Images © Drew Nikonowicz, Elena Anosova, Matt Hamon

PhotogrVphy Magazine established the annual $1000 PhotogrVphy Grant to support photographers working across genres around the world. Every year, they welcome an international jury of editors, curators, publishers, agents, gallerists, academics to select winners who fit into five broad but distinct categories. This year’s categories are Architecture, Conceptual, Nature, Photojournalism, and Culture.

© Drew Nikonowicz, from the series This World and Others Like It, Fine Art – 1st Place Winner, 2016

The Archicture category is devoted to pictures of the built environment. Subjects can be modern or ancient, and photographs can range from up-close compositions to sprawling cityscapes. Nature is about the other side of the coin: wild places and creatures that bring us back to our powerful yet fragile planet and remind us of our role within it.

© Kai Caemmerer, from the series Unborn Cities, City – 2nd Place Winner, 2016

In the era of globalization, images in the Culture genre capture the shifting terrain of humanity, heritage, and community. With an eye towards history, photography in this category points to our collective future. The Photojournalism category extends to any documentary story told through pictures, from sports to breaking news to awareness-raising tales of social injustice and conflict. The Conceptual category, of course, is all about innovative ideas executed in surprising ways.

© Elena Anosova, from the series Out-of-the-Way, Story – 1st Place Winner 2016

We’ve seen some groundbreaking projects come out of this non-profit initiative by PhotogrVphy Magazine, including the work of Elena Anosova, Fulvio Bugani, Kai Caemmerer, Julia Kaczorowska, Mafalda Rakos, Julie de Waroquier, and many more. We’re excited to see what’s in store this year.

© Fulvio Bugani, from the series Waria, People – Nominee, 2016

Submit your work for free by next Thursday, August 31st, to be considered for the 2017 PhotogrVphy Grant. Winners and finalists in each category will be announced on October 7th, 2017. One overall winner will receive the $1000 grant. Learn more here.

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