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The Beauty and Majesty of Myanmar Photographed by Matt Dutile


Temples of the ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar © Matt Dutile / Offset


Woman and child outside a wooden shack © Matt Dutile / Offset

“You can’t help but feel this sense of enchantment all over Myanmar,” explains New York City-based travel photographer Matt Dutile of his experience in the country. He wanted to visit since he had first heard of the place, captivated by its millennia-old temples and rich spiritual and cultural history, and he finally got the chance while on assignment from DestinAsian magazine.

Astonishing Color Photographs of Life in the Russian Empire of Czar Nicholas II


Peasant girls / Year: 1909 / © Library of Congress


Emir of Bukhara / Year: 1911 / © LOC

Between 1909 and 1915, Tsar Nicholas II commissioned innovative color photographer and chemist Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii to document what would become the last years of the Russian Empire proceeding the Revolution of 1917. Nostalgia: The Russian Empire of Czar Nicholas II Captured in Color Photographs brings together hundreds of his images in a single volume.

Apple Truck


© Aj Wilhelm / National Geographic / Offset

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Talking Lenses and Travel Photography with Kansas-based Photographer Michael C. Snell


Light-painted night view of Mushroom Rock near Carneiro, Kansas


Fish market in Busan, South Korea

Veteran Michael C. Snell says he is a travel photographer, but is keen to point out the simple description is hardly sufficient. Shooting professionally for almost two decades, Snell has discovered the job requires him to be constantly flexible, always on his toes and full of never-ending curiosity for everything around him. He is based in Kansas but has achieved a worldwide audience and impressive client list including National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, USA Today and Originally working as an art director and photo buyer for a state travel and tourism department, Snell felt the creative call to become a freelance photographer and has never looked back. Aside from his extensive travel experience both across the country and around the world, he and his wife began the creative agency Shade of the Cottonwood as a way to meet clients needs in an intimate, one-on-one basis.

Whether shooting hot air balloons over Egypt or discovering hidden treasures on the back roads in the sprawling state of Kansas, Michael Snell is a man who finds the wonder in what’s before him. He’s also got an impressive photography kit to go along with him on all his adventures. We asked him about Kansas, branching out on your own and why a Tamron lens is perfect for just about any shooting situation he comes across.

Photo du Jour: At the Yushu Horse Racing Festival


© John Lee / Offset

In July 2006, photographer John Lee was invited by the tourism bureau of Qinghai to visit the Yushu Horse Racing Festival. The annual event takes place near the Tibetan border on verdant grassland, along which visitors set up tents and camp. As Tibet’s largest horse festival, it drew over ten thousand visitors for a week of horse and yak racing, archery, and traditional Tibetan dancing, singing, and fashion shows.

Dusk in the Chilean Countryside


© Adan Torres / Offset

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Modern Day Explorer Documents the World’s ‘Micronations’


The Kingdom of Calsahara


Freetown Christiania


The Republic of Molossia

Drawn to small places with improbable histories, photographer Léo Delafontaine could be described as a modern day explorer. Upon the discovery of the Principality of Sealand, a military platform situated on international waters ruled by a constitutional monarchy, he knew this would be the start of a new documentary project. After some research he realized these independent entities, or Micronations, as the series is titled, are not an isolated phenomenon and many other similar nations exist throughout the world.

Colorful Photos of Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market by Marco Brivio


© Marco Brivio / Offset


© Marco Brivio / Offset

For Milan-based travel photographer Marco Brivio, a community’s marketplace contains hidden clues into the dynamics and essence of its culture. As part of a recent tour of a selection of Asian countries, he visited Japan, where he was immediately drawn to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market. As the largest seafood market in existence, Brivio explains, the scene positively bursts with activity as vendors unload astounding quantities of fish meat to avid buyers.

Baby Elephant at Sunset


© Jason Edwards / National Geographic / Offset

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Good Luck Cats


© Francesco Libassi / Offset

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