Emily Wilson

“I like working with people who genuinely want me to succeed,” says portrait photographer Emily Wilson—who has worked with such clients as The

New York Times, Grey Advertising, and The Globe and Mail—of her decision to join ImageBrief, a platform that directly connects brands, advertising agencies, and other buyers who are looking for specific content with photographers who are perfect for the job. Like so many others on ImageBrief, she’s found the support she needs to further build her already impressive network of top clients, including Reebok, whose executives hired her on assignment after seeing some images she’d uploaded to her profile.

In case you haven’t heard, ImageBrief works by letting buyers post briefs that outline the specific type of image they need in addition to uploading reference pictures and setting a deadline and budget. In response to the brief, photographers can submit images that they already have lying around on their hard drive. If the image or the photographer seems like a great candidate, he or she will be shortlisted, and the client will select the most appropriate image. Bay Area stock photographer Christian Ericksen, who has worked with Cavan and Getty Images for a number of years, had great success with this approach, selling an image earlier this summer to a medical and pharmaceutical company.


Christian Ericksen

If they find the perfect photographer, buyers can also hire artists on assignments, like the ones lifestyle photographer Cielo De La Paz, has been given through ImageBrief by the Simply orange juice brand. The campaign, which included shots of lemonade in various outdoor environments, perfectly suited her aesthetic and vision, which often incorporates environmental elements. De La Paz found out about ImageBrief through the Canon Instagram page, and she was instantly impressed by the budgets offered in their briefs. Joining, she suggests, was a no-brainer: “It made sense.”


Cielo de la Paz

Wilson, Ericksen, and De La Paz are all Founding Premium Photographers with ImageBrief, meaning that they earn 100% on the sale of their images and can upload as many images as they want to MyMarketplace, where their work is shown to leading buyers looking to commission work. They can also promote themselves directly to clients using the “Promote Me” option, and are connected with buyers looking to hire local photographers. Additionally, they get highly individualized support from the ImageBrief team, who know the ins and outs of the industry and its trends and are available to chat at any time via instant message.

So what sells on ImageBrief? All three photographers mention that their real and candid imagery has received a great response, whether it’s Ericksen’s knack for natural lighting, Wilson’s candid and colorful compositions, or De La Paz’s eclectic style. ImageBrief photographers are given exposure to the best in the business, whether it’s publishers like Condé Nast, agencies like Grey and BBDO, or companies like Canon, Apple, or Expedia. By joining ImageBrief, photographers have the chance to kick their careers up a notch, to motivate themselves to be better, and to monetize their passion. “It is an exciting time to be a photographer,” concludes Wilson.


Emily Wilson

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