From Bryan Brandon’s Squarespace website

With an Instagram following of more than 38,000, the self-taught photographer Bryan Brandon is a Renaissance man for the 21st century, mixing and matching influences from the street, architecture, and cinema. He’s explored the natural wonders of national parks in the American Southwest and some of the most dynamic metropolises in the world, but Los Angeles is currently his home base and primary playground.

You can find him out and about exploring its bustling streets and beaches, chasing down sunsets and spontaneous portraits. With a portfolio full of vibrant lifestyle imagery, Brandon captures the sense of movement and diversity that makes great cities thrum with energy. He’s tapped into the aesthetic of wanderlust, and he’s invited us all along for the journey, even if it’s only a walk down the street.

Brandon creates commercial photographs that feel personal, authentic, and real, and he knew he had to have just the right website design to stand out from the competition. Using Squarespace, he built his own domain and selected the perfect website template; with one click, clients and followers can immerse themselves in the photographer’s universe, where looming skyscrapers and mountaintops stand waiting to be explored. Thanks to the Squarespace website builder, Brandon was also able to create his own online store, where people can buy his coveted presets. We spoke with him about his unconventional start in the photo industry, his favorite cities, and his stunning website.

When you were looking for website builders, what specifically were you looking for? Why did Squarespace stand out to you?
“Squarespace is so easy to use. The template designs are made to showcase the work of creative minds. My portfolio never look so good!”

From Bryan Brandon’s Squarespace website

I love that you introduce us to all your series in one place (your homepage). What template did you choose?
“I chose Flatiron because it makes all my photographs look cohesive. The audience doesn’t have to scroll or jump from one page to another. All my best work is displayed right there on the homepage.”

Why did you decide to sell your presets, and what has it been like having an online store?
“I often do tutorials on Instagram live, and a lot of people have been asking me to release my presets. So I created a simple preset that’s versatile and useful. I received so much positive feedback about the presets and can’t wait to release another one soon. Squarespace have been very helpful while I’ve been creating my store. They made it so easy!”

You’re self-taught. Any words of wisdom to share with emerging photographers?
“I started learning photography when I was 20 years old; I actually never took a photography class before. I learned mostly from trial and error, YouTube, and Google. Challenge yourself–the best way to learn is to do something you have never done before.”

From Bryan Brandon’s Squarespace website

How do you think street photography has a genre has evolved in recent decades?
“Instagram has had a huge impact, especially on the growth of the street community. It’s so much easier now to find inspiration and connect with people who appreciate your art. I often connect and collaborate with street photographers through Instagram.”

What about Los Angeles inspires you most?
“I’ve been living here in LA for about eleven years, and I know the city like the back of my hand. I absolutely love the people here. I love the energy and the vibe that comes with a mix of different ethnicities and cultures.”

From Bryan Brandon’s Squarespace website

Aside from LA, what city has been your favorite so far?
“Definitely the concrete jungle of New York because… duh.”

Your portraits feel so real and authentic. How does that process work?
“I often get the inspiration from my subjects and sometimes the locations. I like working with fellow artists with a personal style that stands out and shows their characters.”

From Bryan Brandon’s Squarespace website

Tell us a bit about your video work. What was it like taking the step from still photos to films?
“I actually have a background in cinematography. I took classes before I decided to jump right into it and start creating short videos. Still and motion are pretty much the same to me. Bringing images to life is an exciting process.”

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