Coffee-flavored popsicles © Stephen DeVries / Offset


Chocolate espresso cake © Nicole Branan / Offset


Caramel lattes © Matt Armendariz / Offset

According to recent

studies, more than half of the American population consumes coffee every single day, but if we go back centuries, the origin of the brewed treat is shrouded in mystery and legend. One Islamic origin myth posits that more than six hundred years ago, an exiled mystic by the name of Sheikh Omar came across the plant in Yemen, discovering soon after that when eaten, it was quite bitter to the taste and yet possessed of rejuvenating powers. When it reached Europe, coffee was allegedly referred to as “the bitter invention of Satan” until the pope himself attested its invigorating properties and ambrosial taste. Luckily for us, we now know how to embrace the rich flavors of coffee and to bring out its subtler, sweeter notes through sophisticated preparation.

One of the finest uses of coffee, of course, is in desserts, tarts and after-dinner drinks in which sugary confection fuses perfectly with the aromatic essence of the coffee beans. For our latest Offset group show, we pulled together a collection of coffee-inspired dessert photographs that will convert even the most skeptical coffee drinker into a believer. It’s a rare food photograph that not only captures the the colors and textures of its subject, but also evokes its irresistible fragrance and indulgent flavor, and each of these images does just that. From the familiar coffee cake to the decadent dacquoise trifle, coffee never looked so good.


The surface of coffee cake © Gentl and Hyers / Offset


Donut dunked in coffee © Penny De Los Santos / Offset


Coffee and chocolate hazelnut ice pops © Con Poulos / Offset


Coffee truffles © Evi Abeler / Offset


Coffee cupcakes with Irish cream liqueur and marshmallow topping © Food Collection / Offset


Espresso granita with whipped cream © James Baigrie / Offset


Dacquoise trifle, nut meringue layered with chocolate ganache and espresso-flavored buttercream © Nicole Branan / Offset


Coffee ice cubes © Leslie Grow / Offset


Irish coffee © Nicole Branan / Offset


Iced coffee with coffee liqueur, whipped cream and nutmeg © Adrian Mueller / Offset


Espresso and coconut-cream ice lollies with chocolate and roasted almonds © Susan Brooks-Dammann / Westend61 / Offset


Sour cream coffee cake © Mark Weinberg / Offset


Espresso chocolate meringue swirls © Nicole Branan / Offset

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