Moses, Lola & Parker. Los Angeles, CA. 


Sarah, Samantha & Rufus. Lambeth, London, UK. 

Photographers Ollie Grove and Will Robson-Scott both grew up with dogs, Dalmatians and a wiry haired Cairn terrier, respectively. Because of this, their love of animals was fostered early on; however, today they find themselves too nomadic to have pets of their own. Six years ago, as a side project, they began photographing dogs and their owners out of a desire to satisfy something within themselves. Grove and Robson-Scott’s collaborative project In Dogs We Trust celebrates the unconditional bond between people and their dogs.

Traveling across two continents, from England to LA, the photographers sought after real people and their canine companions. The raw, unedited images reflect on a relationship that spans all social classes of Western culture. We find portraits of Brooklyn ballers with their pit bulls alongside those of English gentlemen and their pedigree poodles. Captured in their environments — at play, at work, and at rest — the body of work is an ode to the complexity and simplicity of dog ownership in the modern age.

The duo found inspiration in Gary E. Eichhorn and Scott B. Jones book, The Dog Album, a photo book of people and their dogs captured in traditional family style portraits. They sought to create images with a similar feel and nuance, depicting the strong bond that exists across species.

Six years in and the project is still ongoing. Both photographers feel like it’s something they can keep doing forever. They hope that people take away an appreciation of the body of work as an artistic collection and a historical representation of dog ownership in the 21st century.

In Dogs We Trust, published by Victory Editions, is available here.


Afghan Hound. Crufts, Birmingham, UK. 


Venice Beach Pirates. Venice, CA. 


Ny & Raine. Camden, London, UK. 


Lou, Lola & Cece. Brooklyn, NYC. 


Racheal, Leo & Roxy. Haringey, London, UK. 


Simon, Ruby & Roxy. Camden, London, UK. 


Sweetwaste & Rosa Barks. Brooklyn, NYC. 


Ulla & Uno. London, UK. 


Willy & Jessica. Islington, London, UK. 

All images © Ollie Grove & Will Robson-Scott

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