If 2015 has taught us anything so far, it’s that camera phones aren’t only for selfies and food snaps but also for serious, quality imagery

. The photos you take on your phones are as important as those you capture during a high-­tech shoot. Over the next week, we are thrilled to present a series of three NYC-­based photographers who are using the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge to make images that elevate mobile photography to new and exciting heights.

The second photographer we are bringing you is Laura Barisonzi, who will be filling our Instagram feed with images relating to the theme of “design”. Elegant lines and irresistible color characterize Barisonzi’s work – and we chatted with her to see what we can expect from her and her Galaxy S6 edge. Design is a concept near and dear to Barisonzi, a tried and true New Yorker; “every square inch from the rocks in Central Park to the orientation of the avenues is carefully designed and thought out,” she says of her city, and every day offers a new chance to interpret it.

Barisonzi feels unstoppable with the Galaxy S6 edge because of its unparalleled focus mode. Once she gets her shot, she can later change her mind and choose whether she wants the image focused in the foreground or the background. “The phone has a unique selective focus mode which allowed me to get a shallow depth of focus look when focusing on close up objects,” she says, adding, “The built in HDR mode extended my dynamic range well.” The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge produces images that are astonishingly crisp and high quality, and Barisonzi particularly enjoys working in pro mode, giving her more control than ever.










This post was sponsored by our friends at Samsung.

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