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16 of Our Favorite Photos from THE FENCE 2015


© Pat Swain, Lost Flamingos in the Cloud Forest


© Fran Forman, The Dignity of Other Creatures

One of the best things about the warmer months is visiting THE FENCE, an annual photo event and outdoor installation unlike any other. With 2015 ushering in its fourth year, THE FENCE is a site-specific, 3,400 foot-long exhibition predicted to bring in a staggering three million visitors. An esteemed jury of more than forty leading industry professionals, including Feature Shoot Founder and Editor-in-Chief Alison Zavos, curated the 2015 FENCE exhibitions, which will include shows in Boston, Brooklyn, Atlanta, and Houston, with the Houston Center for Photography hosting its first FENCE exhibition.

15 of Our Favorite Photos from THE FENCE at Photoville

Ilona Szwarc Ilona Szwarc, Rodeo Girls

This year Photoville once again changed the local landscape of Brooklyn with its’ 1000 ft wall photographic installation THE FENCE. Stretching along the Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway, photographers were asked to respond to the question “What makes up a community?” through the themes of home, streets, people, creatures, and play. The result is a selection of images from all over the globe, featuring different cultures, religions, and perspectives in a massive installation. With over a million viewers passing the display in 2012, this year THE FENCE expanded in its’ scope with a sister exhibit showing simultaneously in Boston, Massachusetts. We have chosen fifteen of our favorite images to give you a taste of what THE FENCE has to offer.

Photoville’s ‘The Fence’ Expands to 5 Major Cities, Now Open for Submissions

Adrien Broom

© Adrien Broom

Timothy Bouldry

© Timothy Bouldry

The Fence is a photo exhibition unlike any other, and year five promises to be the best yet. The Fence 2016 will visit its familiar cities— New York, Boston, Atlanta, and Houston—along with new addition Santa Fe, drawing an estimated audience of over three million.

The 40 photographers selected by a this year’s esteemed panel of internationally-based jurors will have their work showcased beautifully outdoors on vinyl mesh for the exhibitions and will additionally receive a number of coveted prizes.

Heartfelt Photos of At-Risk Shelter Dogs (Available for Adoption)

Lady Bell is an energetic and smart girl. She loves to give and receive affection (especially belly rubs). Lady Bell loves to play with toys. If you put out five toys, she will rotate through them and play with each of them as if she has never seen them before. She doesn’t like being cooped up in a kennel. Having another fun loving, active dog to play with is also important. She doesn’t like being an only dog. She is already spayed, microchipped, and up to date on her vaccinations. If you’d like to learn more about Lady Bell or want to meet her, please contact her foster mom at [email protected]

This soft-headed pup is Beeny. Beeny has been in the shelter without a break since February. We had a great time at Landfill Park, and I have come to the conclusion that she must have some French Bulldog in her. She has the French swagger down, and her chin and body shape are quite French. In any case, whatever she is made of, Beeny is all good. She is gentle, walks well on a leash, loves to run in short bursts, and really enjoys affection. Beeny is heartworm positive, but she has $250 in sponsorship. Beeny is available for adoption at the Wake County Animal Center.

Bumpy Capone, aka Frodo

In 2014, North Carolina photographer Mary Shannon Johnstone met a dog named Bumpy Capone at the Wake County Animal Center in Raleigh. He was playful and loving— once, volunteers even found him hiding inside the toy box at doggie playgroup.

11 Night Photographers on Mischief and Magic After Dark

© Troy Paiva

During the day, the camera sees what we see, but at night, it can record things that are completely invisible to the human eye. Photographer Michael Kenna once put it this way: “Film can accumulate light and record events that our eyes are incapable of seeing.”

In the darkness, everything that was once familiar becomes alien. Photographers who choose wandering over sleep grow to understand the strange, parallel world that emerges under the moonlight, and every frame they bring back with them has a story behind it.

We asked eleven of our favorite contemporary nighttime photographers to tell us tales of mischief, serenity, suspicion, and triumph after dark. Some are breathtaking and dramatic; others are understated and sublime.

14 Photographers Discuss the Downsides of their Work Going Viral

Aug 16, 2015 - Denver, CO: Conceptual Photographer, Suzanne Heintz, beams with pride beside her imitation husband and daughter in an American Pasture. Part of her 14 year self-portrait photo series, LIFE ONCE REMOVED, in which Heintz satirizes the image of a "Perfect Life." She uses humor to comment on mid-20th Century societal expectations still present for women of a "Certain Age" to marry and have children. She recreates all aspects of family life with her store bought family, featuring them in scenes of blissful domestic life in and outside of the home, traditional holidays, and idyllic family vacations. (Suzanne Heintz / Polaris)
© Suzanne Heintz, who photographed her (fictional) “life” with a mannikin family as a satirical response to the expectation that women marry and have children.

In anticipation of the upcoming BlowUp, an event in which nine NYC-based photographers will discuss the experience of their work going viral, we asked some of our favorite international viral sensations over the past several years about the complexities of having their work seen (and shared) by such a wide audience. For our first installment of a three-part series of posts, we asked fourteen photographers about whether or not there were any downsides to “going viral.” Stay tuned for two more posts, with a few new viral photographers thrown in the mix, and of course be sure to reserve your tickets to The BlowUp in Manhattan on December 10, 2015 to hear more stories.

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