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Photo du Jour: Church of the Pilgrimage


© Galeries / Offset

In 1963, legendary architect Gottfried Böhm constructed the new Church of the Pilgrimage in Neviges, Germany, the building that helped to thrust the Brutalist movement onto the world’s stage.

Photo du Jour: Abstract Architecture


Amorfosis 004

Spanish photographer Aitor Ortiz creates abstract beauty out of already impressive architectural wonders. His history of work documents mammoth structures around the globe, often built by famous architects and shot in black and white with a large-format camera. The buildings become an elegant interplay of element and form, evoking a mood of an ethereal unknown. ‘Amorfosis 004′ captures a building in San Sebastián, Spain, designed by the architect Rafael Moneo. Ortiz’ lens gazes up into an opaque grey sky, the complex skeletal lines of construction looming larger than life above our heads.

Image © Aitor Ortiz 2014

Photo du jour: Berlin Central Station


© Jens Fersterra / Offset

Perched on a platform in Berlin Central Station, architecture and landscape photographer Jens Fersterra captures a long exposure of a speedy train as it whizzes by, leaving a blush-red blur in its wake. Opened in 2006, the station was designed by Gerkan, Marg and Partners on the site of the historic Lehrter Bahnhof building, which was torn down in 1951 under East German command. After 11 years of construction, the busy 5-level station came in part to represent a reunified Germany, with newly built tunnels running through and connecting areas throughout the country and beyond. The ingenious glass roofing and 351 yard glass hall through which trains pass allows natural light to flood in through all hours of the day. It is currently the largest station of its kind in Europe.

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Rainbow Hued Balconies in Sweden


© Johnér / Offset

To see more of Johnér’s work, please visit Offset.

Offset is an exclusive category channel partner on Feature Shoot.

Evocative Photos by Stefanie Klavens Examine the Scenery of Everyday Life

Stefanie Klavens

Stefanie Klavens

Boston-based photographer Stefanie Klavens examines the scenery of daily life in her series How We Live. Klavens focuses on a wide variety of unpopulated, commonplace spaces both private and public in order to examine the elements that are so often seen they have long gone unnoticed.

Hyde + Hyde Architects Design Dream House For a Photographer

Hyde + Hyde

Hyde + Hyde

Is there such a thing as a dream home for a photographer? There is now, and it’s the brainchild of Welsh architectural group Hyde + Hyde Architects, which they’ve named ‘House for a Photographer.’ The modern, minimalist structure is nestled into an unused quarry on the edge of Brecon National Park in Pontypridd, Wales. To avoid disturbing the surrounding environment and quarry walls, Hyde + Hyde Architects elevated the house off the ground, making for quite a unique structural experience.

Photo du Jour: Mumbai Skyscrapers Amidst Slums

Alicja Dobrucka

Wake up everyday to a spectacular view of the blue sky romancing the sea. Come home to beachside joys.

Polish, London-based photographer Alicja Dobrucka documents the changing landscape in the bustling city of Mumbai, India, in her recent series Life is on a New High. Dobrucka takes a close look at the city’s construction boom and the 15 “supertalls” (buildings over 980 feet), the hundreds of skyscrapers, and thousands of high-rise buildings currently being built. Already, there are over 2,500 high-rises in the city. Dobrucka explores the contrast between these monster, luxury structures (of which most are residential) and the slums that surround them. To drive this irony further home, she cleverly pairs her photos with real ad slogans attempting to lure Mumbai’s newly rich or up-and-coming middle class to these properties.

Work from this series is included in the group exhibition Restate at London’s Art:I:Curate through April 17, 2014.

Bence Bakonyi’s Floating Portraits

Bence Bakonyi

Bence Bakonyi

Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi carries on the Moholy-Nagy tradition of creating alternate ways of visually representing reality and making us see with photography what we might not with our own two eyes. Currently based in Budapest, Bakonyi has worked on a number of series that all ask us to consider this ‘new’ reality—to suspend belief, to imagine, and to go with it.

Seung Hoon Park’s Photographic Tapestries

Seung Hoon Park

Seung Hoon Park

To create each of Seoul-based artist Seung Hoon Park‘s images for the series Textus, Park chops up strips of 8mm or 16mm film and weaves them together to create larger images that depict well-known and iconic landmarks and buildings from all over the world. In doing so, each image emits an otherworldly quality—one part a definite representation of a specific site and one-part entirely fantastical.

Vibrant, Graphic Photos of Glass Building Facades by Damon Hunter (Spotlight)

Damon Hunter

Damon Hunter

Damon Hunter plays tricks on our eye with a vibrant and graphic series he calls The Colour of Glass. Shot in and around Melbourne where the photographer is based, Hunter captures unique perspectives of the glass facades of various types of buildings—apartments, universities, hospitals and corporate offices—all along “looking for buildings that make interesting use of glass, whether it be for something as seemingly simple as windows in an apartment building, to complex designs worked into the structure itself.”

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