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Stunning Photographs of Flowers Taken from an Unexpected Angle

Tony Mendoza

Tony Mendoza

The trim, pleasant-faced man wore a nicely pressed white shirt, tan slacks, wire-rimmed glasses, and a neat white mustache. He spoke softly and looked like a recently retired engineer. He pointed to three large cardboard portfolios, and asked what I’d like to see—the dogs, the babies, or the flowers. Squirm. Okay, the flowers.

Suddenly, wildly colored anthropomorphic shapes writhe against a dull gray sky. Science fiction cities spring to life, pods spinning, occasional hovercraft zipping by. It turns out the hovercraft is really a bee. And these are the flower photographs of Tony Mendoza, a sly 72-year-old recently retired professor of photography at The Ohio State University, Cuban immigrant, prep school and Ivy grad, former architect, published novelist, and Guggenheim fellow. He could be the best photographer you never heard of.

A Photographer’s Contemplative Journey Throughout the Southern United States

Glynnis McDaris


A visual journey collecting people, place and thing, South Eastern Conferenced is the longstanding project photographer Glynnis McDaris has worked on since 2003. A contemplative nod to the South where she was born, McDaris collects bits and pieces of Memphis, Mississippi, and Louisiana, putting together a body of work rich with memory, nostalgia and nature. We recently asked her about what continues to inspire the work.

Floating Cosmos Flower


© Francesco Libassi / Offset

To see more of Libassi’s photos of Japan, please visit his artist page and the Offset Tumblr.

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Nature’s Beautiful Decay Photographed by Tanya Marcuse

Tanya Marcuse

Tanya Marcuse

Existing between new life and decay, photographer Tanya Marcuse composes gorgeous still lifes on the ground beneath her in the recent series Fallen. Weaving together nature’s offerings with a deliberate hand, Marcuse constructs what she calls “a tableaux of an untended Eden,” marrying together dead leaves, collected fruit, insects, and plant material into tapestry-like works.

Into the Wild with Photographer Jesse Burke and Daughter Clover

Jesse Burke

Jesse Burke

Photographer Jesse Burke combines exploration, photography, and fatherhood in his images from the series Wild & Precious, wherein he headed out “into the woods to explore” with his oldest daughter Clover. What resulted is an ongoing scrapbook of the highest order: a document of Clover growing up out and about in the wild, under waterfalls, at the water’s edge, at the base of a fallen tree, all under the watchful eye—and camera—of her father. The scenes are without name, but Clover, sprinkled throughout the images, gives each of them an anchor, and despite the scope of some of the frames hinting at the big and unknown, these images give us the sense that we are safe. We recently asked Burke more about the project.

Storm Chaser Mike Olbinski’s Beautiful Time-Lapse Video of a Texas Thunderstorm

Phoenix-based photographer Mike Olbinski gets right in front of the action, capturing a powerful supercell storm near Booker, Texas. Supercells are thunderstorms with a rotating powerhouse within them, known as a mesocyclone, making them the most severe of thunderstorms. Olbinski’s footage is as peaceful as it is ominous, showcasing nature in all its force and beauty.

Evocative Photos of a Lively Catskill Stream


Los Angeles and NYC-based photographer John Francis Peters has always had a deep connection to nature. Growing up near the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, the surrounding streams and rivers have long been a source of calm and inspiration for him. This past summer after an extended time away on an assignment in Pakistan, he found himself back at the water’s edge, this time to create The Stream, an evocative series capturing his steadfast love for nature’s flowing waters. We recently asked him more about the project.

Svjetlana Tepavcevic’s Fascinating Photos of Seedpods

Svjetlana TepavcevicKOELREUTERIA ELEGANS Chinese rain tree

While taking a hike one day, it was Sarajevo born, Washington DC-based photographer Svjetlana Tepavcevic’s childlike curiosity that provoked her to bend down and pick up her first seedpod, Marah Macrocarpus (Wild Cucumber). The oddity of it interested her enough to scan it, and little did she know that this would lead her to becoming somewhat of an expert on the life cycle of seedpods. Using the scanner as a tool of image making in her series Means of Reproduction, she has been able to discover the intricacies of how various seedpods harbor, protect, and eventually release their plant’s offspring.

Stunning Photos of Alaska’s Four Seasons Photographed Through One Window


“A meditation on one scene” is how Anchorage-based photographer Mark Meyer describes An Alaska Window, his collection of images he has been making for almost a year through the original sash windows with single pane glass in his 100-year-old log house. He tells us the windows are “terrible for energy efficiency in a climate like Alaska, but they tend to take on the character of the weather and can be quite striking. So I started a study in minimalism that explores the subtle and sometimes not so subtle changes throughout the year.” Wonderfully tranquil, Meyer’s windows are abstract in their beauty and nostalgic in their passage of time and season.

Martin Klimek’s ‘Man vs. Nature’ Diptychs

Martin Klimek

Martin Klimek is a commercial and editorial photographer based in San Francisco. His personal project Man vs. Nature is a creative exploration of a series of man-made and natural elements through diptychs. We recently had a chat with him about the work.