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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers Is Here

We collaborated with the team at PhotoShelter to bring you a gift guide full of the best gear, photo books, and more you can get for your colleagues, family, friends, and yes, yourself.

In addition to providing our own gift recommendations, we interviewed world-renowned photographers about their favorite gadgets and tools. In total, twenty-seven artists weighed in on this year’s must-have items, ranging from drones to cameras to workshops. The photographers featured run the gamut from photojournalism to portraiture to aerial and fine art, including Pete Souza, trashhand, Henry Do, Monique Jaques, Yannis Davy Guibinga, Winnie Au, Isa Leshko, Tiina Törmänen, and many more. Beyond the gifts, you’ll get an inside peak behind-the-scenes and into the minds of exciting photographers working today. And perhaps best of all, it’s free. Download The Photographer’s Ultimate Holiday Wish List here.

Announcing The Winners of the Print Swap Exhibitions (Plus Some Big News)

‘Unwinding’ © Anna-Lena Guske (@momentznotthings), Berlin, Germany, part of the showcase at Endorffeine Coffee Bar in Los Angeles

‘Perpetual Landscape’ © Melissa Stewart (@mellisstew), Victoria, Australia, part of the showcase at Chapter One Cafe and Wine Bar in Sydney

Our international project The Print Swap has two new group exhibitions running through the month of January, each taking place on opposite ends of the earth. Our partners at Endorffeine Coffee Bar in Chinatown, Los Angeles and Chapter One Cafe and Wine Bar across from Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, will host a selection of hand-picked photographs from recent Print Swap participants. This month’s exhibiting artists hail from cities around the world, with home bases in the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Mexico.

Nostalgic Photos Make Us Long for the NYC of Yesteryear

The photographer Justin Bettman moved to New York City from California at the age of twenty-one, filled with expectation about what he’d find once he arrived.

While he was pleased to find some echoes of the quintessential city he’d pictured as a child, he also found that some things were different than he’d envisioned. One of the first things that struck him was the pace of it all; everyone was in a rush to get somewhere, and people rarely took time to pause.

Master Photographer Adrian Mueller Is Hosting a Workshop in NYC!

Find the detailed outline for Adrian Mueller’s NYC food and beverage workshop here, and sign-up for a spot here.

Photographer Adrian Mueller is a magician in the studio and on location. When he’s not shooting for brands like Hershey’s, CÎROC, Kellogg’s, Pepsi, and The Food Network, he’s collaborating with world-class chefs like Daniel Humm, Matthew Kenney, and David Bouley. His food photographs have graced the pages of Martha Stewart Living, The Wall Street Journal, Elle, National Geographic Traveler, and beyond.

Enchanting Photos from a Cabin in the Woods

Night Swimming, 2017

Zephyranthes (Rain Lilies) at Dusk, Near the Cypress Swamp, Early Spring 2018

Ark Lodge, a cabin tucked away in the woods of South Carolina, has been in Jen Ervin’s family for generations. Built between 1939 and 1940 by her husband’s grandparents, it sits between two rivers, where Ervin, her husband, and their three children have spent countless hot and sticky summer days.

Ervin first visited the cabin when she was seventeen years old, just a few years older than her three daughters are now. Throughout the decades, their ancestors have left behind vintage photographs, many of mysterious origin. In 2012, Ervin picked up where they left off, creating portraits of life at the cabin using an old and compact Polaroid Land Camera.

She continued to document her family and this landscape for six years, culminating in The Arc, a book published this year by Aint-Bad.

Announcing The Print Swap Exhibitions in Sydney and Los Angeles!

‘Morning Swim’ © Carl Henry (@wildlightphotographer), Houston, TX, part of the showcase at Chapter One Cafe and Wine Bar in Sydney

‘Only 50% Contained’ by Christine Carr (@christinecarrstudio), Petersburg, Tennessee, part of the showcase at Endorffeine Coffee Bar in Los Angeles

For the first time ever, Feature Shoot’s international project The Print Swap is headed to two creative cafes on opposite ends of the globe: Chapter One Cafe and Wine Bar across from Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, and Endorffeine Coffee Bar in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

A New Exhibition Looks at Our Complex Relationship with Animals

Karsten, impoundment #87239. Karsten was an 11-month male Labrador/hound mix was a stray. He was brought to the Wake County Animal Center in Raleigh, NC on 4/20/13. Karsten was adopted on 8/13/13 after spending 78 days in the shelter, and thirty-seven days after being photographed at Landfill Park. © Shannon Johnstone

In 2013, Shannon Johnstone met a puppy named Karsten at the Wake County Animal Center in Raleigh, North Carolina as part of her long-term project Landfill Dogs, a series of photographs of shelter dogs who are at risk of being euthanized.

Karsten was a great dog, but he was young and big. He also had lots of energy, which meant he’d be harder to adopt. “Not long after his photo shoot, Karsten ended up in quarantine,” the artist remembers. “The note in his file read ‘Quarantined for rambunctious behavior.’”

Johnstone left Karsten’s photo shoot that day feeling sad and worried that he wouldn’t find a home. In his portrait, he’s sitting in the grass, looking back at the photographer under a cloudy sky. His expression is hopeful, but it’s also solemn.

Despite the nuances of the work, Johnstone initially had trouble getting people to care about dogs like Karsten. “When I began Landfill Dogs, I attended portfolio reviews and consultations with curators,” she remembers. “I was disappointed to hear that my photographs would never be anything but dog portraits.

“I was told by more than one individual that because of the subject, the photographs needed something else, some other twist to ‘elevate’ them. This really bothered me. Why can’t a portrait of a dog be just as important as a portrait of human?”

Now, an exhibition of five female artists is hoping to shift the narrative. With support from the Culture and Animals Foundation, Johnstone, Lee Deigaard, Jo-Anne McArthur, Traer Scott, and L.A. Watson have come together under one roof to examine the dignity, individuality, and worthiness of animals.

Photos Capture the ‘Serenity and Chaos’ of India

“I feel the serenity in the chaos is what makes India so amazing–the smells, the noise, the heat, the people, the animals,” the Bangalore-based photographer Vivek Prabhakar tells us. “I love going out when the streets are busy. There are so many moments unfolding.”

Here’s Why ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 Is the Only Editing Software You’ll Ever Need (Sponsored)

ACD Systems International has been a world leader in photo management software since the early 1990s, when the company forecasted—and helped facilitate—the rise of digital photography. But within the last ten years, they’ve revolutionized the way photographers around the globe manage their daily workflow. The Ultimate product line, for example, is the first ever digital asset manager and RAW editor with layers.

Now, ACD Systems International has launched their much-anticipated program, Photo Studio Ultimate 2020. As a follow-up to last year’s edition, this program comes with an array of brand new features to blow its competitors out of the water. Here’s a look at just seven things that stood out to us right off the bat.

The Hope and Resilience of Animals, in Photos

“I first saw Chloe as I was passing a beautiful rolling pasture on my drive home,” Debra Hodges remembers. “It was late afternoon. Her whiteness was shimmering against the dark green of the forest behind her as she grazed in a pasture green with the promise of warmer days ahead. I’d driven by that pasture for years and had never seen her. I knew I had to photograph her.”

After weeks of searching for the property owner and the lessee, Hodges finally got to meet Chloe–a senior horse in her 20s. Chloe had been with her family for eight years, and she had melanoma. “From a distance, she was perfection,” the artist says. “Up close she had a large mass growing at the edge of one of her eye sockets. And the base of her tail was deformed by a collection of lesions and growths that hadn’t yet interfered with her bodily functions but would before long.”

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