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Colorful Portraits of Parrots Showered in Paint

Simone Bergantini

Simone Bergantini

Italian photographer Simone Bergantini fuses painting and photography in La Compagnia dei Pappagalli, creating perfectly chaotic and colorful works that elevate these parrot portraits to new heights. To create the works, Bergantini first captured analog images of the parrots using a large format camera with positive film, after which he painted directly on the prints with watercolors.

Intriguing Photos of Cuba Show the Country in a New Light

Rose Cromwell

Rose Cromwell

Photographer Rose Marie Cromwell‘s relationship with Cuba is complicated, she says. Over the past four years she has taken multiple trips to the country, putting together a unique body of work that reads like bits and pieces of multiple stories called Everything Arrives. Her experiences in Cuba have been a mix of feeling part of a close community, while always being reminded that she is an outsider. This duo of experiences is something she tries to emulate in her work by combining images of everyday Cuban rituals with images that capture the country in new ways, far from the traditional representations photographed over the years. The result feels both near and far—we are led into intimate, vulnerable moments that feel voyeruristic at times, while kept at a distance with questions left unanswered.

Photographers, Enter to Win a Complete Website Makeover From Our Friends at Squarespace


Would you say your website design stands up to the work you are making? If you’re a good photographer with a, ahem, bad website, we’re offering you the unique chance for a complete website makeover with the help of the our friends at Squarespace, the website publishing platform popular for its slick design and user-friendly tools. Squarespace lets you customize your site with one of their many good looking templates and they make it simple to combine web pages, blogs and galleries all in one place. There is even a commerce feature, so if you’ve been meaning to set up that online print store, now’s the time.

Based solely on your work, we will select one photographer for the chance to work with Squarespace for a complete site makeover. In exchange, the selected photographer will receive a free lifetime membership to Squarespace, along with a write-up on the Feature Shoot homepage about you and your work that will include before and after shots of the makeover process. Have a look at our latest makeover with photographer Brian Powers.

To enter for the chance at a site makeover, please email your website address to [email protected] with the words “Squarespace Submission” in the subject line by June 23rd, 2014.

Squarespace is a Feature Shoot sponsor.

Bizarre Photos Mash-up the Natural World and Consumer Society

Jason DeMarte

Jason DeMarte

Quiet now, don’t disturb the herd of…cheese puffs? Photographer Jason DeMarte throws us for a loop with his series Nature Preserve, an exploratory mash-up of the natural world and the consumer environment of contemporary society. The series is made up of digital composites combining images of fabricated and artificial flora and fauna with commercially produced and processed products—hence the Cheetos, sugary donuts, and flowery bouquet action here. His representation of nature with bizarre, unnatural elements “speaks metaphorically and symbolically of our mental separation from what is ‘real’ and compares this with the consumer world we surround ourselves with as a consequence. Ultimately this work is an investigation into the manipulation of truth,” DeMarte says.

Photographer Discreetly Captures Roadside Prostitutes as They Wait for Customers

Txema Salvans

Txema Salvans

Spanish photographer Txema Salvans captures a unique view of prostitution happening in urban and rural roadside locations along Spain’s Meditarranean coast in The Waiting Game. Collected over a period of six years, these images are remarkably intriguing. Blending into the surrounding scenery as if part of the landscape, these women are not the central focus of Txema’s frame, rather they sit waiting just on the periphery. The women also seem to be in the middle of nowhere, and in fact, they are. They are on the side of highways, secondary highways, and small byways that run from town to town. And while these roads are considered more discrete and low-key, they are still well traveled—many take them to avoid having to pay the toll for the main highways, and trucks carrying goods and fruits take these roads from Andalucia to France.

Photography Website Makeover: Brian Powers


“Before the site looked like it was designed by someone who didn’t know what they were doing (it was…me). Now I can actually be proud to have people go and see my work online.”—Brian Powers

Brian Powers is a photographer with a vision. Although Powers studied photography in college, it wasn’t until he took his first job as a lab tech at the Naperville Sun that he really fell in love with it. From there Powers moved on to work for The Chicago Sun-Times Media, documenting life around the city for three-and-a-half years before becoming part of the headline-making layoff of the entire photo staff in May 2013. But that didn’t stop the photographer. He has since been freelancing and recently headed back to school to work on a Bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism and New Media at Western Kentucky University, after which he plans to restart his career.

In need of a revamp to his website, we selected Powers for our first Squarespace website makeover. Powers said building the site was remarkably easy, a sentiment for which the publishing platform is often applauded. With the makeover complete, here’s a look at some before-and-after shots of the process and some words of wisdom from Powers.

Understanding Environmental Illness: A Photographer Documents Life Outside the Man-Made World

Thilde Jensen

Ginger and David. Arizona, 2012.

Thilde Jensen

Craig on the phone in his car and his home for 8 years. Arizona, 2011.

It was 2003 when photographer Thilde Jensen discovered that she had Environmental Illness, an illness characterized by a hyper sensitivity to chemical, electromagnetic signals, food, mold, light, sound and fabrics. Forced to leave her bustling NYC life, Jensen retreated to the woods where she lived outside for two years before moving into a chemical free home. While coping with her new reality, Jensen began documenting others suffering from Environmental Illness, traveling the desert of the Southwest where many have taken refuge and capturing of people living on the edge of society in The Canaries.

Photo du Jour: Beach Time in Los Angeles

Bobby Meyer

Colorful, vibrant umbrellas dot the sand on a Los Angeles coastline as brothers Bobby and David Meyers fly above, capturing abstract aerial coastal views for a new project. Having grown up in LA spending countless days surfing and diving in the locations they’ve since shot, the brothers say they had a hard time convincing people these were photographed in Los Angeles as they seemed to transform to more tropical places; “A landscape we thought we knew so well spoiled us from the air,” says one of the brothers. Check out more aerial shots here.

Bob Croslin’s Powerful Portraits of Injured Birds


Eastern Screech Owl © Bob Croslin / Offset


Short-tailed Hawk © Bob Croslin / Offset

There’s something about Bob Croslin‘s portraits of birds that seem to say, behold—behold the sleek beauty, the watchful eyes and distinct beaks, the graceful power. Teaming up with a local bird rehabilitation center for a pro bono public service campaign, the Tampa-based photographer documented birds who have been injured due to their habitats being encroached upon by humans.

A Fish, a Llama and a Murderous Farmer’s Wife: A Special Offset Collection Curated by the Photo Editors at Modern Farmer


© Evan Sklar / Offset


© Elijah Hurwitz / Offset 


© Valery Rizzo / Offset

Making connections between farm to table has been a growing movement and it isn’t slowing down any time soon. More and more people are becoming interested in where and who their food comes from, and how food affects the planet. Modern Farmer, a quarterly farming, food and travel magazine that launched in 2013, is the go-to source for the food-conscious and happens to be gorgeous to look at, thanks to Director of Photography Luise Stauss and photo editor Ayanna Quint. The two recently started their own agency, Stauss & Quint, with the idea of expanding their vision beyond publications to a wider range of clients through books, editorial shoots, and ad campaigns. For our latest Offset Group Show, we asked the two to select their favorite photos from the Offset collection, a new source of high-end commercial and editorial photography, and they came up with quite an exotic and vibrant collection. We also had them tell us more about Modern Farmer and what they are looking for in a photographer.

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