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Otherworldly Icelandic Landscapes Photographed by Morgan Levy


It was in Iceland that I discovered how geology could serve as a metaphor for psychology. The small nation island sits on the ridge between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. In geothermal-active Iceland something is always stirring below the surface. Subterranean movement creates a shifting landscape, little is solid or certain; volcanoes unexpectedly erupt.

This process of destruction and reshaping generates a sense of uncertainty and disorientation. In Iceland one never feels fully in control. The fear of being left alone or of loss of control resonates in all of us, but it’s something that we’re drawn to as well. In this series I aimed to convey that ambivalence. Photographs have the power to convey order in unfamiliar situations. I deliberately try to introduce the unknown and linger in the vagueness of metaphor. My images are sometimes digitally composited and rendered unrecognizable from their original state.—Morgan Levy

Photographer Morgan Levy began shooting seriously in Iceland in 2008 with support from a fellowship. It was during this time that her series A Strange Sound In The Deep Silence was created. It was a big undertaking for Levy. After raising some additional funds, she was able to take on an assistant. Together they hiked with all her gear, medium and large format cameras, over volcanoes and up the steep side of craters. The sun never fully sets in June in Iceland. Between midnight and 4am, a seamless transition occurs between dusk and dawn. This is when she would predominately work.

Photographer Reimagines Clichéd Travel Snapshots Using Still Life in Her Studio


We recently talked to Netherlands-based photographer Lonneke Van Der Palen about her unique style and approach to photography.

Photographic Duo Traverse Europe Capturing How it Feels to Be Young and Carefree


Throughout the trip, the only consistent form of structure was the company of one another. Time became elastic and weeks departed from what our knowledge of what a “week” meant. As a result, we have collected an array of photographs which emote our sense of constant displacement yet express a deep love of travel and discovery.—Yael Malka and Cait Oppermann

After their recent graduation from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn-based photographers Yael Malka and Cait Oppermann backpacked for 70 days through Turkey, Morocco and several countries in Europe. The photos they took during that time are now collected in their self-published book Sea Blues.

Call for Submissions: Beach Vacation Photos

The-black-seaThe Black Sea photographed by Gareth Phillips

The topic for the next Feature Shoot online group show will be beach vacation photos.

Photographer Embarks on the Great American Road Trip and Finds a Country “Falling Short”

noel camardo

Throughout the history of photography, many photographers have set out by car to explore the U.S. It has almost become a right of passage. Brooklyn-based photographer Noel Camardo is no exception. U.S.A. is his recent project in which he attempts the great American roadtrip; his journey and lens capturing a neutral and unassuming look at the paradoxes he found along the way.

Photo du jour: Thermal Baths of Budapest

Instagram Photographer Steph Goralnick Gives Advice and Discusses the Perks of Popularity

steph-goralnick instagram

Steph Goralnick is a photographer, designer, event planner and all around creative gal based in Brooklyn. We asked her a few questions about her Instagram popularity (she has over 200,000 followers) and the opportunities this has provided.

The Breathtaking Tidal Pools of Sydney


These images are concerned with the interplay of the familiar and the unfamiliar. Instantly recognizable locations but shot with with long exposures at a particular time of day to create an unfamiliar and ethereal effect. The lack of people and the strange quality to the pool images invites the viewer to enter the dreamlike place of the images for a moment, and maybe consider what is unknown in themselves. What beauty lies undiscovered given the right perspective and moment of inquiry.

Shot over the period of a year this series of images covers 11 of the over 30 tidal pools dotting Sydney’s Shoreline. I also like the metaphor of the tidal pool, a place of safety and calmness amongst the wild unpredictability of nature. A place to rejuvenate in safety and watch the waves crashing outside.—Steve Back

Steve Back is a Sydney-based commercial and fine art photographer. His second exhibition of landscapes, Terra Incognita, that explore the same theme of the “unfamiliar familiar” will open at Global Gallery in Sydney on October 24, 2012.

Inside the Bizarre World of Group Tours

Lindsay-Mackenzie photography

Lindsay Mackenzie is a photojournalist currently based in Tunisia.  She has spent the last two years in the Arab world documenting the revolutions and aftermath. However, her interest in the world was fueled by first working as a tour guide.

Everyday Life and Eccentricities of Africa Photographed by Jonathan May

Jonathan May Africa photography

Jonathan May is an advertising and fine art photographer originally from Australia. He is currently based in Moscow but lately finds himself spending majority of his time shooting in Australia and Africa.