Another early morning, chasing fog and birds © Luke Cody (@lukejamescody), 1362 votes thus far

Over the past year, our Instagram account (@featureshoot) has swelled to include more than 90,000 followers. Our feed has become a community where photographers, artists, journalists, editors, and anyone looking for some beauty can connect and share their stories. In addition to running images featured on our website, it has become a daily ritual and a delight to comb through the submissions of our followers who use the hashtag #myfeatureshoot, which has some 112,000 images as of this posting.

Our Instagram will continue to grow to foster more voices, and over the next few months, we’ve decided to host an online print swap in celebration of our upcoming milestone of hitting 100,000 followers. The swap is taking place exclusively on Instagram, and the process is simple.

To enter your photographs for consideration for the swap, simply follow @featureshoot and tag your photos #featureshootswap. You can also send your images at to [email protected] at 700 pixels wide or larger, with the subject line reading “Print Swap.” We will post our favorites to our feed, and then it’s up to you guys to vote on which images you’d like to see included. One “like” equals one vote, and the 100 pictures with the most votes will be a part of the swap.

The deadline is whenever we hit 100,000 followers, so it’s a good idea to submit now.

Once the winners are chosen, we will take care of the rest, including printing and shipping the winning images. The 100 selected photographers will each give and receive a print, and part of the fun is that the print everyone gets will be chosen at random and will therefore be a surprise.

There are just a few rules. Unfortunately, photographers outside of the United States are not eligible to participate due to the high costs of shipping, although we hope to expand to include international photographers in the future. All images submitted must be able to be printed at 8X10 inches. All prints will be beautifully made by our friends at Ken Allen Studios.

Thanks so much for celebrating and nurturing our community of Instagrammers, and good luck to all!


The Jet Star Roller Coaster sits in the Atlantic Ocean in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy © Joseph Romeo (@josephromeophotographer), 1303 votes thus far


Hoop with a view © Brian Overend (@brianoverend), 1175 votes thus far


The worlds largest cave, located in central Vietnam, only discovered a few years ago © Chris Rubino (@chrisrubinostudio), 1149 votes thus far


I had no idea who he was, and I certainly had no plan to photograph him. I had been hitchhiking through Indiana and was invited to stay the night in a nudist colony by a bubbly woman named Barbie. I met Ron Jeremy over grilled hotdogs and potato salad, and he told me I should photograph him © Alexandra K. Dietz (@ali_kat_dietz), 1089 votes thus far