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When asked in 2013 about how

he dealt with the emotional toll of shooting in a Rio torn asunder by drugs and violence, photojournalist Jared Moossy repeated the mantra, “I can do this. I’ve been in scary situations. I can keep pushing through.” Whether he’s shooting in the conflict zones of Libya or capturing the human toll of war in Afghanistan, Moossy has lived by those words, putting his own life on the line in order to tell stories that would otherwise go untold, to shed light on the most urgent tragedies of our time in hopes of building a better, more humane world. Now he needs our help.

Early last month, Moossy was riding his motorcycle through South Austin when he was struck and critically injured by a drunk driver. He suffered extensive injuries, including a brain bleed and several broken bones (fourteen in his face alone). The photographer will likely need lifetime care, and during his rehabilitation, he will be unable to work. The road that lies before Jared Moossy and his family is long one, a grueling one, and an expensive one.

But this battle isn’t one that Moossy will fight alone. Family, friends, and colleagues of the renowned photojournalist and cinematographer, who told the stories of his fellow conflict photographers as Director of Photography for the unforgettable HBO series Witness, are rallying behind him as he faces a difficult recovery.

Some of the best photographers in the world, including Moossy, have come together for a print sale fundraiser, with every cent of the much-needed proceeds going towards the photojournalist’s rehabilitation and fundamental living expenses. Along with Moossy’s own mentor Ron Haviv, photographers selling work include Lynsey Addario, David Alan Harvey, Peter Van Agtmael, Maggie Steber, Jason Andrew, Brandon Thibodeaux, Matt Eich, Peter DiCampo, Michael Christopher Brown, Katie Orlinsky, and many more.

These amazing images—sold as either limited or open editions—each hold a piece of history, and in turn, the money used to purchase them will allow a one-of-a-kind storyteller to recover from a horrible act of carelessness on the part of a drunk driver. If you would like to purchase a print, please visit the Jared Mossy Recovery Fund Indiegogo page, which will be updated regularly with new prints. Prints are selling out quickly, so it’s best to act fast. More images are coming in all the time, so check back frequently. Please also consider contributing whatever you can to the Go Fund Me campaign.

Together, the photography community mourns this accident, but we also have the opportunity to help one of our own. In the words of Moossy’s family and friends, “He is a fighter, and as his family we have a grave responsibility to tell his empowering story in way that will make him proud.”


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