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As smartphones become increasingly advanced, it’s clear that the images of the future are being captured more often than not with the cameras in our

phones. It’s estimated that more than 77 million people use Instagram, making it all the more crucial for photographers to make phone images that stand out from the crowd. Over the course of the last week, we have invited three fantastic Guest Instagrammers to use the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge to create images that do just that, and more.

The third photographer taking over our Instagram is Cole Barash, who will be filling our feed with images relating to the theme of “edge.” Barash’s work is evocative and vivid, and he used the notion of “edge” to explore depth and discover bold lines.

Barash loves the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge for its ease and consistency. He brings his camera along with him every day, wherever he goes, noting that taking pictures is often like “a daily exercise” for the mind. Like his usual point and shoot camera, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is small and easy to navigate, meaning that he can capture a fleeting image at a moment’s notice. Unlike most camera phones, he finds that the Galaxy S6 edge consistently gave him good exposures, adding that he especially enjoys the exposure control live. The files themselves, he reports, are also high quality and give him a lot of freedom to experiment. “It’s amazing how far technology has come,” concludes the artist of the Galaxy S6 edge.

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