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Unless You Will: Issue 27

unless you will

I’ve spent many hours discovering new work by browsing through the Unless You Will (UYW) archives, so when photographer and publisher of the online magazine, Heidi Romano, asked me to help curate Issue 27, I was thrilled.

Documentary Follows Four Afghan Photojournalists Determined to Build Free Press

Help make ‘Frame by Frame’ become a reality by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign.

Captivating Documentary on NYC Street Photographers Features Mary Ellen Mark, Elliott Erwitt, Boogie

Hilarious Russian Tampax Commercial

A Confronting Look at Big Game Trophy Hunting in Africa

David Chancellor’s new book, Hunters, is available for purchase through Amazon.

Sebastião Salgado: The Silent Drama of Photography

Portraits of 21st Century Hippies

Steve-DavisI am a mother of two babies. I cloth diaper, breastfeed and we do attachment parenting. I try to be as environmentally cautious as I can be with the resources we have today. If only I had a garden available, I would love to live off the land, and grow my own produce, and raise poultry/eggs. In my free time I like to crochet. —Melony, 20, Mother/Student

For Steve Davis’ series Back to the Garden, his only criterion was to photograph people whom self-identify as 21st century hippies. Once he found his subjects, he took sharp, vivid photographs of their features, behind white backgrounds, framed like saints. Despite the individuals’ different backgrounds and occupations, each person was able to connect to the lifestyle and philosophy of a contemporary hippie. Davis’ series rejects the idea that hippie culture is anachronistic and on the other hand, proves that the movement is still very much alive.

‘The Photo Man’ Documentary Profiles Dealer of Old Family Photos

Documentary Tells of One Man’s Plight to Help Drug-Addicted Street Kids in Ukraine

Gennadiy works through the political system as an activist, and he runs an orphanage, but the system doesn’t work fast enough for him—or for the thousands of street kids who live in his city of Mariupal, Ukraine, most of whom are addicted to a lethal cocktail of injected cold medicine and alcohol. So at night, he goes on raids for the lost children in the ruins of this empire.

You can support this powerful documentary by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign for Gennadiy.

A Look Inside Boogie’s ‘Demons’ Portrait Series Using the Wet-Plate Collodion Process

You can see more of ‘Demons’ on Boogie’s tumblr.
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