There have never been so many options for printing and displaying your photos – these days there are printing mediums out there that won’t just bring out the full potential of your images, they’ll also be a dynamic physical presence in themselves.

Photo paper still brings great results, but many photographers are looking for less conventional alternatives. And canvas – one of the oldest substrates for oil painting – is now seeing a revival as a base for custom printing.

To find out what makes canvas so special, we asked – an established custom printing company which has sold more than 10 million canvas prints. So let’s look at their arguments in favor of canvas printing one by one!

#1. Canvas is Remarkably Durable

Canvas is widely used in the production of tents, sails and other items that simply must be hard-wearing. And that helps to explain its popularity in the printing world too. These days only the most cherished photos make it to print, so people want printing substrates that will preserve those wonderful pictures not just for a few years, but for a lifetime. Canvas prints fit the bill perfectly – just choose a reliable provider and your photo reproductions on canvas should stay in great condition for at least 75 years. 

#2. Prints on Canvas Have a Striking Physical Presence

Traditionally, photo prints have been flat – and if left unframed, have lacked a certain substantial impact. By contrast, canvas prints normally come wrapped on an inner frame that immediately gives your photo reproduction a powerful sense of volume. And where there’s volume, there’s depth – the three-dimensional construction of canvas prints puts some real body behind every color and gradient, often making regular paper-thin prints look tame in comparison.

#3. Canvas Prints Look Like Classic Works of Art

Thanks to their gallery aesthetics and fine-grained surface, canvas prints blur the line between digital photography and classical artworks. Photos taken with a cutting-edge 21st-century camera can achieve a timeless painterly quality when printed on canvas. And the textured fabric gives the print a soft pastel overtone, making canvas the ideal substrate for portraits, romantic landscapes, or just any photo that you want to present with artistic flair.

#4. Canvas Eliminates Glare

If you want to avoid reflections and glare, canvas is the perfect option. With print mediums like photo paper, a degree of glare is unavoidable even if you opt for a matte finish, but canvas is a fabric – meaning it has a naturally uneven surface that absorbs the light rather than reflecting it. The result? Beautiful matte prints that look beautiful from any angle.

#5. Canvas Prints are Wonderfully Affordable

When canvas first entered the custom printing market some decades ago, canvas printing technology was still in development. This explains the sometimes-underwhelming results that led some photographers at the time to think canvas isn’t a perfect match for high-resolution digital photos. But over the years, underperforming companies have been squeezed out of the market – and the ones that remain have truly mastered the technique.

And these days, high-end canvas prints are available at more than affordable prices – thanks to ever-growing demand, companies like can rely on economies of scale to cut prices without compromising on quality. 

With its unmatched versatility and aesthetic power, it’s safe to say that canvas has a promising future as a print medium!

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