philipp_ebeling_PhotographyWood Street, Waltham Forest

German photographer Philipp Ebeling meanders through the many eclectic avenues and rambling streets of one city’s forgotten communities in London Ends. Ebeling documents the edges of a metropolis he has called home for 15 years, seeking out those neighborhoods too close to the hub of the city for upper class development, yet too far to receive the financial support of the city central.

Ebeling’s world is one of small towns gobbled up by London’s rapidly expanding growth, often full of immigrants and neglected shops and school grounds. An immigrant himself, Ebeling finds these quirky streets a place for invention and excitement—a place where the convergence of different nationalities, traditions, and stories bubble to life in a colorful parade. Though London towers brightly in the distance, it is the tiny communities, schools and micro-cultures that truly bring the city to life.

Ebeling is the co-owner and creator of the Fishbar Gallery in Dalston, East London. He recently took a 10-day sojourn of the city in a 250km loop, revisiting and rediscovering the places he had documented throughout the years.

philipp_ebeling_PhotographyDurants Park, Enfield

philipp_ebeling_PhotographyStreatham Green

philipp_ebeling_PhotographyNorth Cheam, SuttonDurrants Park, Enfield

philipp_ebeling_PhotographyPonders End Recreation Ground, Enfield

philipp_ebeling_PhotographyChurch House Gardens, Bromley

philipp_ebeling_PhotographyPonders End, Enfield

philipp_ebeling_PhotographyPonders End, Enfield

philipp_ebeling_PhotographyWood Street, Waltham Forest

philipp_ebeling_PhotographyKingston Upon Thames

philipp_ebeling_PhotographyWood Street, Waltham Forest

Philipp EbelingPonders End, Enfield

philipp_ebeling_PhotographyCustom House, Newham

This post was contributed by photographer and Feature Shoot Editorial Assistant Jenna Garrett.