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14 Influencers Talk About Their Most Popular Image on Instagram

© Christopher Anderson

Christopher Anderson
“To be honest, this IG thing confuses me. Some images I am convinced will be crowd pleasers don’t generate interest, and then some that I almost don’t post because I think they are not good enough, will get loads of likes.

I picked this image because it is an image that I do like, and it did seem to resonate with people. I guess it is easy enough to read while still having a certain mystery. There seems to be a story that holds the viewer’s attention, but I guess there is enough pretty color to get attention in the first place. I am always encouraged when an image that I think is a strong image resonates. It gives me hope that it’s not just about loud color”.

© Alice Gao

Alice Gao 
“This is an image of a friend’s angora bunny. Her name is Cleo and she has quite the fan base herself. Our generation seems to love animals on social media, and videos often go viral when they feature animals doing funny/silly things. Cleo’s wearing a pair of human glasses in this, so it makes the image particularly humorous. This is by no means my best photo or even necessarily a good photo in terms of composition or lighting, but the subject was enough to engage the audience. I think many of the comments are just people tagging their friends as a way of sharing the image with them. It also helps that Cleo is rather unique looking and everyone wants to know what kind of bunny she is!”

Announcing the First Ever Feature Shoot Print Swap!


Another early morning, chasing fog and birds © Luke Cody (@lukejamescody), 1362 votes thus far

Over the past year, our Instagram account (@featureshoot) has swelled to include more than 90,000 followers. Our feed has become a community where photographers, artists, journalists, editors, and anyone looking for some beauty can connect and share their stories. In addition to running images featured on our website, it has become a daily ritual and a delight to comb through the submissions of our followers who use the hashtag #myfeatureshoot, which has some 112,000 images as of this posting.

Our Instagram will continue to grow to foster more voices, and over the next few months, we’ve decided to host an online print swap in celebration of our upcoming milestone of hitting 100,000 followers. The swap is taking place exclusively on Instagram, and the process is simple.

To enter your photographs for consideration for the swap, simply follow @featureshoot and tag your photos #featureshootswap. You can also send your images at to [email protected] at 700 pixels wide or larger, with the subject line reading “Print Swap.” We will post our favorites to our feed, and then it’s up to you guys to vote on which images you’d like to see included. One “like” equals one vote, and the 100 pictures with the most votes will be a part of the swap.

The deadline is whenever we hit 100,000 followers, so it’s a good idea to submit now.

Once the winners are chosen, we will take care of the rest, including printing and shipping the winning images. The 100 selected photographers will each give and receive a print, and part of the fun is that the print everyone gets will be chosen at random and will therefore be a surprise.

There are just a few rules. Unfortunately, photographers outside of the United States are not eligible to participate due to the high costs of shipping, although we hope to expand to include international photographers in the future. All images submitted must be able to be printed at 8X10 inches. All prints will be beautifully made by our friends at Ken Allen Studios.

Thanks so much for celebrating and nurturing our community of Instagrammers, and good luck to all!

A Street Photographer Makes All of His Portraits in One Famous Spot in New York

Daniel Featherstone 8


While the streets of New York are full of different characters, there’s one section of the city that is well known for its fashion, style and great photography moments: 57th Street and Fifth Avenue.

This exact corner of Midtown is where you’ll find British-born photographer Daniel Featherstone snapping New Yorkers in the most candid of moments, whether it’s rushing to an appointment, talking on the phone or casually strolling in and out of stores.

Infinite loops on Instagram bring Mike Mellia’s Daily Self Portraits to Life

Mike Mellia

That one time I was an ad man.

Mike Mellia

That one time I was out of the office.

Mike Mellia is well known for his photography work in fashion and advertising, but it’s his latest personal social media project that is giving us an inside peek into this New York-based photographer’s quirky side.

The Streets’ Barber Gives Free Haircuts to Homeless Men and Women, Shares Their Stories on Instagram

  This is Thomas. He is 23 years old and has a six year old daughter. When I saw Thomas, I had just spent a full day cutting hair for a few homeless men around New York City and was passing through Times Square on my way home. That’s when I saw Tommy. To be honest, I was so tired that I just wanted to go home, get cleaned up and rest… so I initially walked past him without saying anything, thinking to myself ‘maybe I’ll give him a cut if I see him later’. I also didn’t feel entirely comfortable cutting in the middle of Times Square, as it might have come across like a show or some grand spectacle. But then my conscience kicked in and I felt like I couldn’t keep walking without at least offering a haircut, or at least my companionship. I also thought ‘who cares if people think this was a show or was entertaining. I’m not doing this for them or even myself. This was purely for Tommy…’ At that moment he was the most important person to me – and was I ever glad that I stopped to ask him if he wanted a cut. He was telling me how he was “dying for one”. His story was remarkable too. Getting into heroin at the age of 14 and in and out of jail for 6 years, he now lives on the streets of New York trying to survive. He doesn’t use heroin for the high anymore like he used too, but mostly so he doesn’t feel sick – which is due to the withdrawals of such a crazy drug, and which also seems to be half the reason for the addiction for many heroin users. He told me he is confident that one day he’ll clean up and become sober, and hopes to become a youth mentor and help kids not go down his same path. What a guy! I guess the reason why I wrote this caption is to share my reflections on how important it is to act and not just say things like “I’ll do it later”. If we’re tired then we should become even more tired from helping others. Think of how good the rest after that will be! haha. I was so happy I met Tommy and shared a conversation with him. At least to me, now he’s a human being with a story and not just another homeless kid I walked by who looked like he’s doing it rough. #thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart #newyorkcity   A photo posted by Nasir Sobhani (@thestreetsbarber) on

Every one of us, says Melbourne-based barber Nasir Sobhani, deserves a second chance. On his one day off, Mondays, he takes to the streets via skateboard, inviting homeless people who have fallen on tough times to sit for a free haircut, and only if they feel comfortable, to share their stories. Hoping to give his clients newfound hope and self-esteem, he titles the project Clean Cut, Clean Start.

Announcing Our Flora & Fauna Photography Show Winners to be Exhibited at Photoville


© Brooke DiDonato
Blending In
11 x 17 inches
Edition of 10
$375 (40% of proceeds to Hempstead Town Animal Shelter)


© Brooke DiDonato
11 x 17 inches
Edition of 10
$375 (40% of proceeds to Hempstead Town Animal Shelter)

Flora & Fauna, presented by the photography website Feature Shoot at Photoville, is a show about plants and animals curated by Feature Shoot’s Instagram followers opening Friday, September 10 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Over a period of 3 weeks, we sorted through over 9,000 images and posted over 400 images to Instagram, inviting our followers to vote. Our followers cast their votes simply by “liking” the image(s) on Instagram, and the 25 most popular images (from 22 photographers around the world) are presented in this show.

Cast Your Vote for Our ‘Flora and Fauna’ Group Photography Show at Photoville


© Kate Sweeney [@kate_sweeney], 619 votes


© Winky Lewis [@winkylewis], 575 votes

Last week, we announced that for our fourth annual Photoville exhibition, Feature Shoot is inviting our Instagram followers to curate the show. The theme is ‘Flora and Fauna,’ and submissions and votes have been rolling in. Each day, we will continue to post selected images to our Instagram feed, where you may cast your vote for your favorite images simply by “liking” it on Instagram. Submissions are due by July 17th, 2015, but voting will remain open until July 20th. The 20-25 images with the most “likes” will be exhibited on September 10th-20th at Photoville, New York City’s largest annual photo event. Here are our top five frontrunners so far, selected from more than 2,000 submissions and counting. A lot can change in eleven days, so be sure to submit and keep on voting.

Call for submissions: ‘Flora and Fauna’ Group Show at Photoville, Brooklyn


Feature Shoot is asking photographers of all ages, locations and stages in their career to submit up to 5 images around the theme ‘flora and fauna’ for possible inclusion in our annual group photography show at Photoville on September 10-20, 2015 at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Photoville is the largest annual photographic event in New York City, with over 70,000 visitors in 2014. Produced by United Photo Industries, Photoville is “a modular venue built from re-purposed shipping containers” that includes over 60 exhibitions. For the last 3 years, the Feature Shoot team has curated a container alongside esteemed companies and institutions such as Instagram, The New York Times, TIME Magazine, National Geographic, The Pulitzer Center and the Magnum Foundation.

To celebrate over 20K followers on the Feature Shoot Instagram feed, we’ve have decided to do something a little different this year and let our community of followers curate the show. Instead of choosing the participating photographers as we have done the past 3 years, we want to see what our readers are interested in seeing exhibited.

The way it will work is that the Feature Shoot team will select images from the submissions to run on our Instagram feed daily.  Followers of the Feature Shoot Instagram will be able to like each image as per usual. Photos with the most likes on our Instagram (by July 20th) will be exhibited at Photoville.

There are 2 ways to submit:

Via email: Send up to 5 images at 620 px wide to [email protected] with ‘Flora and Fauna’ in the subject line. Please include your Instagram handle (if you have one) and any additional hashtags.

Via Instagram: After posting the images you’d like to submit to your own Instagram, please hashtag #featureshootshow to be considered. If we select your image, we will regram it on our Instagram feed for our followers to see and judge.

Deadline for submissions is July 17, 2015.

It is FREE to submit, however by doing so, you agree to our Terms and Conditions found here.

Any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Photographer Cole Barash Explores the Concept Of ‘Edge’ With the New Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Sponsored)

2014-01-05 20.02.42

2015-06-02 09.05.12

2015-06-02 09.06.26

As smartphones become increasingly advanced, it’s clear that the images of the future are being captured more often than not with the cameras in our phones. It’s estimated that more than 77 million people use Instagram, making it all the more crucial for photographers to make phone images that stand out from the crowd. Over the course of the last week, we have invited three fantastic Guest Instagrammers to use the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge to create images that do just that, and more.

Photographer Laura Barisonzi Takes the New Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for a Test Drive in NYC (Sponsored)


If 2015 has taught us anything so far, it’s that camera phones aren’t only for selfies and food snaps but also for serious, quality imagery. The photos you take on your phones are as important as those you capture during a high-­tech shoot. Over the next week, we are thrilled to present a series of three NYC-­based photographers who are using the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge to make images that elevate mobile photography to new and exciting heights.

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