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A firsthand account of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine

Worker on AKHZ (Avdiivka Coke & Chemical Plant) seen on the roof of the coke battery, Avdiivka, Ukraine, October 22 2015 Photographer: Dmitri Beliakov/ for Der Spiegel

Worker on AKHZ (Avdiivka Coke & Chemical Plant) seen on the roof of the coke battery, Avdiivka, Ukraine, 22nd of October, 2015

On the Ukrainian held territory the railway bridge, blown up by the separatists, blocking the highway from Donetsk to Slovyansk. 60 % of the railways and the roads infrastructure have been destroyed in Donbass, as a result of civil war. Krasny Partizansk, Eastern Ukraine, November 11 2014. Photographer: Dmitry Beliakov/ for Der Spiegel

The railway bridge on Ukrainian held territory, blown up by the separatists, blocking the highway from Donetsk to Slovyansk. 60 % of the railways and the roads infrastructure have been destroyed in Donbass, as a result of civil war. Krasny Partizansk, Eastern Ukraine, 11th of November 2014.

The conflict in Ukraine comes on and off the international media spotlight, but whether there’s news about it or not, the tensions and armed fighting in the Donbas region never really cool off. Russian photographer Dmitri Beliakov’s Ukrainian Chronicles is an extensive documentation of this conflict and of the ongoing struggle that continues even after the cameras are turned off. Beliakov’s images might make you want to avert your eyes, but they are such a necessary account of how a conflict zone is more than just a news narrative, and of how terribly painful and rough war really is.

The Modern-Day Cinderellas of Colombia


Karen lives with her mother, who is a secretary and saved money for more than a year and took out a loan to organize the party. It cost 4 millions pesos (1800 USD) and 85 people were invited. Karen wants to become a doctor.


Laura’s father is a fruit seller, and her mother is unemployed. Laura loves playing football and will join the female youth Colombian football team in 2015. Her parents saved money for six months to organize her quinceañera. 200 people were invited. Laura wants to become a criminologist.

In many parts of South America, a girl’s fifteenth birthday is a moment of great importance. Quinceañera marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood, and its tradition goes beyond social class and background. French photographer Delphine Blast got interested in this celebration and in the way it combines local culture and Western influences. For her photo series Quinceañeras, Blast spent two months in the suburbs of south Bogota, in Colombia, and the result is series of eye-catching portraits of girls dressed in their party dresses, photographed in their usual environments.

The Pixar-Like Insects Living in Your Backyard



When he is not busy with his long-term documentary projects, Romanian photographer Remus Tiplea turns his camera towards a subject close by. These damselflies – real-life versions of Pixar insect cartoons – have been photographed in his backyard in Negresti-Oas, Romania.

The Thin Line Between Reality and Fiction in TV News


Los Angeles, United States


Cannes, France

TV reporters seem to always be in the right place at the right time, ready to tell the world about what’s happening directly from the middle of the unfolding events. Live news is often arresting, giving the audience the impression that the camera is simply bearing witness to reality as it is. But often these live reports are a performance and the feeling of being on top of the events is carefully curated. In his subtly absurd photo series TV Anchors, Slovakian photographer Martin Kollar captures what happens before the camera is turned on and the staged feel of the reality behind the reality seen on television.

The Dying Art of Shepherding in Northern Transylvania



Romanian photographer Remus Tiplea spent almost four years documenting the traditional ways of shepherding in the Oas region of Northern Transylvania. Shepherding used to be not only a profession, but a lifestyle, with traditions passed from a generation to another for hundreds of years. But things are quickly changing, traditional ways are being one by one replaced by more efficient methods of shepherding. And this trend is changing not only the practical side of things, but also the symbolisms and the bond between people and animals.

Obsessive Vinyl Collectors Celebrated in Portrait Series

Joe Bussard - Frederick, MD Joe Bussard sitting in his basement with some of the rarest 78s in existence. The brown paper record jackets behind him are all uniformly discolored in the middle as a result of Joe’s hands sorting and searching through them for the past 60 years.

Joe Bussard – Frederick, MD

Andy Carthy (Mr. Scruff) - Manchester, UK “The soul 12-inch section of my collection doubles as a handy chair.”

Andy Carthy known as Mr. Scruff – Manchester, UK

Israeli photographer Elion Paz moved to New York in 2008 in search for luck, but the search was not as successful as he hoped. Not much luck was to be found in the beginning of the recession, and Paz ended up spending his days and the little money he had in record stores. That’s when luck hit him in a different way: a collector of vinyls himself, Paz got the idea to do a project about the people passionate about collecting records. And after reading about African record collector and DJ Frank Gossner in The Village Voice, the two met in Brooklyn, and Gossner introduced Paz to other collectors. That’s how Dust and Grooves was born, the blog on which Paz started posting collector’s photos and stories.

New Photo Book Celebrates the Unusual Architecture of Soviet-era Bus Stops

Disputed region of AbkhaziaGagrajpg
Gagra, Disputed Region of Abkhazia

Aralsk, Kazakhstan

From Eastern Europe, passing though the Caucasus and all the way to Central Asia, American photographer Christopher Herwig documented bus stops built during the USSR period. And who would have thought that documenting such a seemingly insignificant element, could reflect so accurately the extend to which communism left a footprint covering thousands of kilometers?

Humorous Photos Reveal the Way a Veterinarian Sees the Animal World


Afish a Fish (the title is a word play between English and Romanian, ‘afish’ means poster in Romanian and the man in the photo is the ex-president of the country, Traian Basescu).


Beastie Boy

Hajdu Tamas is a Romanian photographer whose love and insight into the animal world transpires through his photos. But there is a secret to that, and that is that Tamas is half photographer and half veterinary doctor.

Photos Document the Business of Fortune-Telling in Romania



The Roma fortune teller is a stereotype and evokes a bohemian and cliche image in people’s imagination. The dark haired girl with a long colorful skirt and sharp eyes reading your palm doesn’t really exist. Instead, reading the future is big business in many places in Eastern Europe. For her photo series Vrajitoare, Slovakian photographer Lucia Sekerkova traveled to Romania where she documented the twisted and kitsch world of the ladies who claim to know what awaits us all.

Photos Look at Romania’s Communist-Built Industrial Communities




In Post-Industrial Stories, Romanian photographers Ioana Carlig and Marin Raica explore contemporary life in Romania’s mono-industrial communities. Romania was heavily industrialized over the course of its 40 years of communism. Every town had an industrial center, and people from all over the country were moved to urbanize the areas around mines and factories. But these industrial centers lost their importance after the regime fell 25 years ago. Post-Industrial Stories documents the changes in the landscape and the relationship between man, his environment and his lifelong job.  The project started two years ago, and the two photographers move around the country in order to live in the communities they document.

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