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4 Photographers Push the Boundaries of the Medium


I was not the thinnest, nor the prettiest, but I was the winner!, 2015 © Jennifer Greenburg/Courtesy Klompching Gallery, New York


Untitled, 2015 © Antonio Jacob Martinez/Courtesy Klompching Gallery, New York

The time-traveler. The cagefighter. The medical examiner. The man who stares at walls. All four of these curious figures are represented in FRESH 2016, the annual exhibition at Klompching Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Photoville 2014 Is Coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park



Imagine a small city devoted entirely to showcasing the work of both established and emerging photographers around the globe, and you have Photoville, the largest yearly photography event in New York City. With a predicted 80,000 visitors, Photoville 2014 promises a diverse and engaging collection of photojournalism, fine art, editorial, student photography and more. In the gorgeous setting of the Brooklyn Bridge Park overlooking the East River, hundreds of artists will participate in exhibitions installed in over 50 readapted shipping containers and outdoor exhibitions. Additionally, Photoville will present talks, discussions, and workshops by artists and curators on issues affecting contemporary photo professionals.

Feature Shoot is Coming to Photoville 2014 with ‘Reframe: An Exploration of Memory and Nostalgia’


© Amy Friend, Audrée Anid and Bianca Morra

We here at Feature Shoot are gearing up for Photoville, a massive event overflowing with exhibitions, outdoor installations, talks and multimedia projections all centered around photography. This year we are proud to present ‘Reframe: An Exploration of Memory and Nostalgia’ as part of the exhibition line-up. Curated by Alison Zavos, Jenna Garrett and Amanda Gorence, we are transforming a repurposed shipping container into a fully immersive experience designed by Czech artist BIBIANA specifically for the event. ‘Reframe’ examines those histories which are unclear, questioning our belief in what was and re-interpreting what can be learned from the past.

Our ten international artists include Audrée Anid, Joachim Fleinert, Amy Friend, Jennifer Greenburg, Faye Hobson, Lisa Kokin, Diane Meyer, Bianca Morra, Evie Woltil Richner and Sarah Steffen.

Sponsored by United Photo Industries, Photoville is housing more than 50 exhibitions scattered up and down Brooklyn Bridge Park from September 18 – 28th, 2014. See you there!

Artist Seamlessly Inserts Herself into Vintage B&W Family Snapshots

Jennifer GreenburgTheir wedding was a lot of fun, 2011

Photographer and Indiana University Northwest professor Jennifer Greenburg has been gathering vintage negatives for years. In her work Revising History, Greenburg appropriates these black and white images by digitally inserting herself as a main character, mimicking the gestures of the moment and the clothing of the period. By circumventing someone else’s photographs and calling them her own, Greenburg exhibits the innately false nature of memory and the family snapshot.

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