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Cocktail Hour: Spiked Black Coffee


© David Prince / Offset

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Cocktail Hour: Vodka and Thyme with Ice

Paul_S_Batholomew © Paul S. Bartholomew / Offset

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Cocktail Hour: Stormy Morning with Lime

Paul_Bartholomew_96557 © Paul S. Bartholomew / Offset

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Photo du Jour: A Collection of Coffee Cups From Around the World


Need a caffeine boost? No matter what part of the world you call home, Henry Hargreaves has you covered. The professional food photographer has spent the last year documenting his coffee consumption in the form of various to-go cups from around the globe. He now showcases his collection on a new Tumblr as well as on Instagram, each design a unique combination of utility and whimsy. Spending his life helping people see food in a new way, Hargreaves focuses on the individuality of contemporary coffee culture. Whether from an upscale hub in London to a unfussy pop up bakery in NYC, Coffee Cups of the World makes art out of the ordinary.

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Classic and Calm: Kinfolk Magazine’s Charlotte Heal Curates Our Latest Offset Photo Collection


© Kip Dawkins / Offset


© Maskot / Offset

Founded in 2011, Kinfolk’s ad-free print magazine has quickly become an inspirational and highly regarded publication focused on beautiful living and sophisticated style. Geared towards “a young, photography-intensive audience full of artists and food enthusiasts”, the Portland-based Kinfolk gathers together an international community of creatives to forge each issue. In 2012, the publication began hosting events across the United States including Flower Potlucks and Butcher Block Parties, as well as releasing their first cookbook, The Kinfolk Table.

Londoner Charlotte Heal heads up the ever-evolving creative direction for the magazine. Aside from working at Kinfolk, Heal is also a talented photographer and designer. For our latest Offset group show, she chose images that blend well with the spirit of their classic aesthetic. We chat with her about photography, editorials and what a normal day as a creative director looks like.

Cocktail Hour: Wine o’ Clock


© Bruce Peterson / Offset

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Cocktail Hour: Bloody Mary with Salt


© Gentl and Hyers / Offset

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Sweet Veggies: Jelly Beans in a Pod and Other Strange Treats



Now this is how we’d like to get our five fruits and veggies a day. Who didn’t hide their lima beans in their napkin or try to feed brussel sprouts to their unsuspecting cat? Wendy van Santen understands the plight of children and food, creating the playful series Sweet Veggies as a way to soften the blow of getting greens into your meals. The handcrafted still lifes are a colorful mixture of produce and saturated sugary snacks, offering a candy-coated critique of kids’ eating habits.

Portraits Of People And Their Donut Doppelgängers



If you were a donut, what kind would you be? As part of his collaboration with advertising agency The Marlin Network, St. Louis-based photographer Brandon Voges asks that probing question. With help from Strange Donuts, he paired human faces with the breakfast food, composing diptychs that draw parallels between flesh and frosting, sprinkles and freckles. Blood trickling down a fighter’s nose is equated with oozing jelly, wisdom lines with the crevices of a glazed fritter.

Photo du Jour: Argentinian Super Sandwich


Who’s really hungry? Photographer Ralph Smith and food stylist Rachel Sutherland transform the usually dainty Argentinian Sandwich de Miga into a colossal tower of tastiness. Often a staple at parties, the small, crustless finger food is generally made from thin pieces of bread and tea-time fillings. Smith and Sutherland’s creation defies the standard 2-tier delicacy to make the ultimate appetizer with all the best ingredients – ham and mustard, egg salad, chicken watercrest and pickled beets to name just a few. Lit with a beautiful elegance, Smith reveals all the colors and flavor this particular super sandwich has to offer.