The Crying Window © Anne Closuit Eisenhart (@lesfifoles), Brooklyn, NY

Steam Streets © Erica Reade (@ericareadeimages), Brooklyn, NY

Alexa Becker, the Acquisitions Editor for photography

and art books at the influential publisher Kehrer Verlag, has selected 30 images from The Print Swap collection to be part of our upcoming exhibition at BERLIN BLUE art. This will be the fifth-ever Print Swap show and the first in Europe. All photographers who participate in The Print Swap give and receive a print; the project connects photographers across genres and thousands of miles. A different guest curator and industry leader chooses approximately 25-40 images for each of our exhibitions. We invite all photographers to submit here.

The Berlin Print Swap exhibition includes photographers from throughout the United States, England, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Russia, and Australia. Through Becker’s selections, we travel from megacities to the vast wilderness and back again; in the spirit of the swap, we find unlikely visual cues tying together dissimilar places. When seen from above, Navid Baraty’s geometric New York City echoes Shannon Kerr’s feral Grand Canyon; Damien Drew looks out a window in Japan to see a concrete maze, while Marc Schindl peers into his rearview mirror to discover an endless landscape, set on fire by the light of the sun. Anne Closuit Eisenhart and John Duke Kisch capture worlds abstracted by rain and condensation, while Nelson Miranda and Alberto Blanco photograph underpasses more than 10,000 kilometers apart.

Please note that we are currently accepting submissions for our next exhibition, taking place early this fall in Hyderabad, India, as part of The Indian Photography Festival (IPF) by the Light Craft Foundation. The world-renowned photojournalist Ami Vitale will curate the show. Submit to The Print Swap here. As always, it costs $40/image to be included. We cover printing and shipping. All photographers who submit will participate in the worldwide exchange, and Vitale will select a total of 25 images to include in this next exhibition. Submit today!

Nightfall over NYC © Navid Baraty (@navidbaraty), Seattle, WA

Icelandic Storm © Raimondo Giamberduca (@rainorb), Monza, Italy

Airborn © Robert Elmengard (@robertelmengard), Boras, Sweden

Tree of life © Stas Bartnikas (@stasbart), Moscow, Russia

Firebird — Dawn at Grand Canyon’s North Rim © Shannon Kerr (@shannonlkerr), Boulder, CO

From below © Sophia Tolika (@slolika), Thessaloniki, Greece

Highway Construction-Pillars, Orlando, Florida 2017 © Steven Benson (@stevenbensonphotographer), Orlando, Florida

ordinary / from the series “london diaries” © Tuba Doner (@tuba__doner), London, UK

‘In our backyard, Massachusetts, USA, 2018’ © Amy Thompson Avishai (@amy_thompson_avishai), Easthampton, MA

Bella Luna Triple Play © Ashley Garrett (@ashleygarrettphoto), New York, NY

Untitled / from the series “Home is where you are” © Carlotta Guerra (@cgcarlotta), Faenza, Italy

Red Sands Forts © Cath Dupuy (@dupuy55), London, UK

Mito, Ibaraki / from the series “Wabi-Sabi” © Damien Drew (@damien_drew), Sydney, Australia

There’s a Rainbow somewhere – view from Staithes village harbour © David Bennett (@djbnet), Manchester, UK

Have a Seat © Filipe Pinheiro (@filipe_sa_pinheiro), Lisbon, Portugal

Rhinebeck in the Rain – Dutchess County, NY July 2, 2017 © John Duke Kisch (@john_duke_kisch), Rhinebeck, NY

Snowfall on Central Park West © Leigh Carlson (@leighcarlsonpics), New York, NY

Untitled © Liu Liu (@liuliuphoto), Chicago, IL

Achau © Marc Schindl (@osapixi), Vienna, Austria

Shanghai Freeway © Alberto Blanco (@alberto__blanco), Barcelona, Spain

Three palm trees into my path © Alexis Pritsas (@alexispritsas), Volos, Greece

The Square pt.II © John Andreas Godwin (@johnandreas), Stockholm, Sweden

blue tiles steps / Ciaing Mai, Thailand © Darren Lee (@darren_m_lee_photography), Santa Cruz, CA

Shrub, Mission St, South Pasadena © Douglas Hill (@odouglas50), Los Angeles, CA

Cactus © Jana Gerstenmaier (@jana.gerstenmaier), Berlin, Germany

Left overs © Mats Eilertsen (@maxeilert), Eidsvoll Verk, Norway

A41 IC24, Lever, Portugal © Nelson Miranda (, Porto, Portugal

Glowing Cholla Gardens © Natalie Zybach (@fairlanephotography), Cathedral City, CA