Fendi: Dorset blue berry, Raspberry and vanilla Napolean


Chanel: Quilted Bramble and banana fruit leather

When London-based photographer Catherine Losing was approached by the food

magazine Cherry Bombe to construct a story for the anticipated ‘Baked’ issue, she knew that she wanted to elevate the conventional food shoot to something more evocative and inspired. Adopting a set of high fashion brands as her unlikely muses, the photographer worked alongside food stylist Iain Graham to create delicious sugar confections modeled after the instantly recognizable patterned motifs belonging to Fendi, Chanel, Missoni, Burberry, and Dior.

What intrigued Losing about each pattern, she explains, is its nearly universal familiarity. Even when updated and adapted to the aesthetics of new season, each concept inspires the same feelings of luxury and extravagance. In translating the decadence of fashion into a sugary treat, she reminds us of that special something that makes the classics so irresistible. Before the images were sent for retouching at the Forge, admits the artist, everyone got a taste of the final product.


Missoni: Lemon, almond and polenta cake iced with sugared Missoni Zigzags


Dior: Apple and lavender fruit leather with rose macaroons


Burberry: Classic Burberry tartan Victoria sponge cake with woodland strawberry jam

All images © Catherine Losing