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Spring is Coming (Eventually): These Veggie Photos by Randy Harris Have Us Planning Our Garden


© Randy Harris / Offset


© Randy Harris / Offset

Beneath all the snow and ice that blankets much of the planet right now, it’s hard to imagine that in a few three short weeks, winter will be officially over and the budding blossoms of springtime will begin to rear their heads. As early as mid-March, farmers will begin to plant the first of their crops, vegetables like broccoli, carrots, kale, and peas. These delectable garden shots by New York City-based food and travel photographer Randy Harris remind us that on the other side of these grim skies and snowflakes await sun-drenched days spent enjoying fresh salads and grilled produce.

The Favorite Foods of Famous Artists Illustrated with Conceptual Still Life Photos


William Eggleston


Maurizio Cattelan

For Artist’s Palate, New York-based photographer Zachary Zavislak takes imagines what dinner might look like in the households of some of the greatest living artists and designers, constructing still lifes that not only incorporate each visionary’s personal favorite food but also are shot to mimic the aesthetic of his or her life’s work.

‘Radical Color’ Exhibition Features Eye-Popping Hues


© Jessica Labatte


© Matthew Swarts

Can color be radical? In an age in which we are bombarded daily with full-color imagery, is it possible to create color photographs that continue to push the medium into unexpected and unseen directions? For his new show Radical Color, curator Jon Feinstein poses this question, diving into the abyss of psychedelic saturation and Photoshop-renderings to unearth images that speak to a newly emerging movement bubbling beneath the surface of today’s color photographs.

‘In This Beautiful Bubble’ Photo Series Captures the Everyday Lives of Kids in An Upscale San Diego Neighborhood


Rory and Her Pony, 2013


Amber in Closet, 2010


Monarch Butterflies and Watermelon, 2013

For In This Beautiful Bubble, San Diego-based photographer Eri Morita captures childhood in her small, quiet neighborhood, where her daughter and her peers come of age within the protective confines of large houses, safe streets, and an idyllic landscape.

Hordes of Plastic Bags Photographed to Resemble Flocks of Birds




For Murmurations: Ephemeral Plastic Sculptures, Paris-based photographer Alain Delorme constructs foreboding hordes of winged creatures that upon closer inspection reveal themselves to be composed entirely of fluttering plastic bags.

Extraordinary Photos of Ordinary Spaces Infested with White Balloons


Souvenirs de Famille


Mutation 2

For Invasions, Paris-based photographer Charles Pétillon constructs fantastical scenes in which everyday interiors and landscapes are infested with hordes of white balloons in diverse sizes, each of which is blown up, strung together, and manually installed within the space by the artist and his team.

50 Shades of Food: Spoof Features Sex Toys Paired with Fruits and Vegetables



In the time between the 2011 release of E.L. James’s 50 Shades of Grey and today’s much-anticipated film adaptation, it’s safe to say that kink has gone mainstream. For 50 Shades of Food, North Carolina-based photographer Bryan Regan brings the S&M frenzy one step further, constructing blush-inducing scenes starring household edibles.

Photographer Uses Bacteria Found in Jacuzzis, Adult Video Stores, and Human Orifices to Construct Celestial Images


A Photograph of the Little Dumbbell Nebula Eaten by Bacteria Found on My Gym’s 20-Pound Dumbbells


A Photograph of Alpha Centauri Eaten by Bacteria Found on My Asshole

For Cosmos, Florida-based photographer Marcus DeSieno collects various strains of bacteria and breeds them on the surface of positive film slides depicting scenes from outer space. In scanning the film after it has been partially eaten away by the bacterial colonies, he unites the microscopic organisms with the infinite galaxies, condensing all of existence within a single frame.

Delectable Desserts Modeled After Iconic Chanel, Dior and Fendi Patterns


Fendi: Dorset blue berry, Raspberry and vanilla Napolean


Chanel: Quilted Bramble and banana fruit leather

When London-based photographer Catherine Losing was approached by the food magazine Cherry Bombe to construct a story for the anticipated ‘Baked’ issue, she knew that she wanted to elevate the conventional food shoot to something more evocative and inspired. Adopting a set of high fashion brands as her unlikely muses, the photographer worked alongside food stylist Iain Graham to create delicious sugar confections modeled after the instantly recognizable patterned motifs belonging to Fendi, Chanel, Missoni, Burberry, and Dior.

Photos of Vintage Objects Evoke Nostalgia for Simpler Times



Feeling nostalgic for everyday items that still exist despite being past their prime, photographer Robert Moran collected these now obsolete cultural artifacts for well over three years. Once upon a time these objects were cherished, depended on, used and abused and then discarded, replaced by something sleeker, faster and more efficient. For his still life series Relics, he hopes to honor our inventive past and preserve some of its icons for future generations.