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Photo du Jour: Dog Meets Dandelion (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Michael Northrup

Spring is undoubtedly here, as it was back in 2001 when Baltimore-based photographer and Squarespace user Michael Northrup pulled out his first pro-digital camera and snapped this quirky shot on a walk in the park with his dog Phoebe. Northrup has always enjoyed superimposing objects in front of or behind something else, amused by the compression of space that photography allows for. In the case of dog meets dandelion, he tells us this shot was “a case of serendipity, and, as usual, it’s not preconceived—it’s discovered.”

Check out more of Northrup’s work on his Squarespace site.

What’s In Your Camera Bag?: Sports Illustrated Photographer Walter Iooss

Walter Iooss

Walter Iooss

Kate Upton, shot for the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Iooss has shot over 10 covers of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, the first one being in 1973.

What’s in your camera bag?
My gear is Canon. I carry 1 EOS 1D, 1 EOS 5D, 24-105 zoom f4, 50mm f1.2, 85mm f1.2, 1 extra camera battery, 1 card reader, 1 hard drive, 4 Sandisk cards, a lens tissue, swim goggles and golf glove for my two favorite pastimes, and mints for safe breath.

What’s in your bag that’s specific to the type of work you shoot? I shoot mostly portraits and all the lenses are geared for that—my action days are few. For the swimsuit shoots I would bring a 70-200 f4 zoom and a 300mm f4, along with 3 portable Profoto strobes. Sunlight is only good for a short period of time, early and late, especially for women. Light is always the most important element in my pictures, if I am free to control it. Some jobs are only cover shoots—for those, you start with light and backgrounds, and go from there with the poses.

What’s the most unusual item in your camera bag? My goggles and golf glove—I use these anywhere I can swim or hit balls.

Photo du Jour: A Storybook Village in Greenland

Kari Medig

There are some places so picturesque, it’s hard to believe they exist. While in Greenland on assignment aboard a renovated Dutch schooner, British Columbia-based photographer Kari Medig happened upon this storybook village off the west coast of Greenland. No stranger to capturing snowy terrain, Medig was taken by the vibrant colors smattered across the stark, treeless landscape, and knew he couldn’t pass up snapping this shot.

Photo du Jour: Daily Life in a Hutterite Colony (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Kelly Rofer

Growing up on a Hutterite colony in Manitoba shaped Canadian photographer and Squarespace user Kelly Hofer in many ways, although he had to foster his passion for photography on his own. A branch of Anabaptists, Hutterites live in rural, self-sufficient communities that practice pacifism. Photography has long been unaccepted in these communities for it is seen as a violation of religious rights—in fact, in 2007 Hutterites won the right not to have their photos taken for their drivers’ licenses. This was, however, overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada in a ruling in 2009.

Being a photographer in a culture that didn’t approve proposed quite an obstacle for Hofer, who eventually moved out of the colony at age 19 to pursue his passion. Here Hofer captures fellow Hutterite mother and daughter, Mary and Ava, playing in wheat fields back in 2009, just two years before moving away. At the time, he had coined himself resident photographer of sorts despite the mixed feelings, capturing daily life in his fellow community.

See more of Rofer’s Hutterite work on his Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: A Stunning Stallion With Hair To Die For (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Marc Vonstein

After a 16 year career in fashion photography, Squarespace user Marc Vonstein shifted his focus to animals—more specifically horses, and has combined his new subject matter with a sensibility not forgotten from the fashion world. Here he captures Nanos, a Haflinger (stallion) during an international Haflinger stallion show in Lubbeek, Belgium. Vonstein jokes that Nanos was busy styling his hair for the photo—we do admit, he does look fabulous.

Check out more of Vonstein’s horse photography on his Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: Clever X-Ray of a Dog Waiting for His Owner’s Arrival


Dog Waiting

When Brooklyn-based photographer David Arky is not shooting conceptual still life, he turns his attention to x-ray photography. Here he captures an inside look at man’s best friend patiently awaiting his owner’s arrival. Of the x-ray process, Arky tells us: “Making x-ray images differs from conventional photography in the sense that the x-ray camera is actually the light source. 100,000 volts of electricity excite the x-ray tube as wavelengths pass through the object and its image is recorded on a sheet of film that lies beneath it. Objects are captured life size on the 14 x 17 inch sheets of film. When an object is larger than that, it has to be shot on multiple sheets and combined in retouching.” Based on his description of the process, Arky confirms that Dog Waiting was captured on multiple sheets of film.

Photo du Jour: School Portrait (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Sarah-Marie Land


Class is in session with St. Louis-based photographer and Squarespace user Sarah-Marie Land‘s recent project, School Portrait Series, in which she explores identity, youth, education, and class system. By way of friends and Craigslist ads, Land photographed young students from different schools around the U.S. in their uniforms and domestic spaces. While each young student has a certain uniqueness to them, the series as a whole evokes a striking sameness—a universal nod to youth and its signature exploration, awkwardness, and innocence.

Check out more of Land’s School Portrait Series on her Squarespace site.

Group Show: 24 Clever Desktop Backgrounds (Sponsored by Squarespace)


Jayesh Pankhania


Tim Morris


Julieta Averbuj

Feature Shoot’s latest group show asked photographers to open up their laptops and share their desktop backgrounds of choice. From quirky to cute, the results are in and a collection of clever desktop backgrounds have been curated by Anna Goldwater Alexander, Senior Photo Editor at WIRED. Three winners are among the group—photographers Jayesh Pankhania, Tim Morris, and Julieta Averbuj. Thanks to the generosity of Squarespace, each winner will receive a free one-year subscription to Squarespace‘s unique and user-friendly website publishing platform. Complete with award-winning designs, hosting, domains, and commerce, Squarespace is helping photographers to market themselves professionally and creatively.

What’s In Your Camera Bag?: Photographer Noah Kalina

Noah Kalina

Noah Kalina

Kalina‘s portrait of Olga Bell, Brooklyn.

What’s in your camera bag?
A bag of cables (sync cords, adaptors, cable releases), two bags of batteries (one bag filled with camera batteries the other bag for AA and AAA), flash, Nikon Coolpix S10, lightmeter, Phase One camera with P65+ back, 120/55/80 lenses, a couple of ND5 filters, pouch with cleaning supplies, air blower, pelican CF card case, travel car mount for phone, Pocket Wizards, Canon 5D MIII with 24-70, first aid kit, headlamp, utility knife, iPhone car charger, intervalometer.

What’s in your bag that’s specific to the type of work you shoot? I shoot a wide range of subjects. The light meter and the wizards are generally used for my portraits as I tend to use strobe lighting. The headlamp, shutter releases and ND filters are generally used for my landscapes but they definitely can come in handy for my portraits. The small Nikon camera is only in my bag if I am traveling and that camera is specifically used for Everyday. Everyday is the project where I take a photo of myself every day. I’ve been doing that for 14 years and that camera is dedicated to the project.

Photo du Jour: Sculpture for a Photographer

Charles Traub

Rimini, 1989. Image courtesy of Charles Traub/Damiani.

It was the 1980s and American photographer Charles H. Traub was amidst Italy’s colorful and cultural backdrop on many a frequent visit, snapping everyday moments in the charming cities of Rome, Florence, Venice, and Naples. Candid, lighthearted, and spontaneous, Traub’s images show us an outsider’s view in admiration. Here he happened upon quite a relevant sculpture of the Italian-made Officine Galileo camera in the city of Rimini. The sculpture has since been cleaned of graffiti.

Damiani just released Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980s this month, bringing Traub’s photos from Italy together for the first time since the mid-80s. Traub will be doing a book signing at ICP in New York on April 18th and at Paris Photo LA on April 25th, 2014.