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For Artist’s Palate, New York-based photographer Zachary Zavislak takes imagines what dinner might look like in the households of some of the greatest living artists and designers, constructing still lifes that not only incorporate each visionary’s personal favorite food but also are shot to mimic the aesthetic of his or her life’s work.

The images from Artist’s Palate are part of an ongoing collaboration with Wallpaper magazine, with each month’s issue unveiling a single new plate on its back page. The magazine, explains Zavislak, handpicks each artist and inquires about his or her meal of choice before passing the torch to the photographer. Once the shoot is assigned, Zavislak embarks on a period of research on the style and content of the featured artist. Wallpaper will provide a few props, and depending on the intricacies of the designer or artist’s body of work, the photographer will either work alone or alongside food and prop stylists.

Although a few of the displays were edible, Zavislak admits that the food often goes uneaten after being transformed into works of art. He remembers his favorite shot as Maurizio Catalan’s cat stew, for which he worked with a live, unpredictable feline. In providing a rare glimpse into the daily lives of iconic creatives, Zavislak recognizes the humanity of each character without compromising the allure of their celebrity. Here, they are recognized both as quirky, approachable individuals and as artistic pioneers, whose vision is capable of transforming even the most familiar dish into something enchanting.

Zachary Zavislak is represented by MBK London.


Pavel Pepperstein


Richard Wentworth


Erwin Wurm


Michael Craig Martin


Scarsten Holler


Paula Rego


Alber Elbaz


Mike Nelson


Rick Owens


Olaf Nicolai


Vidal Sassoon


Hussein Chalayan

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