Kelly Rofer

Growing up on a Hutterite colony in Manitoba shaped Canadian photographer and Squarespace user Kelly Hofer in many ways, although he had to foster his passion for photography on his own. A branch of Anabaptists, Hutterites live in rural, self-sufficient communities that practice pacifism. Photography has long been unaccepted in these communities for it is seen as a violation of religious rights—in fact, in 2007 Hutterites won the right not to have their photos taken for their drivers’ licenses. This was, however, overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada in a ruling in 2009.

Being a photographer in a culture that didn’t approve proposed quite an obstacle for Hofer, who eventually moved out of the colony at age 19 to pursue his passion. Here Hofer captures fellow Hutterite mother and daughter, Mary and Ava, playing in wheat fields back in 2009, just two years before moving away. At the time, he had coined himself resident photographer of sorts despite the mixed feelings, capturing daily life in his fellow community.

See more of Rofer’s Hutterite work on his Squarespace site.