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Photographer Coats Negatives With Gasoline for Series on Clean Water Scarcity


Metaphorically speaking, I feel that our consumption habits—specifically dealing with precious natural resources—are out of control and unsustainable. I also feel that not many people care enough about it because they won’t be around long enough to see the mess they’ve started fully materialize. I wanted to transfer that feeling I had, which was maybe something like a sense of powerlessness or dread, to the image making process. I wanted to lose control, having the resulting work border on ceasing to exist in any recognizable form.
Peter Hoffman

We are intrigued by the process behind Chicago-based photographer Peter Hoffman‘s Fox River Derivatives, a series commenting on consumption and clean water scarcity. Traveling by bike up and down the Fox River, Hoffman shot the photos on medium format film, after which he spray-coated the negatives and the flat surface beneath them with gasoline. He then threw a lit match onto the puddle of gasoline that the negative strip lie in, dousing them with water—fingers crossed—before the negative was too obliterated. It was a trial and error process, mostly error, he says. The result? Newly transformed babbling brooks that teeter on the edge of radioactive and ethereal. The Fox River lies between a densely populated suburban landscape and a more rural landscape in Chicago, a location that Hoffman describes as perfectly paradoxical.


Clever Series of Trees Photographed in Urban Environments


Many of the trees we see in the city are dotted around in tubs like fig leaves, hiding the shame of bland re-development. Nature never looked less natural.—David Dunnico

A Tree Made of Real Wood is a project by UK-based photographer David Dunnico that examines the effects suburbia and development have on nature. Dunnico catalogs ‘urban trees’ throughout the city of Manchester with a witty and unique approach. The project features 36 photographs and is currently on view at Waterside Arts Centre in Manchester until April 6th.

Carolyn Marks Blackwood’s Brilliant, Abstract Photos of Icicles

Carolyn-Blackwood icicles

Photographer Carolyn Marks Blackwood doesn’t have to search far for inspiration. She lives on a working farm in the Hudson Valley, her studio sitting on a 100 foot cliff just over the Hudson River. Nature’s best is at her fingertips, and she hasn’t taken it for granted—she has produced numerous bodies of work that capture the natural environment and its abstractions.

Photo du jour: Nighttime in the Alps

‘Antonia’s Garden’ Photos are a Beautiful Meditation on the Relationship Between Mother and Child

Marisa Portolese

Over the past several years, I have produced images, which center on familial themes, the role of the women within this institution, intimacy, autobiography and the complex relationship between mother and child. Antonia’s Garden deals with accounts of people living on the boundaries of emotional survival, and is at times about loss and the failure to connect and communicate.—Marisa Portolese

Antonia’s Garden is a quiet and contemplative series by Montreal-based photographer Marisa Portolese that gracefully explores familial identity, abandonment, displacement, and domestic life. Portolese’s narrative images start with autobiographical inspiration. She composes each scene and places family members in a natural or domestic setting, weaving together personal moments of reflection with still life and landscape. There are 35 photographs in the series as well as a video piece.

Marisa Portolese

Photo du jour: Radioactive Mushroom


This is one of many radioactive mushrooms found and photographed by Takashi Homma in forests near Fukushima.

Photo du jour: ‘Illinois, 1971′ by Kenneth Josephson

Kenneth-JosephsonKenneth Josephson’s vintage black and white work will be on display at Gitterman Gallery in New York from January 11 through March 16, 2013.

Photo du jour: Flowers Grown in Confined Spaces Reveal Roots as a Living Vase

diana-schererThis is a selection from Diana Scherer’s “Nurture Studies,” series which is featured on the cover of the latest Hotshoe magazine.

Stunning Aerial Photos of Rivers Running Through Volcanic Beds

Andre Ermolaev

Russian photographer Andre Ermolaev captures nature’s mix of beauty and pattern in his aerial photographs of rivers running through volcanic beds in Iceland. Iceland is home to nearly 30 active volcanic systems. Ermaolaev not only explores this complex terrain, but he creates photographs that double as abstract pieces of art.

Simply Sublime Photos of Exotic and Familiar Flora by Andrew Zuckerman

Couroupita-guianensisCouroupita guianensis

Flower, the latest collection of photographs by Andrew Zuckerman, continues the conservation-minded work that the prolific photographer began in his previous tomes, Creature (2007) and Bird (2009). For his latest project, Zuckerman photographed over 150 beautiful botanicals, investigating species both exotic and familiar. True to Zuckerman’s distinctive style, each photograph is minimalist in nature, showing a subject in isolation against a blank field. In this way, our attentions are drawn solely toward his unique and beautiful flora subjects.