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Into the Rainforest: Discover the Lush and Magical Flora of New Zealand’s South Island


© Thysje Arthur / Offset


© Thysje Arthur / Offset


© Thysje Arthur / Offset

In her native New Zealand, photographer Thysje Arthur catalogs the breathtaking flora native to the Westland rainforests. Here, nutrient-rich humus composed of rotting leaves and bark allows for a thriving and fertile forest floor blanketed in color. Exuding a spellbinding aroma, the soil, plants and flowers underfoot cause the ground to feel surprisingly spongy and less solid than we might expect.

A Living Roof on an Idyllic Mountain House


© Helena Wahlman / Maskot / Offset

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Aerial Photos Make the World’s Oldest Desert Look Like Chocolate


© Peter Adams / Offset

Peter_Adams_88816© Peter Adams / Offset

At over 43 million years, the Namib desert is one of the oldest in the world. From above, travel photographer Peter Adams captures the mind-blowing vastness of the landscape, which composes the entire Western region of Nambia and spills into the northern boundaries of South Africa. With an eye for light and breath-taking contrasts, he highlights the strange and diverse sand dunes, which appear like crescents, horseshoes, and stars over the terrain.

School is Out!: Magical Photos Remind Us What It’s Like to Be a Kid in Summertime


© Summer Murdock / Offset


© Summer Murdock / Offset

Remember when summer felt like it would last forever? Lifestyle photographer Summer Murdock (no pun intended) captures the joys of childhood when school is over and world is full of wonder. The Salt Lake City-based artist believes that kids should be allowed to be themselves and shies away from posed, forced photos of children. At an age when even the smallest everyday things can be a source of rapture, Murdock’s young subjects are bursting with energy and fascination. Whether you spent your summers crashing with the ocean waves or screaming through a backyard sprinkler, we hope these images remind you of all those idle summer days from long ago.

Mossy Trees Along Anisclo Canyon River, Spain


© David Santiago Garcia / Aurora Photos / Offset

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Photographer Unveils the Controversial Rituals of Urban Shamans in Lima, Peru



For his haunting series Urban Shamans, Italy-based photographer Andrea Frazzetta documents the lives and rituals of healers, or curanderos, in Lima, Peru. While traveling, he explored the depths of the avenue Avenida Tacna, where shamans operate out of office buildings and in the rears of shops. Juxtaposing the familiar with the enigmatic, Frazzetta catches the nuances of an old tradition as it exists within a modern metropolis. As many of the city’s residents visit shamans, they are able to compete with psychiatrists and physicians alike. At one time, the parliament of Peru considered a bill that regarded curanderos as doctors. Unfortunately, an estimated three quarters of healing practitioners are frauds, exploiting the trust of their patients.

Seductive Photographs of Unmade Beds

David_Prince_362© David Prince / Offset

David_Prince_60450© David Prince / Offset

David Prince’s alluring photographs of unmade beds tempt us to luxuriate in clean white linens and warm sunlight. Shooting intimate, rumbled scenes in European hotel rooms and households, he exposes quiet, sumptuous narratives. Invited into private quarters, it’s easy to imagine mysterious honeymooners and rapturous exchanges recently past.

Jet Setters: St. Maarten Sunbathers Share Beach with Passenger Jets Flying Only 13 Feet Above

Josef Hoflehner

Josef Hoflehner

Bizarre black and white beach scenes, featuring planes zooming alarmingly closely overhead are the focus of Austria-based photographer Josef Hoflehner‘s Jet Airliner, now on view at Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla, California.

Rest Your Eyes on the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest


© Peter Adams / Offset

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Photographer Couch Surfs Around the World and Takes Portraits of His Hosts


Olena, Kiev, Ukraine


Lamine, Guediawaye, Senegal

With a flourishing network of over 6 million members, CouchSurfing is able to connect world travelers with hosts from around the world. Through this organization, which is active in over 100,000 cities globally, diverse groups of people are able to share experiences and learn from one another in ways previously unimaginable. By prohibiting the exchange of money between guests and hosts, CouchSurfing is able to foster a community founded on kindness and curiosity. CouchSurfers may live in one another’s homes for long periods of time, or they might choose just to have a single visit over coffee.