Tribesmen in Papua New Guinea © Grant Faint / Offset


Mursi girl in Omo Valley, Ethiopia © Grant Faint / Offset

Photographer, philanthropist and world-traveler Grant Faint takes us around the globe with his colorful imagery. Beginning his career as a TV news cameraman in the 1970s, Faint went on to jet set to all sort of exotic places on various assignments. He has since traveled to over 100 countries and has no intention of slowing down.

Faint also uses his frequent journeys as an opportunity to educate people about other cultures and give back to those in need. In 2004, he began to carve out time for filmmaking as well as his photography work, shooting extensively in over 9 African countries. He shared his 3 year documentation of the continent in his film Anaona, which means “to believe” in Swahili. The film highlights the beauty, hope and wisdom of the African people. Faint and his wife used the proceeds to build an elementary school for 350 students and medical center in Sierra Leone.

Whether documenting exotic holiday spots or capturing the heart and soul of a country, Grant Faint continues to use photography as a means of education and hope. We gathered just a few of some of our favorites from Faint’s extensive collection on Offset.


Geisha, Japan © Grant Faint / Offset


Drying clothes in Agra, India © Grant Faint / Offset


Camel riding at the Cure Salee, “Festival of the Nomads” © Grant Faint / Offset


Misty mountain peaks © Grant Faint / Offset

India Jaipur woman standing on steps,   water  step well.

India’s Panna Meena ka Kund Step Well © Grant Faint / Offset


Twilight in Casares, Spain © Grant Faint / Offset

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