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9 Scrumptious Pies to Get You Over the Post-Holiday Blues


Apple cranberry pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset


Lemon cheesecake pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset

For Brooklyn-based still life photographer Paul Sirisalee, the holiday season brings with it warm memories of his youth, particularly of one family friend who often cooked elaborate meals for Thanksgiving. It was with this spirit of festivity and cheer that the artist shot a collection of richly flavored—and colored— pies for a Real Simple feature on easy yet decadent holiday recipes.

Playful Nudes Show People Indulging in Their Favorite Comfort Foods (NSFW)




McDonalds Cheeseburger

For Comfort Food, Vancouver-based photographer Jackie Dives captures her nude friends as they indulge in their favorite guilty pleasure snacks. In these intimate moments, her subjects are invited to abandon all inhibitions in pursuit of self-gratification.

NSFW Lollipops Recreate the Kama Sutra



According to recent studies, right now is high time for love making. Maybe it’s the chilly weather, or those chestnuts roasting on the open fire, but an increased number of couples tend to get in on in the days proceeding Christmas than most other times of year. This holiday season, Italian still life photographer Massimo Gammacurta presents the KamaSugar, a set of lollipops that double as a guidebook of sexual positions.

Virginie Gosselin’s Surreal Food Still Lifes


© Virginie Gosselin / Offset


© Virginie Gosselin / Offset

In her playful still lifes, Canadian photographer Virginie Gosselin marries her surrealist aesthetic with her longtime interest in food, cultivated from her childhood at a farm in Quebec. For her conceptual food images, the photographer draws inspiration from an unlikely set of muses: the aisles of the local grocer, discarded objects at yard sales, the advertorial imagery of mid-century America, and everything in between.

Cocktail Hour: Paloma with Orange


© Matt Armendariz / Offset

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Chinese Breakfast


© Francesco Majo / Offset

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Portraits of Pit Masters at Memphis’ Top Barbecue Hotspots


Pit master at Nelly’s © Randy Harris / Offset


Head Pit master, Henry, taking a smoke break outside of Rendezvous © Randy Harris / Offset

When New York-based travel photographer Randy Harris visited Memphis, Tennessee on assignment for Travel + Leisure magazine, he discovered a food culture unlike any other.

Cocktail Hour: Calvados and Maple Syrup


© Paul S. Bartholomew / Offset

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Cocktail Hour: Virgin Melon Martini


© Michel Figuet / Offset

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Colorful Photos of Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market by Marco Brivio


© Marco Brivio / Offset


© Marco Brivio / Offset

For Milan-based travel photographer Marco Brivio, a community’s marketplace contains hidden clues into the dynamics and essence of its culture. As part of a recent tour of a selection of Asian countries, he visited Japan, where he was immediately drawn to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market. As the largest seafood market in existence, Brivio explains, the scene positively bursts with activity as vendors unload astounding quantities of fish meat to avid buyers.