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From Iraq to Baby Food: How John Lee Reinvented His Photography Career


© John Lee / Offset


© John Lee / Offset

San Francisco-based photographer John Lee has shot everything from presidential campaigns to the culinary creations of celebrity chefs. Over the course of a decade at the Chicago Tribune, he documented China’s emergence into power, Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East, the Iraq War, and civil strife in Haiti. In 2005, he left the newspaper, where he had also served as a primary photojournalist for the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, to pursue his passion for food photography.

Photo du Jour: Hamburger Ice Cream


Canicule Burger

I scream, you scream … for burger cone? This creation, along with many other epic burger portraits is the brainchild of Parisian duo Quentin and Thomas, better known as Fat & Furious Burger. “A story about two hungry guys”, the pair began their crazy culinary antics from boredom of tired office lunches.

Cocktail Hour: Strawberry Margarita


© Zach DeSart / Offset

To see more of DeSart’s work, please visit his artist page.

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Evocative Photos of an Italian Summer Photographed by Lorenzo Pesce


© Lorenzo Pesce / Offset

February 13th 2013 Artichokes stands and crowd shots in Campo de' Fiori

© Lorenzo Pesce / Offset

Ready for summer? Lorenzo Pesce‘s photographs of balmy Italian days will take you on a colorful European vacation. Shooting mostly in Rome, Milan, and Berlin, the editorial, advertising, and travel photographer focuses his lens on local youth and culture. His exuberant images capture romantic beachside moments, enticing us to relish in the pleasures of our senses. His vivid imagery evokes smells and tastes of Italy’s fresh produce, the refreshing rush of cool water. Like the newborn lamb shot daydreaming at her mother’s feet, we are invited to pause and luxuriate in the sunshine of the season.

A Fish, a Llama and a Murderous Farmer’s Wife: A Special Offset Collection Curated by the Photo Editors at Modern Farmer


© Evan Sklar / Offset


© Elijah Hurwitz / Offset 


© Valery Rizzo / Offset

Making connections between farm to table has been a growing movement and it isn’t slowing down any time soon. More and more people are becoming interested in where and who their food comes from, and how food affects the planet. Modern Farmer, a quarterly farming, food and travel magazine that launched in 2013, is the go-to source for the food-conscious and happens to be gorgeous to look at, thanks to Director of Photography Luise Stauss and photo editor Ayanna Quint. The two recently started their own agency, Stauss & Quint, with the idea of expanding their vision beyond publications to a wider range of clients through books, editorial shoots, and ad campaigns. For our latest Offset Group Show, we asked the two to select their favorite photos from the Offset collection, a new source of high-end commercial and editorial photography, and they came up with quite an exotic and vibrant collection. We also had them tell us more about Modern Farmer and what they are looking for in a photographer.

Gourmet Food Photos of Swamp Rat Gumbo and other Delicious Invasive Species

Mason Adams

Grey Squirrel / squirrel crostini, white mulberry, goat cheese, hazelnut & purslane.

Mason Adams

Nutria / nutria sausage gumbo, tiger shrimp, bell pepper & black rice.

Squrirrel? Nutria? Crispy earthworm topping? Who’s hungry? Photographer Christopher Testani with the help of food stylist Michelle Gatton and art director Mason Adams are bringing an interesting concept to the table in the series Invasive Species. There are a large number of plants, animals, and insects that are considered invasive—they are non-indigenous to a particular region and their flourishing numbers are harmful to whatever environment they have been introduced to.

The Designer’s Cookbook: Color-Coordinated Foods Make for a Unique Dinnertime Experience


Credit: Tim Schober and Caro Mantke, Ms. Mantober


Apéritif – Kiwi Lime Punch, Appetizer – Chilled Avocado Soup, Hors d’oeuvre – Green Asparagus Salad, Drink – Green Grape Lemonade, Main Course – Chicken Breast with Olive Pesto and Zucchini (Courgette) Carpaccio, Dessert – Green Tea Ice Cream with Pistachio Cookies, Digestif – Wheatgrass Juice

Credit: Tim Schober and Caro Mantke, Ms. Mantober

These gorgeous photos help you set a dinner table brimming with colorful cuisine thanks to the creatives behind The Designer’s Cookbook. Soon to be published by Random House, Berlin-based authors Tatjana Reimann, Tim Schober and Caro Mantke are artists and amateur cooks with a vision.

Thought Provoking Photos of Meat and Fish Stuffed Inside Plastic Containers

Per Johansen

Per Johansen

If you’re at all interested in the question of animal rights, ethics, and morality, you’ve probably come across the topic of animals in the food industry. I try to follow material about humans’ level of visual experience of the food they consume, and I’ve been researching a handful of artists who explore this topic. I was instantly fascinated by Danish artist Per Johansen‘s Mæt (eng. Full) pictures. Such beautiful, gorgeously lit still life photographs; and I love that I can say that even though the subject is plastic bottles packed glutinously full of food and animal products.

Green Spaghetti, Blue Turkey and Pink Cereal: Food Photos Freakify the Everyday Meal


White Rice


Green Ice Cream

Will you be ordering the green spaghetti or blue turkey? California-based Lawrie Brown invites us to consider the manufactured and processed methods with which food reaches our table, presenting bizarre amalgamations of familiar dinners and snacks in his Colored Food Series.

Thought-Provoking Photos Examine the Relationship Between Food and a Woman’s Body

Barb Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman

Little by little you turned into fruit.


The transmigration of dream into salad.

Collaborative duo Barb Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman‘s Ponder Food As Love pairs an ethereal and light touch to an important human issue—the relationship between food and the body.