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The Spectacular Winners of the Arcaid Images 2015 Architectural Photography Awards


EPFL Quartier Nord, Ecublens, Switzerland by Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés © Fernando Guerra


Yick Cheong Building, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong by unknown architect © Tan Lingfei

The architectural photograph, suggest the architects, photographers, and editors behind the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award, is too often judged solely based on the merits of the architecture itself, rather than the ingenuity of the photographer and the interplay between the lens and the space. The winner and runners up of the prestigious award, presented in collaboration with the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Singapore and Sto Werkstatt, London, was announced as part of the WAF Gala Dinner, and the results are breathtaking.

Wilderness Hideaways Uncovered in New ‘Cabin Porn’ Book


Boathouse on the Obersee in Bavaria, Germany by Jenn and Willie Witte


A magical cabin converted from a water mill by Brice Portolano. A Serbian painter built several wooden cabins along this river in the Bosnian village of Zelenkovac, transforming the mills that belonged to his father.

Nestled amongst fifty acres of woodland in upstate New York lies Beaver Brook, an enclave of five shelters, a bunkhouse, and one wood-fired hot tub barely a few miles upriver from the Delaware. Beaver Brook is the labor of love of entrepreneur Zach Klein, co-founder of the website Vimeo, and it’s the place to which he and his friends flock when the sounds of city grow too loud, a secret hideaway where life is simple and where hard work pays off. Cabin Porn is a paean to Beaver Brook and all places like it, to cabins, hobbit houses, and even yurts build by people whose dream of having a home within the wilderness has at long last been realized.

These 19 Photos of the Open Road Take Us on a Beautiful Journey From South Africa to Sonoma (Sponsored)


Maui, Hawaii. © Juliette Charvet/Vault Archives

Night Moves

Joshua Tree National Park at night. © Ryan Allan/Vault Archives

“I swear to you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell,” writes Walt Witman in his 1856 poem Song of the Open Road, a call to men, women and children from the confines of their homes and onto the great unknown. If indeed the pleasures of the open road cannot be condensed into even the most evocative of stanzas, perhaps it is only through pictures that we might discover the surprise, delight, and knowledge that follow in the wake of an infinite horizon. For this group show, we’ve pulled together nineteen photographs that capture the essence of the open road, all curated from Vault Archives, a boutique licensing agency with breathtaking images from all corners of the world.

Instagram Sensation ‘The Dogist’ Releases New Photo Book Featuring 1,000 Canines


Polo, French Bulldog, 2 years old. “Polo frequents hospitals as a therapy dog, participates in cancer awareness walks, and helps raise money for homeless shelters.” Excerpted from The Dogist by Elias Weiss Friedman (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2015. Photographs by The Dogist, LLC


Lexi, Mix, 1 year old. “People look at her and think she’s disabled. We consider her ‘specially abled.'”

Before he was The Dogist, New York City-based photographer Elias Weiss Friedman was a little boy who loved dogs. As soon as he could walk, he was found sneaking out with his grandmother’s dog Oreo, who steadfastly and heroically stood between the toddler and the street until they were found by adults. When he got his first camera, his black lab Ruby became his constant muse, always ready to break out a smile and strike a pose. Years later, Friedman has earned his epithet by photographing literally thousands of dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors out and about in the streets of New York and throughout the globe.

A Photographer’s Love Letter to the People and Animals of Peru



As the story goes, shamans of centuries long past make pilgrimages to the peaks of the Andes mountains to preform their hallowed rituals; bodies, preserved for untold years, have been found on the mountaintops, says San Francisco-based photographer Brian Flaherty, supporting the local lore and legend. In modern-day Peru, Flaherty discovered an unbreakable spirit similar to that found in the heroes of yesteryear; Notes from Peru is his love letter to land, and to the generations of people and animals who have shaped it.

Elusive Graffiti Artist Swampy Captures the Clandestine World of Freight Train Hopping


We Ride for Free


Stupido Policia


Vinnie Well

“Riding freight trains is the perfect crime; you get to break several laws without ruining anyone’s day. Meanwhile you’re experiencing something historically American, an activity people have been taking part in almost as long as freight trains have been rolling.” – Swampy

The elusive graffiti artist Swampy, who was born and raised on the Californian coast, is no stranger to breaking the rules. The title of his newly released photobook NBD (shorthand for ‘Northbound’) relates to a journey he made five years ago across the United States. In the 132 pages, he shares with us the photographs he took during this year-long journey from Mexico to Alaska illegally riding the tops of freight trains.

The Bustle of the Great Urban Landscape As Seen by Photographer Wolfgang Hildebrand



Drawn to the bustle of the great urban landscape, the German photographer Wolfgang Hildebrand sought out some of the largest cities in the world for his on-going project Moment. Fascinated by the oscillating tempers and an omnipresent furor of the city, Hildebrand found himself enticed by the “constant transformation that takes place,” not only in terms of infrastructure, but also the changes that occur between these moments. In Moment, Hildebrand explores the idea of the undefined moment or series of moments within a single frame. “Our eyes can only perceive a fraction of the environment accurately,” he explained, “The rest is likely built up by our brain from memories and experiences.” Hildebrand creates this very ‘image’ that is not a singular moment, but a collection of moments – a not-so-common trait of photography as a medium.

20 Inspiring Photos of Life ‘Off the Grid’

William Woodward

© William Woodward /

© Christopher Rubey, 2015 -

© Christopher Rubey /

For our newest group show, “Off The Grid,” we partnered with ImageBrief and put out a call for images that depict what living life “off the grid” means to photographers. The following collection, was curated by Chris Buda, Manager of Art Buying at BBDO and Isabelle Raphael, Head of Visual Content at ImageBrief and features 20 photos that encapsulate the ethos of the “off the grid” lifestyle. More images from the collection can be found on ImageBrief’s site.

Congratulations to the photographers featured here. Each will receive free Explorer Plus accounts from ImageBrief, which allow them to sell images in the ImageBrief Marketplace, get hired on assignment, and get contacted by ImageBrief’s network of thousands of buyers.

Didn’t make it in time to submit to Off The Grid? Don’t worry, ImageBrief has dozens of new briefs every day and it’s free to sign up and submit.

Hanoi at Night is Hauntingly Beautiful



When night descends on the streets of Hanoi, says French photographer Sebastien Laval, the city metamorphoses into another realm entirely. In the witching hours between six o’clock in the evening and six in the morning, he can be seen roaming the Old Quarter alongside the ghosts of ten centuries past.

Offbeat Portraits of Reenactors Taken Throughout the U.S. and the European Union


Bernese Mountain Dogs, Maifest, Leavenworth, Washington, 2014


Fur Trappers, High Chaparral, Hillerstorp, Sweden, 2008

Globalization and development, suggests Los Angeles-based photographer Naomi Harris, has brought with it a crop of unexpected novelty communities, amusement parks, and events throughout the United States and Europe in which each of two continents delight in customs and traditions of the other. For EUSA, she spent years traveling throughout the states and the European Union in search of places and gatherings where this cultural inversions can be found—from the Oktoberfests and Maifests of Leavenworth, Washington to Germany’s Western-themed Pullman City.