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Water Sliding in India


© Elijah Solomon Hurwitz / Offset

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Chinese Breakfast


© Francesco Majo / Offset

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Rescued from Oblivion: Magnum Photographers Release Obscure Images for Print Sale

USA. Brooklyn, NY. 1992.
Alessandra Sanguinetti. USA. Brooklyn, NY. 1992
I took this photograph, “The couple” in the summer of ’92. That was long ago when everything and everyone still felt endlessly fascinating and mysterious, and when photography was the only way I could take it all in. I’d left Buenos Aires to spend the summer in Brooklyn with my grandfather and spent every day roaming the city taking pictures and hurrying back home at night, excited to develop the film in the blacked out laundry room. I distinctly remember uncurling the wet film this frame was in, seeing it and being in awe at how a portrait could transcend anything I had seen or intended. —Alessandra Sanguinetti

Jonas Bendiksen Georgia. Abkhazia. Sukhum. 2005.
One of the absurd things about photography is the amount of pictures one takes that end up in a box, never to be seen again. Nearly all of the images I’ve ever taken have ended up unseen in a box. I took this image in Abkhazia in 2005, while I was working on my book “Satellites.” It shows girls doing their hair in front of a bombed out apartment block. It was a sweet little human moment. But later that same evening I took another image of an old woman walking in front of the same building that was slightly more dramatic. And just like that, the image of the four girls had to go. —Jonas Bendiksen

A few months ago, Magnum photographers challenged each other to dig up a single photograph that they have always liked, but for one reason or another, has gone unpublished and/or to some extent unnoticed. The photographers explored the depths of their attics and hard drives for an image that they wanted to give new life.

On November 10th, these photos were made available as signed, $100 #MAGNUMSquare Prints in their online store. On November 14th at 5PM (EST), orders will close and the prints will be signed.

Ice Swimming in Finland


© Peter Adams / Offset

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Playful Photos of Fashion Models in Their Own Homes


Elouise Morris at her family home in the hills of Avoca


Suzi Leenaars in Manly, Sydney


Tiernan Cowling in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles

For Model-Maison, Australian fashion and music photographer Cybele Malinowski captures international models in their own homes, lifting the commercial veil that so often surrounds them to reveal distinctive nuances of character and personal style.

Photo du Jour: The Chapel in the Ice Hotel


© Pete Ryan / National Geographic / Offset

As the single ice hotel operating in North America, Quebec’s Hôtel de Glace opens its doors annually on January 5th, welcoming a slew of visitors into its frigid interior. The structure is build on completely from snow and ice, in respective quantities of 15,000 and 500,000 tons. In contrast with the crowded interiors we normally associate with the tourist hotspot, National Geographic photographer Pete Ryan captures a quiet moment within the hallowed walls of the hotel’s chapel.

Breathtaking Photos of Namibia’s Swakopmund Saltworks


© Peter Adams / Offset


© Peter Adams / Offset

When aerial landscape photographer Peter Adams first visited Namibia, he had no plans to shoot the Swakopmund saltworks, but after flying overhead on route to the Namib-Naukluft National Park, the brightly colored sea water stuck in his mind. The very next day, he went up in the air with the express purpose of capturing the saltworks.

Portraits of Pit Masters at Memphis’ Top Barbecue Hotspots


Pit master at Nelly’s © Randy Harris / Offset


Head Pit master, Henry, taking a smoke break outside of Rendezvous © Randy Harris / Offset

When New York-based travel photographer Randy Harris visited Memphis, Tennessee on assignment for Travel + Leisure magazine, he discovered a food culture unlike any other.

Photos by Matthew Pillsbury Capture the Fast Pace of Modern Tokyo


Hanami #14
Inokashira Park
Saturday April 5th 2014


Robot Restaurant
Tokyo, 2014

For Tokyo, New York-based photographer Matthew Pillsbury captures the Japanese capital in continual motion, using long exposures to record up to fifteen minutes of activity within its populous hubs of daily activity, from train stations to night clubs.

Dog Sledding in Greenland


© Peter Adams / Offset

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