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Mud Bath


© Olivia Rae James / Offset

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Poetic Photos of the Marshland Along Denmark’s Wadden Sea


© Henrik Emtkjær Hansen / Offset


© Henrik Emtkjær Hansen / Offset

Ribe, Denmark-based photographer Henrik Emtkjær Hansen is drawn to mysterious regions near the Wadden Sea, capturing areas along its dikes at times of silence, when few people populate the low-lying marshland. Casting his images in moody green and blue tones, Hansen creates a poetic vision of the Denmark shoreline, imbuing the natural landscape with emotive powers similar to those of the great Romanic painters.

Belly on Cartagena Beach


© Francesco Majo / Offset

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Colorful Buoys in Scotland


© John Short / Design Pics / Offset

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Photo du Jour: A Colorful Apartment Block in Mumbai


© Shanna Baker / Offset

Canadian travel photographer Shanna Baker’s eye for graphic color and form made Mumbai, India the perfect spot to set her gaze. As the most highly populated city in India, Mumbai is home to a diverse array of religions, cultures, and architectural influences, each adding their own distinctive flare to the vibrant language of the metropolis. The place of origin for Bollywood films and host to the annual Holi Festival of Colors, the city is one of the most colorful in the world.

Vibrant Photos of Marrakesh’s Jemaa el Fna Marketplace


© Alberto Bernasconi / Offset


© Alberto Bernasconi / Offset

While on assignment in Marrakesh, Morocco for two magazines, a travel publication and a women’s weekly, Milan-based photographer Alberto Bernasconi found himself wandering and intentionally getting lost in the main square and the Jemaa el Fna market place.

Photo du Jour: Thailand Fire Show


© Marianna Jamadi / Offset

Against the black night, Los Angeles-based photographer Marianna Jamadi captures a fire show performer caught in a vortex of fire. This is Koh Phi Phi, a group of small islands in Southern Thailand. The islands are known for their fire shows, performed every night by talented artists along the shores of the beach. Bars line the tropical waterfront, providing front row seats to the night’s entertainment. Performers swirl fiery batons, plummet through burning hoops, and juggle with balls of fire.

The Tranquil Norwegian Countryside Photographed by Johan Stephan


© Johan Stephan / Offset


© Johan Stephan / Offset

For Gothenburg, Sweden-based photographer Johan Stephan, capturing the Norwegian countryside was a way of slowing down, of honing in on beautiful moments within a frenzied and face-paced world. He strives to create imagery without diverting elements, composing minimalistic visions that inspire tranquility and reflection.

Photo du Jour: Neist Point


Celebrated for his rare and distinctive viewpoints on familiar landscapes, Antwerp, Belgium-based photographer Jan Kempenaers looks out over Neist Point in the Scottish Isle of Skye. The artist works with precision and exactness, winnowing down his collection to only the most arresting and iconic images.

Photo du Jour: The Passion of Christ


Amongst the procession of hundreds of young men, photographer Juan Carlos Lelo De Larrea captures the spellbound face of a single Nazarene participating in the Passion of Christ performance in Iztapalapa, Mexico City. As part of a nearly two centuries’ old tradition, the event takes place on Good Friday, drawing millions of visitors each year.