Will you be ordering the green spaghetti or blue turkey? California-based Lawrie Brown invites us to consider the manufactured and processed methods with which food reaches our table, presenting bizarre amalgamations of familiar dinners and snacks in his Colored Food Series.

Thought-Provoking Photos Examine the Relationship Between Food and a Woman’s Body

Barb Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman

Little by little you turned into fruit.


The transmigration of dream into salad.

Collaborative duo Barb Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman‘s Ponder Food As Love pairs an ethereal and light touch to an important human issue—the relationship between food and the body.

Gourmet Mouse Traps



Cheddar in the mouse trap? Please, this is New York! Photographer Davide Luciano teamed up with food stylist Claudia Ficca to create a series of gourmand mini-platters for the gourmet mouse—and for us, of course.

Watch Spices Explode in Perfect Sync to Music

A delight for the senses, this soothing and stunning ‘audio visual installation’ crafted in collaboration with DJ/Producer MJ Cole, filmmaker Chris Cairns and creative agency Grey London, pleases sight, sound, and taste. Shot for Schwartz and their new product, Flavour Shots—ready-to-go herb/spice/oil blends—participating creatives put together a mesmerizing ‘sonic flavourscape’ in which tons of peppercorns, cardamom, turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ginger, chili and coriander were set to explode in perfect sync with Cole’s musical composition. Working with Machine Shop, a group of pyrotechnic designers, each spice explosion and its corresponding note or chord seamlessly blends into a beautiful display that indeed brings to life ‘the sound of taste.’

Behind the Scenes:

The making of ‘The Sound of Taste’ from Grey London on Vimeo.

via Lost at E Minor

Quirky Experiments Using Food to Produce Electricity

Catherine Losing

Catherine Losing

Some foods—in theory—can conduct and produce electricity. UK-based photographer Catherine Losing was curious to find out, teaming up with the guys behind the new food publication The Gourmand to produce some rather quirky and unconventional food images in her recent series The Serpent That Ate Its Own Tail.

Photo du jour: Merry Knitmas!

David Sykes

What better way to say Merry Christmas than with London-based photographer David Sykes’ Knitmas Dinner. This delightful dinner is the latest addition to his series Faux Food in which he creates the nation’s favorite dishes out of everyday objects. Crafted in collaboration with model maker Jessica Dance and made entirely out of wool, Sykes says the piece is a nod to the “unwanted woolly jumpers from grannies at Christmas time.”

Love in a Time of Hunger (Spotlight)

Anna Williams

In 2010, NYC-based photographer Anna Williams launched The Voracity, a collaborative project and online publication exploring themes of hunger, consumption and beauty. Each series is as unique as it is visually stunning and employs a mix of styles and techniques. How to Shoot a Wolf, issue 5 in The Voracity archive, draws inspiration from a period of time during World War II when food was anything but abundant. While magazines at the time tackled ways to approach the new reality of food rationing a la making do with less, M.F.K. Fisher published ‘How to Cook a Wolf,’ a soulful guide to deeper nourishment amidst the trying times—’how to be cheerful through starving’ and ‘how to comfort sorrow,’ among some of her tips.

Dead Sea Creatures Photographed to Look Alive for Eric Ripert’s ‘On The Line’ Cookbook


There’s certainly something fishy about these images by NYC-based photo team Shimon and Tammar and it’s that these sea creatures are already dead! Shot for Eric Ripert’s cookbook On The Line, Shimon and Tammar wanted to shoot something dynamic and original while showing the freshness of the fish that Eric had been using in his dishes. They didn’t want to shoot a conventional-styled beauty still life that would look artificial. At the time they were shooting dancers and liquids using high-speed flashes, and decided to try a similar technique on the fish to create the illusion that the fish were alive and swimming.