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Photo Du Jour: Controlled Burns


Swirling clouds of black, white and grey smoke overwhelm the frame in Kevin Cooley’s Controlled Burns. Deeply inspired by the smoke signals used by the Vatican during the papal conclave, he tried to replicate the formula for the black and white smoke that spouts from the chimney when a new pope is elected.

Bizarre Photos Mash-up the Natural World and Consumer Society

Jason DeMarte

Jason DeMarte

Quiet now, don’t disturb the herd of…cheese puffs? Photographer Jason DeMarte throws us for a loop with his series Nature Preserve, an exploratory mash-up of the natural world and the consumer environment of contemporary society. The series is made up of digital composites combining images of fabricated and artificial flora and fauna with commercially produced and processed products—hence the Cheetos, sugary donuts, and flowery bouquet action here. His representation of nature with bizarre, unnatural elements “speaks metaphorically and symbolically of our mental separation from what is ‘real’ and compares this with the consumer world we surround ourselves with as a consequence. Ultimately this work is an investigation into the manipulation of truth,” DeMarte says.

Photo du Jour: Astounding Artwork on Abandoned Buildings in Navajo Nation


Navajo Nation is the United States’ largest Native American territory, and it is also one of the most violent. For the people living on the reservation, the artwork of Dr. Chip Thomas serves as a reminder of the beauty and fortitude that remains at the core of the community. Photographer Tom Fowlks captures the artist and practicing physician, who has served the Navajo population for over 26 years, as he perches upon one of his installations in the Painted Desert of Arizona: a blown up back and white photograph of a woman’s laughing face pasted on the surface of one of the reservation’s many abandoned buildings.

Photo Du Jour: This Bird Must Be Italian


Relaxing one afternoon with his girlfriend and a few slices of pizza, Berlin-based photographer Rumi Baumann spotted some friendly birds swirling overhead. In a city where bats, foxes, and various birds wander freely, the artist is always hoping to run into critters to photograph. As he offered a pill-sized nugget of pizza to this little fellow with his left hand, he captured the scene with his camera in the right. Above the blur of the urban street below, the bird is seemingly frozen by Baumann’s quick shutter and razor-sharp focus, caught at the moment of anticipation right before his delicate beak meets the artist’s outstretched fingers.

Photo du Jour: Ghosts of Antelope Valley


In the abandoned roads of Antelope Valley, located in northern Los Angeles County, photographer Troy Paiva wanders amongst the ghosts of the American West, capturing theatrical moments within the quiet terrain. During the late August days, the weather is inhospitable to human bodies, reaching 100° Fahrenheit even in pouring rainstorms. Alone, the artist ventures into the night beneath a blue moon. Carrying an inexpensive, portable light source with him, he bathes a shopping cart in neon, painting the forgotten relic in vital sanguine tones. Reenergized under his gaze, the dead, sleepy scene seems to spring back to life. Through long exposures, these discarded objects become haunting reminders of an America we rarely see.

Photo du Jour: Kissing in Naples

Hans Kristian Riise

Photographer Hans Kristian Riise stumbles upon double the fun in this sun-soaked photo from the series Italian Summer that he shot a few years back while in Naples. These teens spotted the Oslo-based photographer snapping pics up and down the bay along Via Francesco Caracciolo, and immediately started to play along, giving Riise and his camera something to work with; “it became this improvised portrait shoot—I responded to their energy,” he says. With their English as limited as Riise’s Italian, this moment was all about the visual—a playful and youthful capture of “a city where people really know how to live and love with passion.”

Photo du Jour: A Dog and His (Many) Treats

Andrew Myers

Paradise Found is just about the perfect title for this eye-pleasing photo of a doggie wonderland captured by NYC-based photographer Andrew Myers. He tells us it’s just “a simple situation in which a Bull Terrier, like any dog who will keep eating until they throw up, finds a carefully laid out assortment of treats for no reason.” Reason or not, we’re loving this playful image for all its graphic glory and delightful decadence.

Photo du Jour: Rubik’s Cube (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Harald Wawrzyniak

The iconic Rubik’s cube—a staple in our collective visual library—has been baffling its holders since Erno Rubik invented it back in the 70s. Photographer and Squarespace user Harald Wawrzyniak found the colorful, geometric puzzle to be symbolic of a new chapter in his life, snapping this pic soon after he moved away from his childhood home in Carinthia to Graz, Austria. It was his first time living alone in a new town. Bathed in angular shadow and light on his breakfast table, Wawrzyniak says the Rubik’s cube, then and there, captured the feeling of a new life ahead of him—”a puzzle was solved, everything felt clean,” he says.

Check out more of Wawrzyniak’s work on his Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: Cheech and Chong (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Anna Webber

No pot here—the only thing smoking looks to be the gun playfully pointed at musician portrait photographer and Squarespace user Anna Webber. Here she captures comedy duo Cheech and Chong in Brentwood, California back in 2010, just after Tommy Chong got out of jail and the two were about to go on tour together. Goofing around on set, “as you’d expect,” says Webber, the two found a couple of vintage rifles to play around with—never a dull moment with these guys.

Check out more of Webber’s work, which regularly appears in Rolling Stone, Spin, NME, Pitchfork and Billboard, on her Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: Model Karalyn West (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Brian Rolfe

Hot dog eating champ or not, American model Karalyn West made for quite the carefree, charming subject on a shoot last year with UK photographer and Squarespace user Brian Rolfe. Specializing in beauty, fashion and portraiture, Rolfe says about the shot; “We were really just aiming to get some simply styled shots, all very natural. This one really hit the mark; a fun image which shows Karalyn to a T—fun to be around, great in front of the camera. Retouching was kept to a minimum and what I really liked about Karalyn was the fact that she wanted to leave her scar unedited (you can see a scar on her lip). She embraces her flaws, I love that about her.”

Check out more of Rolfe’s work on his Squarespace site.

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