michael mullady 3 Michael Mullady [@mullady] / August 9, 10, 11

henry hargreaves Henry Hargreaves [@coffeecupsoftheworld] / August 12, 13, 14

Summer’s almost over, but our latest lineup of Guest

Instagrammers will have you celebrating warm days and the great outdoors. First, we will see summer in Peru with Michael Mullady, then we’ll get a glimpse of coffee cups from all over the world with Henry Hargreaves. From there, we will hike through The Enchantments with Andrew Nedimyer, exploring the mountain lakes in Washington state’s magical Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Next, Annie Collinge will show us the sites in London, and we’ll visit Seattle with Jenny Riffle.

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andrew nedimyer Andrew Nedimyer [@andrewnedimyer] / August 15, 16, 17

annie collinge 1 Annie Collinge [@anniecollinge] / August 18, 19, 20

jenny riffle 2 Jenny Riffle [@jennyriffle] / August 21, 22, 23

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