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Oksana Yushko’s Photos of Quiet Summers on a Ukrainian Beach



Photographer Oksana Yushko comes from two worlds. With a Russian mother and a Ukrainian father, Yushko has lived in Russia for 20 years but has fond memories of a childhood summer spent at the Fedotov Spit in Ukraine. Yushko returned to the popular holiday spot to capture the sun, sand and souls who return year after year. We recently spoke with her more about her project Toilers by the Sea.

‘Humanae’ Portraits Match People of Different Ethnicities With Their Pantone Color

Angelica Dass

Angelica Dass

Brazilian fine art photographer Angelica Dass‘ series Humanae identifies¬†portrait subjects from around the world using the Pantone color system.

Portraits Taken Inside Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Perfectly Capture Life’s Little Moments


Irina Rozovsky is a fine art photographer living in Brooklyn. Her series In Plain Air captures everyday people in moments of leisure in Prospect Park. We recently talked to her about the work.

Martin Klimek’s ‘Man vs. Nature’ Diptychs

Martin Klimek

Martin Klimek is a commercial and editorial photographer based in San Francisco. His personal project Man vs. Nature is a creative exploration of a series of man-made and natural elements through diptychs. We recently had a chat with him about the work.

The Overwhelming Landscapes of Abu Dhabi and Dubai Photographed by Matthias Heiderich


Berlin-based photographer Matthias Heiderich specializes in architecture and landscapes. His series UAE was photographed in the winter of 2013 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He recently talked to us about the two places.

Tintype Portraits of Active Duty Military and Veterans During War and Peace



Nathan Wirth’s Stunning Infrared Landscape Photographs of the San Francisco Bay Area


Nathan Wirth is a San Francisoco-based fine art photographer. Many of his images of stark landscapes in and around the San Francisco Bay area were taken with an Infrared-modified DSLR, yielding stunning results. Wirth’s landscapes are serene, inviting, thoughtful. He recently talked to us about process and technique.

Captivating Photos of Cloud-like Masses Created When Paint Disperses in Water


Marcel Christ is an advertising and fine art photographer specializing in still life. He is based in his native Amsterdam but frequently works in Paris, London, and New York. Before becoming a photographer he studied to be a chemical engineer. It is perhaps this study which influences his intense attention to and observation of materials.

Breathtaking Photos of Deserts Shot from a Paraglider

George-Steinmetz Sandstone Pinnacles, Karnasai Valley, Chad, 1998George Steinmetz, Sandstone Pinnacles, Karnasai Valley, Chad, 1998. Courtesy Anastasia Photo

American photographer George Steinmetz is best known for his exploration photography. Since 1986, he has completed 31 major photo essays for National Geographic and 25 stories for GEO magazine in Germany. This year he celebrates the release of his third book, Desert Air, a photographic journey 15 years in the making in which he captures the world’s remote and extreme deserts from the seat of his motorized paraglider.

Idyllic Arctic Landscapes Photographed by Lottie Davies

Lottie Davies

Lottie Davies is a UK-born photographer who is based in London. Her series North features images from Iceland, Finland, Greenland, Svalbard (Spitzbergen), an Arctic archipelago that belongs to Norway, and the UK.

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