Apple cranberry pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset


Lemon cheesecake pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset

For Brooklyn-based still life photographer Paul Sirisalee, the holiday season brings with it warm memories of his youth, particularly of one family friend who often cooked elaborate meals for Thanksgiving. It was with this spirit of festivity and cheer that the artist shot a collection of richly flavored—and colored— pies for a Real Simple feature on easy yet decadent holiday recipes.

Of all the pies, which range from modern interpretations of time-honored favorites like pecan to brand new innovations like peanut butter, Sirisalee names cranberry apple as the most memorable, noting its intriguing colors and textures. Against the minimal white background, he elevated the pies’ vibrant hues both with strong lighting and a bit of post-processing. Says the artist of photographing edible subject, “When I’m shooting food, I always try to make the food look as interesting as possible, almost sculptural at times.”


Peanut butter pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset


Chocolate cream pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset


Maple pumpkin pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset


Pecan whiskey pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset


Raspberry buttermilk pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset


Shoofly pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset


Sweet potato pie © Paul Sirisalee / Offset

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