Aya Brackett

Anyone up for a French picnic on the sand, or rather, in the sand? For her series Soiled, Oakland-based photographer Aya Brackett combines food with undesirable or dirty surfaces

to explore “the tension between edibility, beauty and disgust,” she says. Her compositions are artfully inspired, a mix of texture and color that put food in quite the new setting—and while some may make us shed a tear or two, especially when there is Brie involved, these delectable disasters are arguably beautiful, “rendered sculptural,” even. Brackett conceives and composes most of her shots for the series beforehand by sketch drawing, and will then scout around for interesting ground or worn surfaces to work with.

Soiled is currently on view in two locations in Tokyo: Rocket Gallery in Harajuku through May 13th, and at the Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore through May 18th

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