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Photographers Steven Chikosi, Sabrina Merolla, Melissa Eder, Emile Hussell, and Simas Lin Take Over Our Instagram


Steven Chikosi [@stevenchikosi] / March 6, 7


Sabrina Merolla [@sabrinamero] / March 8,9

We might be buried in snow, but Spring is just around the corner, and we have a fantastic lineup of Guest Instagrammers to usher in the month of March around the globe. This time around, we’ll begin with Steven Chikosi all the way over in Harare, Zimbabwe before jetting off to visit Italy with Sabrina Merolla. From there, we’ll return to New York City with Melissa Eder and get a taste of Britain with Emile Hussell before being guided through the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius with Simas Lin.

Tripping Daisy: Psychedelic Floral Arrangements Created From 99 Cent Store Items

Eder purplefeature

M_Eder Flowers-Pucci-3fea

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Melissa Eder‘s psychedelic still lifes will give you plenty to look at. Can You Dig It? / A Chromatic Series of Floral Arrangements was created from items Eder purchased in various 99 cent stores across New York City and New Jersey. Backdrops are made out of polyester spandex and shot with a low tech camera and rudimentary lighting. The images are visually overwhelming, the kaliedascope of colors bleeding into one another in a hallucinogenic spray of artificial blossoms. All challenge notions of what’s tasteful and what’s tacky. A strange medley of color and texture, each still life explores concepts of low versus high art and the idea of a “well-crafted” photograph.

101 Photos Capture the Magic and Heartbreak of Childhood (Sponsored);p=11237203775018;idfa=;idfa_lat=;aaid=;aaid_lat=;cache=

© Aaron Rodriguez (@theongoingworldphotography)

Leigh Webber

The Legend of Play, Laguna Beach, California © Leigh Webber (@leighwebber)

5-29-13 005

Goldfish © Aaron Wax (@ajwax)

In the early 1990s, Sally Mann famously told The New York Times Magazine, “Sometimes I think the only memories I have are those that I’ve created around photographs of me as a child.” It’s true; in adulthood, we remember our childhoods from pictures taken by those who loved us. For our latest group show, we invited you to submit the photographs you’ve taken of children and their surroundings, images that capture the elusive essence of childhood— its joys, its disappointment, and everything in between.

Curator Alison Zavos, Editor-in-Chief of Feature Shoot, selected 101 photographs from thousands of submissions. Due the popularity of this show and caliber of the images submitted, the editors of Feature Shoot have started a brand new Instagram account: Childhood Everyday (@childhoodeveryday). The feed will showcase photographs of childhood around the world. To submit your images for consideration, simply follow @childhoodeveryday on Instagram and tag your photos #childhoodeveryday.

The children featured here range from infancy to early adolescence, taking us through the lives of youngsters living around the world. We visit an orphanage in Nepal, the streets of Mumbai, a primary school in Turkey, and summerhouses in Maine.

These children come from various places, each with a different story, but these artists have conveyed not only the specific but the universal delight and anguish that come with the early years of any lifetime. In childhood, the pain of timeouts, playground politics, and dead goldfish is almost unbearably acute, but the all-consuming wonder of hopping on a swing, finding a new toy, or patting a dog, is equally as intense.

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